My Top Ten Artists as of Now


Dic 30 2005, 3:38

I'm very new to, and I just figured that I'd go ahead and tell the select few that stumble across my journal who my favorite groups are...

1. The Roots
I really just started listening to these guys a year or two ago, and they shot right up to the top of my list. They have a very unique sound that covers all genres. I really don't think they'll be dropping from number one for a while...
Favorite Track: Pass The Popcorn

2. B.B. King
There aren't a ton of blues fans around, but everyone knows about B.B. Like the Roots, he has a blend of music that transcends a specific genre. He's really got a unique sound, and it's highly addictive.
Favorite Track: The Thrill Is Gone

3. A Tribe Called Quest
A great old school group that is worth a listen. I put The Low End Theory in atleast once a week.
Favorite Track: Excursions

4. Little Brother
If the Tribe were to come out of North Carolina, they'd sound like this. Just good music.
Favorite Track: Welcome To Durham

5. Mos Def
Some didn't particularly care for his latest album, but the stuff he's done on Black On Both Sides and Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star is nothing short of awesome. I can deal with a mediocre album every now and then with releases like that.
Favorite Track: New World Water

6. Talib Kweli
I can't really talk about Mos without Talib really being right after him. He has a tendency to put out songs that grow old quickly, but he's still one of the best out there right now...
Favorite Track: The Manifesto

7. Anthony Hamilton
Seeing Anthony on Chappelle's Show got me to grab his first two albums off iTunes. I've been a fan since.
Favorite Track: Ball and Chain

8. Keb' Mo'
He doesn't play a pure form of blues, as some have criticized, but his music is pretty good regardless. He's put out solid albums since he's taken on his blues persona, and more importantly, he's trying to bring blues music back to the rest of the country.
Favorite Track: Dangerous Mood

9. Wu-Tang Clan
They come at you in all directions in their songs. It's just a different sound compared to any other group that's out there. Great group.
Favorite Track: Triumph

10. John Legend
It's extremely hard to put him this high with only one album released in his career, but I'll deal with it. Get Lifted was just that good.
Favorite Track: It Don't Have to Change

Five artists who missed the list for a variety of reasons:
Trey Songz, Common, Alicia Keys, Taj Mahal, Ray Charles

Thanks for reading!


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