Lord Wind - Ales Stenar


Feb 13 2012, 0:52

Probably the album of the year.

The most compelling aspect of this album is that it is thoroughly consistent in quality and mood and so provides an immersive atmosphere, like venturing into an ancient cave while ritual music plays. These melodies are familiar like nursery rhymes or national songs, both simple and repetitive, but like a folk-saying poetic and revelatory of a hidden inner truth. Musical forms reaching back into the early days of Graveland appear here, as they have on other Lord Wind albums, but like an unfurling fern frond they grow to new levels of complexity and inter-relatedness.

Lord Wind - Ales Stenar with samples

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  • Joe_Towse

    You don't find it too stretched out and overlong? The melodies are nice, sure, but by no means gripping.

    Feb 15 2012, 11:12
  • BeastOfSodom

    i love this album. As a whole it is fantastic, Darken finally gives his tribute to Conan and triumphs in his pagan folk sound, his devoted listeners are pleased. I salute you.

    Feb 18 2012, 5:28
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