60s acoustic alternative ambient an experiment angular guitar playing anime anti-folk anti-lullaby art rock atmospheric avant-garde bands with four sides banjo beautiful beautiful music to get high to being on acid best songs of the 60s catchiness chillout classic rock composer crazyass damned desperate dream pop dreamy electronic end of evangelion eoo-eoo epic epic bassline experimental experimental rock favorites female vocalist female vocalists folk folk punk garage rock handclaps hypnotizing guitars i was reading yellow wallpaper stars if i played these often enough they would expand like a balloon of sound and… indie indie pop indie rock indietronica instrumental j-pop japanese japanese female vocals japanese female voice le beat electrique lo-fi love is a ghost in america lovely mates of state mellow mod musical machine musical research center: artists that i should listen to neon genesis evangelion new weird america nieco melancholicke noise pop oh hai sleep is awesums oldies pass me the prozac pop post punk post-hardcore post-punk post-punkys mother fuckers post-rock power pop prison jazz progressive rock psychedelic psychedelic pop psychedelic rock punk relaxing rhythm and blues rock rockabilly sea of velvet shoegaze shoegaze and post rock labyrinth singer-songwriter slapstick family tree core smoking weed makes this sound better song about paris songs to smoke weed to the terrordactyls twee twee or not too twee twinkling starry skies two-part harmonies voicetrip you have eyes like mine