DEVO @ Hollywood Park 7/1/10


Lug 2 2010, 9:35

Thu 1 Jul – Devo

Not sure why Devo would be playing at a horseracing track in one of the most ghetto cities in California, but there they were and it was FANTASTIC! The merch stand was sold out of energy domes though :(. Oh well........... someday I'll get my hands on one.

After walking around a bit and seeing the horses, I decided to go to the stage and wait until it was time for the concert to start. Red and blue domes everywhere! The crowd was made up of young and old spuds (and ones in between), which leads me to believe that even before this new album and marketing campaign, DEVO have succeeded in appealing to everybody.

The selist (found here: was identical to the one at Coachella, though they performed Freedom of Choice and Beautiful World for the encore this time. They played beautifully and energetically, though Bob 1's guitar was a bit low in the mix. Even Peek-A-Boo! sounded great, and that song sucks! And just like the Olympics performance, Booji Boy came out to sing Beautiful World. I'm not a fan of them doing this, as I'd rather hear Jerry sing the whole thing himself, but it was entertaining anyway. They dragged it on for a while, doing a couple false endings and even playing the original, non-mutated Satisfaction riff near the end!

The crowd was great! A mix of old fans who kinda just stood there and bobbed their heads and young spuds who were totally drunk, high, or both! There was even a pit at times! Six or seven of them were fighting over a piece from one of the radiation suits!

I definitely will see them again if I can, even if they play the exact same setlist (which is what they appear to be doing for every show). They look great in their shiny new suits and masks, and they are just so much fun! I even got real close to Mark during the monkey chattering part of Jocko Homo! I'm really grateful that we got an encore too, cause I assumed it'd be like Coachella and I started making my way out of the crowd after Gates of Steel. I didn't get too far before the intro to Freedom of Choice though (which included a brappy synth rendition of the Star Spangled Banner!)

All of this for $7. BOO-YAH


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