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Feb 9 2012, 1:17

Back in Black
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Get Your Wings

The Allman Brothers Band
Brothers And Sisters


Avenged Sevenfold
Carry On
City of Evil

Bad Company
Bad Company
Straight Shooter

The Beatles
All My Loving
Abbey Road
The Beatles
The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl
Beatles VI
Complete Christmas Collection 1963-69
A Hard Day's Night Soundtrack
Help! Soundtrack
Introducing...the beatles
Let It Be
Magical Mystery Tour
Meet the Beatles!
Rubber Soul
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Yellow Submarine
Yesterday and Today

Beck, Bogert & Appice
Beck, Bogert & Appice

Big Brother And The Holding Company
Cheap Thrills

Billy Idol
Rebel Yell

Billy Joel
The Stranger
52nd Street

Black Sabbath
Heaven and Hell

Porno Freak

Blue Cheer
Vincebus Eruptum

Bob Dylan
Bringing It All Back Home

Bob Seger
Against the Wind

Bon Jovi
Slippery When Wet


Bruce Springsteen
Born in the U.S.A.
Born to Run
The River

Chicago VI
Chicago VII

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cosmo's Factory

David Bowie
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars

David Lee Roth
Eat 'em and Smile

Def Leppard

Deep Purple
In Rock

Derek And The Dominos
Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs

Devin Townsend Project
Lucky Animals

The Doors
Curated by Record Store Day
The Doors
L.A. Woman
[album artist=The Doors]The Soft Parade[/album

[album artist=Dokken]Tooth And Nail[/album]

Don McLean
[album artist=Don McLean]American Pie[/album]

[album artist=Doro]Force Majeure[/album]

Dream Theater
[album artist=Dream Theater]Metropolis Pt. II: Scenes From A Memory[/album]
[album artist=Dream Theater]Systematic Chaos[/album]

[album artist=Eagles]Hotel California[/album]

Electric Light Orchestra
[album artist=Electric Light Orchestra]Face The Music[/album]

Elton John
[album artist=Elton John]Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II[/album]
[album artist=Elton John]Goodbye Yellow Brick Road[/album]
[album artist=Elton John]Honky Château[/album]
[album artist=Elton John]Madman Across The River[/album]

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
[album artist=Emerson, Lake & Palmer]Tarkus[/album]

Eric Johnson
[album artist=Eric Johnson]Tones[/album]

[album artist=Evanescence]Fallen[/album]

A Flock Of Seagulls
[album artist=A Flock Of Seagulls]I Ran (So Far Away)[/album]

[album artist=Foreigner]4[/album]

[album artist=Genesis]Duke[/album]

George Carlin
[album artist=George Carlin]An Evening With Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo[/album]

George Harrison
[album artist=George Harrison]All Things Must Pass[/album]
[album artist=George Harrison]The Concert For Bangladesh[/album]

Gerry Rafferty
[album artist=Gerry Rafferty]City To City[/album]

Grateful Dead
[album artist=Grateful Dead]Europe '72[/album]

Hall & Oates
[album artist=Hall & Oates]Big Bam Boom[/album]

Iron Maiden
[album artist=Iron Maiden]Killers[/album]
[album artist=Iron Maiden]The Number of the Beast.[/album]
[album artist=Iron Maiden]Piece Of Mind[/album]
[album artist=Iron Maiden]Powerslave[/album]

Janis Joplin
[album artist=Janis Joplin]Pearl[/album]

Jeff Beck Group
[album artist=Jeff Beck Group]Jeff Beck Group[/album]
[album artist=Jeff Beck Group]Truth[/album]

Jeff Beck
[album artist=Jeff Beck]Flash[/album]
[album artist=Jeff Beck]Wired[/album]

Jefferson Airplane
[album artist=Jefferson Airplane]Surrealistic Pillow[/album]

Jimi Hendrix
[album artist=Jimi Hendrix]Band Of Gypsys[/album]

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
[album artist=The Jimi Hendrix Experience]Are You Experienced[/album]
[album artist=The Jimi Hendrix Experience]Axis: Bold As Love[/album]
[album artist=The Jimi Hendrix Experience]Electric Ladyland[/album]
[album artist=The Jimi Hendrix Experience]Live At Berkeley[/album]

John Lennon
[album artist=John Lennon]Imagine[/album]

Joe Satriani
[album artist=Joe Satriani]Dreaming #11[/album]
[album artist=Joe Satriani]Surfing With The Alien[/album]

[album artist=Journey]Evolution[/album]
[album artist=Journey]Infinity[/album]

Judas Priest
[album artist=Judas Priest]British Steel[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Defenders Of The Faith[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Hell Bent For Leather[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Point Of Entry[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Redeemer of Souls[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Rocka Rolla[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Screaming For Vengeance[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Sin After Sin[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Stained Class[/album]
[album artist=Judas Priest]Unleashed In The East[/album]

[album artist=Kansas]Point of Know Return[/album]

King Crimson
[album artist=King Crimson]In The Court Of The Crimson King[/album]

[album artist=KISS]Alive![/album]

