Kweller 2009.02.18 Turner Hall Ball Room


Mar 2 2009, 6:45

Wed 18 Feb – Ben Kweller, The Watson Twins

This was my fourth Kweller show.
And this is how the day went down.

I went to pick up Melissa from Parkside at like noon so we could be back in time to get Rachel from East, and so I could log on and buy Folds Indianapolis tickets that were supposed to go on sale at 2 PM. Then saw that they postponed it to 4 PM. Siiigh. Some point Mel texts me that Kweller is eating out somewhere in Milwaukee according to his twitter. Sad that I missed that. ALSO Missed Mai's email about being able to come down to the soundcheck. That is the saddest bit.

The Watson Twins opened. They're good. (Of course they are.) I'm still not over the fact that they were OPENING for Kweller. Seems like they should be a co-headlining gig. But whatevers. Half their set was covers. Do I just think they're more famous than they actually are? Shrug.

Ben Kweller put on a great show. Yeah, Changing Horses is rather country. Okay, very.... but I've become rather attached to it over time. First couple listens I was like........ o.0 what have you done??? Then with more listens, I've grown to rather like it. No, it's no Sha Sha, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it was on the first couple listens.

Walk On Me
The Rules
Family Tree
Hurtin' You
Things I Like to Do
Wantin' Her Again
Old Hat
Sawdust Man -- easily my famliy's anthem of the early months of the year. even my mom knows all the words.
Living Life
Homeward Bound -- the harmonies in this gave me the shivers.
On My Way
-band back
Gypsy Rose
On Her Own -- this is likely my favorite from the new record. great live, too.

-- Two shows in a row that were "Wasted & Ready"less. Kinda sad. But I can't see it fitting in this kind of set list. The pedal steel plays on each and every song, so even the songs not on Changing Horses have it in. I was a bit surprised that "Lizzy" wasn't included because of that. It'd fit well.

We did get to talk to everyone. And despite having met Mr Kweller four times now, he never remembers me. (he has so much to learn. :P) Though, having only met Chris ONCE and that was my very first show a long long time ago, 2007, he remembered me. I thought he was giving me weird looks throughout the show. And he asked later. Mark remembered who I was after I told him the story about my first show. That, my friends, was a crazy day.


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