• John Vanderslice at The Middle East

    Apr 21 2007, 23:21

    Fri 20 Apr – John Vanderslice

    It rocked wicked hard, dudes. Saint Vincent was an incredible opener, with that kick thing and cool guitar technique, and JV ruled. The drummer was amazing, especially playing moog at the same time. Though there were numerous technical glitches, including a nasty shock, it didn't stop them from saying it was the funnest show on the tour! It was great to see the guest performers, too- I thought they all did pretty good. Would love to go back in September.
  • Levon Helm

    Nov 28 2006, 23:46

    I just found the Levon Helm page, and it said I could be the first to write about him, so I will. Let me just say that he's awesome, probably one of the best drummers around. I only have The Ties That Bind for his solo work, but I love The Band. I just finished Levon's book, This Wheel's On Fire, and it was pretty interesting and funny, hearing about his early years. When he talks about the deaths of Richard Manuel and Rick Danko it was pretty sad. He seems to be a bit angry with Robbie Robertson! Overall a very good look into a great musician's life.

    Levon Helm
  • Leo Kottke

    Nov 23 2006, 21:01

    Well, I saw Leo Kottke a couple weeks ago, in Concord N.H., and he really is amazing. Not just technically, but tasteful too. Plus he's wicked funny- his story about a woman crushed by a subwoofer was particularly good. He did Desolation Row, and it was cool even though he screwed up the words once. There really are a lot of words.