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Giu 8 2006, 10:52

I was recently taken aback by the "Aura Sessions" [which you can find on the Party107 website]. I listened to the guestmix by Jon O'Bir who I find is relatively unknown! But his mix was really great, and I definitely feel that you guys must check him out. You'll find information about Jon O'Bir on

This guest mix that I downloaded has the following tracklist:

01: Deep Skies – Little Bird [Mike Koglin Dub] (Maelstrom)

02: Corydalics – Along Overmind [Sami S Remix] (Subtraxx)

03: Owen Clark – Definitive (CD-R)

04: Fable – Nightshift [Re:Locate Remix] (Intuition)

05: Solar Movement – Under The Sun (CD-R)

06: Re:Locate Feat. Menno de Jong – Spirit (Galactive)

07: Nitrous Oxide – North Pole (Anjunabeats)

08: Jon O’Bir – Ascendancy (Conspiracy Ltd)

09: Re:Locate – Rogue (Galactive)

10: O’Callaghan & Kearney – Exactly (Discover)

Some of these tracks I have never heard of, but as a mix, you might enjoy them.

Apparently, the Aura Sessions are hosted by a DJ Redstar who has guest mixes. Also, I have seen that the Aura Sessions are part of the "Party107" network (and I remember that Manuel Le Saux was on the Winter Intuition event, which was on the Party107 network) which has some really good shows you can check out.

At the moment, this is all I have on Jon O'Bir and the sessions that he has done. I would love some input if you have listened to any more of his work. Till then, happy trancing!
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  • sp0623

    I've downloaded and heard the entire set and frankly speaking, I wasn't too impressed. Although it contained some familiar tracks like Fable (Jonas Steur + Fabrice Ernst) - Nightshift, Re:Locate (Paul Moelands) feat. Menno de Jong - Spirit and Nitrous Oxide - North Pole which are part of almost every trance sets this year, the treatment meted out to them robs the true essence of trance. In order to create a hard pumping set, Jon O'Bir crossed the threshold of trance and entered techno land. I was surprised when I almost couldn't recognise my favourite 'North Pole'! However, the only solace comes from Solar Movement - Under the Sun and Re:Locate feat. Menno de Jong - Spirit. Apart from those two tracks, there were a few brief moments here and there containing the typical trance breaks. Those moments reminded me that I'm listening to a trance set, not a techno set. Overall, this set would please lovers of hard trance, techno and Re:Locate (who specialises in this kind of tough trance). This set has energy and hard pumping basslines, but very few breaks. It shares certain similarities with M.I.K.E.'s and Rank 1's sets from ASOT 250. Imao ASOT 251 and Menno de Jong's set from ASOT 250 were better sets than this. But then again, those were my opinion, you might think differently.

    Giu 8 2006, 16:48
  • sp0623

    I've given the set another go this morning and discovered that it had it's moments. This is my second impression: A promising start, with good pace and pumping sound. Then the beat gets monotonous, albeit with occasional groovy samplings providing solace. Towards the middle, Fable provides the first welcome break from the techno monotony, followed by Solar Movement (which was really great) - a lighter melodic number which complements nicely as a break from the hard-hitting basslines. Then comes Re:Locate, continuing from the melodious overtones of the previous track to a nice energetic buildup - another great track from this set, which leads us to... NORTH POLE!! But wait, there's no reason for jubilation. Continuing with his hard-trance style, O'Bir robs the stunning uplifting quality of the original North Pole albeit retaining the energy. Towards the end, there were some occasional uplifting moments, but were too brief to talk about. Overall a decent set, which could've been better with the addition of a few more tracks which would've ensured less monotony and a faster climax. Good points: good pace, pumping sound, energetic. Bad points: limited grooves and melody, ineffective climax, lack of uplifting quality. My rating: 3.5/5 (as opposed to 5/5 for the classic hour, Menno de Jong's set and AVB's 2hr. set from ASOT 250, 4.5/5 for Jonas Steur's set and 4/5 for John Askew's set from the same event, and finally 4.5/5 for ASOT 251). M.I.K.E.'s and Rank 1's sets from ASOT 250 will also get 3.5/5 from me.

    Giu 9 2006, 7:08
  • CoDudette

    I think that basically, its one of the sets that grows on you when you listen to it a couple of times. I frankly liked it...a bit. You're right about gthe Re:Locate track. It is a good track in there, and for sure, North Pole does something to me, but I was not impressed with the mix. I thought that it was definitely something to check out, maybe he needs to have some more experience (if you must). Have you checked out Its actually in russian, but they put up some free downloaded sets in their trance section, I found some good ones, including some really nice chill out ones. Give it a shot!!

