How I discovered my top 10 artists


Ago 31 2009, 18:06

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How I discovered my top 25 artists

1. Rurutia
I think I was watching a Hajime Chitose PV on YouTube, and I was bored and looking for new artists... and then I saw a video by RURUTIA in the related videos section. I loved the PV's mystery (her face was barely visible) and how amazingly beautiful and touching the song was. And since then I've just come to love her music more and more. :)
First song: shine
Favourite song: ABINTRA, Pavane and Chou no Mori.

2. Utada Hikaru
I'd heard of her, and had listened to a few of her songs, but I never got round to really getting into her music. I guess it was when I played Kingdom Hearts and liked the song she did there. I was really impressed that she'd sung English and Japanese versions of the song.
First song: Sakura Drops (It may have been Keep Tryin' though...)
Favourite song: Passion and COLORS.

3. Uematsu Nobuo
Well, when playing Final Fantasy VII. I remember loving the music so unbelievably much, and I guess one day I just downloaded the OST. <3 His music really is one of the best parts of the Final Fantasy series, and the games he worked on just wouldn't have been the same without it.
First song: I guess whatever song is first on the VII game... Prelude.
Favourite song: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII, Anxious Heart, Chasing the Black-Caped Man, Cosmo Canyon... the list goes on. All my favourites are from the wonderful VII soundtrack. <3

4. Taylor Swift
I was just browsing around for new artists, somehow must have seen her name, and looked her up on Wikipedia. This was when she was less popular, around a year or so ago? I never knew she was going to become as famous as she is now. XD I downloaded her Fearless album, and thought it was okay but a little samey. The more I listened, the more I loved it.
First song: Not sure... could have been Breathe.
Favourite song: Should've Said No, Our Song, Picture to Burn... really, I like most of her songs equally.

5. Within Temptation
I actually have no idea. I firmly thought I would hate metal, thinking it loud, male vocals-only, depressing... I guess when I heard what symphonic metal was it sounded like it might be something just to check out. I just chose Within Temptation's name at random from what some people whose music tastes I respect listened to. Downloaded the Mother Earth album, and fell entirely in love. <3
First song: I dunno... it might have been Ice Queen.
Favourite song: Where do I begin... Mother Earth, Restless, Bittersweet, Aquarius, Caged and Deceiver of Fools are all outstanding. I couldn't pick which is best.

6. morning musume
Ages and ages ago. I guess when I found out about Japanese girl bands with lots of people, I thought to check one out because I like bands with lots of obvious personalities and different voices. I like picking favourites. XD I watched one of their PVs and absolutely loved it. I remember when I couldn't pick out faces or voices... that was a long time ago... anyway yeah, I started following each new song as it was released (I became a fan right after Aruiteru came out) and gradually looked back at older songs and members.
First song: SEXY BOY ~soyokaze ni yorisotte~
Favourite song: Very hard to choose. Probably HAPPY SUMMER WEDDING, Pepper Keibu and Say Yeah! ~Motto Miracle Night~.

7. YUI.
No idea, really. Probably just another name I saw around, and I would have checked out one of her songs and realised it was totally awesome.
First song: LIFE.
Favourite song: How crazy, Highway chance, Spiral & Escape and CHE.R.RY.

8. Boa.
Well... everyone interested in J-pop will know names like hers... so I guess I just checked out one of her songs. I liked it, and then listened to some of her Japanese stuff instead (first song was Korean) but didn't like it much. Stopped listening to her. Only recently have I gotten back into her by listening to her Korean and English music, much better.
First song: Waiting..
Favourite song: Look Who's Talking and Next Step, I think.

9. Emilie Autumn.
Some guy on a forum I go to said how much he admired her, and I was like eh might as well check her out. So glad I did. <3
First song: Gothic Lolita or Opheliac, I'm really not sure which.
Favourite song: Across the Sky, without a single doubt in my mind. What If and Save You are wonderful too.

10. OverClocked Remix
Heard that they'd made a remix album for FFVII, and since I'm in love with the OST so much, thought I'd check it out and went to their website. Listened to the songs on the front page's media player and loved it.
First song: Deliverance of the Heart.
Favourite song: Serenity and Chasing the Storm.


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