• Urban Legends with a Musical Root

    Nov 26 2009, 6:23

    My favorite is Ohio Players, Love Rollercoaster. As the story goes, a woman is stabbed 17 times in the neck; the creepy scream that still gives me shivers is heard during the bridge.
    Ohio Players
    Love Rollercoaster
  • Rediscovering Discovery of music: New (or new to me)...

    Nov 5 2009, 15:46

    ...and rediscovering music of the past I've loved, lost, forgotten, or wanted to listen to then, but just never got around to doing it. Somewhere along the way in my life, I had forgotten that the discovery/connection to music & sounds is a critical component in order for to be able to function comfortably as a human in this world.

    My bridge to music-induced states of euphoria, the ability to sagaciously think, develop new ideas, and experience enlightenment through epiphanies is only possible when discovering, connecting, listening.

    I feel lucky, serendipitous, and grateful for this 2nd chance - to discover through rediscovering discovery.

    1st discovery
    Summer, 1977: PV, AZ: Swimming at the Howards'
    Strawberry Letter 23

    Most recent rediscovery
    November 2009: PHX, AZ: Folding laundry
    The Bridge

    Since then, here's a short list of those that also induce epiphanies and/or euphoria:

    Much Too Much