Led Zeppelin
[album artist=Led Zeppelin]In Through The Out Door[/album]
[album artist=Led Zeppelin]Led Zeppelin II[/album]
[album artist=Led Zeppelin]Led Zeppelin IV[/album]
[album artist=Led Zeppelin]Presence[/album]
[album artist=Led Zeppelin]Physical Graffiti[/album]

Lynyrd Skynyryd
[album artist=Lynyrd Skynyrd]One More From The Road[/album]
[album artist=Lynyrd Skynyrd]Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd[/album]
[album artist=Lynyrd Skynyrd]Street Survivors[/album]

Meat Loaf
[album artist=Meat Loaf]Bat Out Of Hell[/album]

Mötley Crüe
[album artist=Mötley Crüe]Shout At The Devil[/album]
[album artist=Mötley Crüe]Theatre Of Pain[/album]
[album artist=Mötley Crüe]Too Fast For Love[/album]

Neil Young
[album artist=Neil Young]Harvest[/album]

Nine Inch Nails
[album artist=Nine Inch Nails]Hesitation Marks[/album]
[album artist=Nine Inch Nails]Pretty Hate Machine[/album]

[album artist=Pantera]Cowboys From Hell[/album]

Paul McCartney
[album artist=Paul McCartney]McCartney[/album]

Paul & Linda McCartney
[album artist=Paul & Linda McCartney]Ram[/album]

Paul McCartney & Wings
[album artist=Paul McCartney & Wings]Red Rose Speedway[/album]
[album artist=Paul McCartney & Wings]Wings Over America[/album]

Peter Frampton
[album artist=Peter Frampton]Frampton Comes Alive![/album]

Pink Floyd
[album artist=Pink Floyd]Animals[/album]
[album artist=Pink Floyd]The Dark Side Of The Moon[/album]
[album artist=Pink Floyd]The Wall[/album]
[album artist=Pink Floyd]Wish You Were Here[/album]

[album artist=Queen]News Of The World[/album]
[album artist=Queen]A Night At The Opera[/album]

[album artist=Queensrÿche]Empire[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Eyes Of A Stranger (Single)[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]I Don't Believe In Love (Single)[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Operation: Mindcrime[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Overseeing The Operation[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Promised Land[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Queensrÿche EP[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Queensrÿche (Special Edition)[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Rage For Order[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]Revolution Calling (Single)[/album]
[album artist=Queensrÿche]The Warning[/album]

Quiet Riot
[album artist=Quiet Riot]Metal Health[/album]

[album artist=Rush]All The World's A Stage[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Archives[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Caress Of Steel[/album]
[album artist=Rush]A Farewell To Kings[/album]
[album artist=Rush]The Garden[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Grace Under Pressure[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Hemispheres[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Hold Your Fire[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Moving Pictures[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Permanent Waves[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Power Windows[/album]
[album artist=Rush]A Show of Hands[/album]
[album artist=Rush]Signals[/album]
[album artist=Rush]2112[/album]

[album artist=Scorpions]Blackout[/album]
[album artist=Scorpions]Lovedrive[/album]

[album artist=Seether]Isolate And Medicate[/album]

Sigur Rós
[album artist=Sigur Rós]Kveikur[/album]

Steve Miller Band
[album artist=Steve Miller Band]Fly Like An Eagle[/album]

Steve Vai
[album artist=Steve Vai]Flex-able[/album]

[album artist=Styx]Caught In The Act[/album]
[album artist=Styx]Crystal Ball[/album]
[album artist=Styx]The Grand Illusion[/album]
[album artist=Styx]Kilroy Was Here[/album]
[album artist=Styx]Paradise Theater[/album]
[album artist=Styx]Pieces Of Eight[/album]

Ted Nugent
[album artist=Ted Nugent]Cat Scratch Fever[/album]
[album artist=Ted Nugent]Ted Nugent[/album]

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
[album artist=Trans-Siberian Orchestra]Night Castle[/album]

[album artist=UFO]Strangers In The Night[/album]

Van Halen
[album artist=Van Halen]Van Halen[/album]

The Who
[album artist=The Who]Live At Leeds[/album]
[album artist=The Who]Quadrophenia[/album]

[album artist=Yes]Fragile[/album]
[album artist=Yes]Leave It (Single)[/album]
[album artist=Yes]Tales From Topographic Oceans[/album]
[album artist=Yes]Tormato[/album]
[album artist=Yes]90125[/album]

Yngwie Malmsteen
[album artist=Yngwie Malmsteen]Rising Force[/album]
[album artist=Yngwie Malmsteen]Trilogy[/album]
[album artist=Yngwie Malmsteen]1985[/album]

Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force
[album artist=Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force]Live Force[/album]
[album artist=Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force]Studio / Live '85[/album]

[album artist=Various Artists]Heavy Metal[/album]
[album artist=Ennio Morricone]The Good, The Bad & The Ugly[/album]
[album artist=Various Artists]Grease[/album]
[album artist=Various Artists]Jesus Christ Superstar[/album]
[album artist=Various Artists]Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band[/album]
[album artist=Various Artists]Tommy[/album]

[album artist=Various Artists]Masters Of Metal[/album]
[album artist=Various Artists]The Wrestling Album[/album]


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