    Giu 10 2006, 8:10
  • sp0623

    Thanks for your reference to that site. I found some really good sets and albums there. However, some of the older links seem to be dead now. Among those older links included some classic albums like: 1) Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy 2) Sean Crawford - Celluloid Complexion 3) ATB - No Silence 4) Paul Oakenfold - Creamfields 5) Vangelis - Works One and many more. Among the newer sets, I found the following sets worth checking out: 1) Moor Music (April 2006) - with Andy Moor 2) Above & Beyond - Trance Around the World #116 3) Menno de Jong vs. Jonas Steur @ Intuition Winter Event 12-03-2006 4) Ronski Speed - Euphonic Sessions (28.05.06) 5) Trance Believers - only CD1 (by BaDuk) 6) Menno de Jong - Intuition Radio 075 Incl. Orjan Guest Mix (07-06-2006) 7) VA - Anjunabeats Summer Sampler 2 - Promo CDM - 2006 8) Menno de Jong - Intuition Radioshow 074 9) ASOT 252 10) Markus Schulz Presents - Global DJ Broadcast 25-05-2006, and there may be some more good sets. I've also found and downloaded the Andrew Bennett remix of Karen Overton's 'Your Loving Arms' - which I can't seem to get over at the moment! Btw, if you like new age, then you must check out the following link: I found some really beautiful music there.

    Giu 10 2006, 13:45
  • CoDudette

    I thought you might like dakolbass! Pity that its in Russian, I can't make out anything lol :) but yeah, I found some great sets on there... If you want the Mirror Conspiracy, I do have it, or you can get it at ;) I've gotten 3-4 of their albums off there!! Thanks for the new-age link, I'm going to check it out today :D

    Giu 11 2006, 8:06
  • sp0623

    The site contains some quality ambient and chillout music. Use the following link to go directly to their music section: Also, the following Dutch site contains a lot of trance links:

    Giu 11 2006, 8:07
  • sp0623

    I'll check out Mirror Conspiracy later on. Thanks! Btw, you might find the following link very useful: It's not about music though ;)

    Giu 11 2006, 8:15
  • CoDudette

    Ooh, some more ambient music, thanks a lot!! Have you checked out (on a totally non-ambient basis) Matt Darey & Tiff Lacey - Always? It is a killer track! I have absolutely fallen in love with it! The first time I heard it, (which was incidentally today) I was blown away...I thought Matt Darey wasn't as brilliant, but I think its Tiff Lacey's vocals that do it for me. Give it a listen! OH yes, the Karen Overton (Your Loving Arms) (Andrew Bennett MIx) is definitely a song which would make it big on the club circuit. Its brilliantly done!!

    Giu 11 2006, 11:40
  • sp0623

    Yes, I've checked Matt Darey & Tiff Lacey's 'Always' and downloaded it two weeks ago :) It's a cool track. Also, I think Leama & Moor's latest album 'Common Ground' could well be the best trance album of 2006. It's original and sounds very different from other trance albums produced in recent times. It is light and melodious for most part, somewhat like ATB, Chicane, some Andy Moor and Gabriel & Dresden productions. Finally, in new age, if you get the opportunity to hear the music of Shao Rong, then do give her a listen. Her music is one of the most beautiful that I've ever heard.

    Giu 11 2006, 13:20
  • CoDudette

    OMG The Intuition Radio show 075 is absolutely brilliant! Menno's set is great, but the guest mix by Orjan is superb. I love the first song..Alex Stealthy - Something Is Wrong. What a sound! Wasn't it used on an ASOT recently? Also did you check out ASOT 252? The tune of the week (Which is with Tiff Lacey again!) is really good. I think Armin has really got a knack for bringing out the best. TBH, I wasn't too impressed with L&M's new album. It has Everything Matters doesn' it on it? It wasn't the best (esp since I've listened to their previous work..) but its a good listen. I shall keep looking for some good music for you.

    Giu 11 2006, 13:41
  • CoDudette

    I was listening to this song by her beloved and I fell in love with the beats and the melody. I however, cannot find any albums by her!! If you do happen to come across some, do let me know? Oh, what did you think of A&B's Summer Sampler 2? The ATB Remix of Can't Sleep is absolutely brilliant. The best remix so far. ATB's back!!

