Daydream Nation


Feb 9 2012, 12:46

"Kids cruise away, pack of chickenshits
This guy is ours, dark stains on his pants
Enough to make a butcher out of the bone Take a walk in the park? Shit, yeah!"

It's easy to let Indie idealism get the better of you when reflecting on Sonic Youth's back catalog - and where better for it to settle than on their double LP, and last before signing to a major label. For those of us lucky enough to have fallen in love with its four sides of vinyl Daydream Nation is crystallized as the epitome of everything Sonic Youth represented and were best at. "Teen Age Riot" comes across as though they decided to write a musical explanation of their name. While the songs are sometimes abrasive, the production is austere and each song perfectly grounded, each existing in the same beige space as though lit simply by the cover's sole candle, yet somehow as it unfolds it manages to transcend everything, until part three (or c.) of "Trilogy," "Eliminator Jr." kicks the shit out of yr head, before just as swiftly leaving, wondering what the fuck you just listened to.


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