    Giu 12 2006, 8:24
  • sp0623

    I didn't manage to download the latest Intuition and ASOT sets because of the goddamn download limit of my ISP. Because of this I manage to download only one or two sets per month. So I tend to concentrate on singles mostly, and over the last two months I've managed to build an impressive collection of trance singles (and some other kinds of music too). However, I do manage to catch some of those sets on radio (di, etn, TATW, liquidfm, etc.) either live or re-runs in shoutcast. I've heard one such recorded broadcast of the Intuition 075 episode recently, and I've to agree with you, the Orjan set is definitely better than MDJ's first hour. However, MDJ's set had it's moments too. Jonas Steur - Sonrisa, Nitrous Oxide - North Pole, and Dan Stone - Made in Bahrain (Orkan Remix) were the stand-out tracks for me in that set. About Orjan's 2nd hour set, Alex Stealthy - Something is Wrong is definitely a good opener. It has a dark, progressive house kind of sound. Alex Stealthy (Alexey Volikov) is a 26 yr. old Russian DJ and producer who's been making music since 2004 I guess. But unfortunately, he's calling it quits this year, to concentrate on things other than music. I'm not sure if 'Something is Wrong' was used in an ASOT recently, but I think I've heard one or two of his tracks in a Perry O'Neil set somewhere. My favourites from that Orjan set, besides the opener, included Sunlounger - White Sand, T4L - Maximus, and Orjan - Prison Break. However, despite being a brilliant set, I consider MDJ's set from ASOT 250 and Kyau vs. Albert's 2nd hr. set from Intuition 073 to be slightly better than this. About ASOT 252, I managed to catch only a small part of it. True, the tune otw 'Tom Cloud feat. Tiff Lacey - Secretly (Dub)', was really good, as was 251's tune otw - 'Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary', which was featured in Rank 1's set from ASOT 250. From 252, my favourites included (besides the Tiff Lacey song) Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder, Jonas Steur - Second Turn, and Selu Vibra - Divine (Sean Tyas Edit). The 2nd hr. was a rerun of the classic hour of 250 minus those comments. I like all the tracks in there. Over the last few years, AVB has managed to become a metaphor for good track selection in trance sets. Finally, about L&M's debut album, I really liked it because of it's refreshing quality. True, it doesn't have the energy of a DJ set, but then again, it wasn't meant to be that way. The album is light, melodious and ambient, and as such could be enjoyed as a chillout album too. It sounds very different from most other trance albums produced in recent times. I particularly liked 'Waterdrop', 'Coming of Age', and 'Neon Approach' from that album very much, especially 'Neon Approach' - simply outstanding! Thank you very much for your informations about good music. I really appreciate this. For my part, here are two links to some good trance sets that I've found today: 1) and 2) Also, you'll find a lot of tracklists here (including almost all of Menno's sets from 2004 to present):

    Giu 12 2006, 8:43
  • CoDudette

    amplified radio is good!! I do have some sets from there. But once again a gold mine!! The Alex Stealthy - Something is Wrong is unbelievable! I'd love to get the official single.. Its really different. I know Tiesto used it on ISOS 5 as well. Also have you heard Smith & Pledger's Black and their other single White? Its on the Anjunabeats sampler. Amazing tracks for sure. Also, I can't wait for DT8 Project's -Till The End (which was incidentally on TATW #116) to be released. It blows you away. The first time you listen to it, you instantly fall in love with it..but the more you listen, the more you love it. That's how I feel about it!! And on another note...Tiesto has a new edit out of Lethal Industry. I still haven't heard it quite properly yet...but I'm pretty excited!! hee hee.

    Giu 12 2006, 9:34
  • CoDudette

    Glad to hear you like the stuff we've talked about!! Definitely there are some good sets and some good tunes we've can thank sp0623, he's the one who's found most of the stuff!! Happy trancing!

    Giu 13 2006, 8:56
  • sp0623

    The 'Rise Remixes' album contains two remixes of Anoushka's 'Beloved' - one by Thievery Corporation, and the other by Karsh Kale (the longer one). There're remixes for some of her other tracks too in that album. But I haven't come across any of her albums yet. As for A&B's summer sampler, I haven't downloaded it yet, but have heard samples of 'Can't Sleep' and S&P's 'White' & 'Black'. I personally liked the sound of 'White' very much. The others were very good too. DT8 Project - Till the End - what a track!! One of the best vocal trance track that I've heard in recent times. I think DT8 Project is Darren Tate's collaboration with Andrea Britton, although he might use other vocalists (I'm not sure though). Anyway, it's the voice of Andrea Britton which makes the song special. In this vein, you might want to check the following tracks, they all have wonderful vocals: 1) Am I on your Mind - Andrea Britton 2) Winter Acoustic - Andrea Britton 3) Winter - DT8 Project 4) Lustral - Everytime and 5) Corderoy - Deeper. Here're links to myspaces of Andrea, DT8, Lustral and Corderoy (in that order): 1) 2) 3) and 4) So, that's it for today, as we wait for the new DT8 single to come out, as well as the new edit of Tiesto's 'Lethal Industry'. Till then, let's enjoy what we already have!

    Giu 13 2006, 9:10
  • sp0623

    Do check out the articles by 'CoDudette' - you'll find a lot of info and descriptions about good trance and chillout music there.

    Giu 13 2006, 22:15
  • Bentwingbird

    There is so much good info here it's gonna take me a while to catch up. Thanks! :)

    Mar 23 2009, 3:15
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