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Ott 17 2006, 19:47

I'm always looking for new, interesting, and especially free music. I was pointed to a site,, and grabbed a couple of free albums through there, as well as some other sources. Rather than go track-by-track on each album, I'll just provide a general overview of each.

Bill Magill - Eskimo In The Sun (5/10)

Jimmy Buffett. That's all I can say. He's got a very similar style, just a tad more -leaning than . I don't see how he was ever in a pop/punk band, myself; he's changed way too much from that style.

Favorite tracks:

Eskimo In The Sun
Come With Me
Wind-Up Music Man

Where to get:

Classic Tragic Hero - Journey (9/10)

These guys are sort of what I'd imagine They Might Be Giants would sound like with a little poking, or if Andrew Bird or Sufjan Stevens teamed up (or were cloned). Since recommendations work both ways, I'll throw Ben Folds and Barenaked Ladies into this review since fans of both of them should love these guys, given their sometimes but always solid songwriting.

Where to get:

Favorite Tracks:

On The Avenue
Family Tradition
Mr. Mister

Where to Get:

Classic Tragic Hero - That's Life (7/10)

This is a shorter collection, and while still solid and even sillier at times (with songs about magic dogs, and the Weird Al Yankovic-like White Boy Rap) it doesn't quite have the gems of Journey. But if you get one, get the other.

Favorite Tracks:

Slip & Fall
Another Day in The City
Answers from Me

Where to get: (rename the link for "Answers From Me" to remove the "no".)

Swearing at Motorists - Exile On Gipsstrabe (7/10)

I love this album, if only for the concept. This whole thing was recorded in a subway station late at night. The result is a very simple, echoy sound, the sort that several rock artists (I'm looking at you, Radiohead) try to imitate. This one is time-sensitive, however- it's being pulled offline after Halloween. So get it now if you're interested.

Favorite Tracks:

Waterloo Crescent
Not Tonight
Ten Dollars

Where to get:

I would greatly appreciate more sources of free albums from a variety of artists. So, if you've got a site, leave a reply and I'll check it out. And if you've got a band, as long as it's not heavy metal or something like that I'd be glad to do a mini-review of your stuff.


  • Gurdonark

    Hi there! Our netlabel, is all Creative Commons, all free download. We tend to things more ambient, without quite being bound to that one particular genre. I suggest you might enjoy Verian Thomas' amazing album Miniatures, or Dava Sobel's work there. Thanks for being a listener. Robert, who records as gurdonark

    Gen 14 2007, 23:15
  • Charron

    I'm guessing you found me through my listening to your stuff. I'll dabble more with the site, though the biggest caveat I've come across (and the reason I stopped doing these journals) is that seemingly *everything* in the Creative Commons realm seems to be ambient/techno/the like. Can't always complain, I like having new incidentals for when I'm working, but still.

    Gen 15 2007, 1:33
  • Gurdonark

    I know what you mean about Creative Commons work--there is a bias towards electronica. We're going to do a folk release or two in the near future, but that's not to everyone's taste,either. Someday it would be fun to launch a rock indie netlabel with some good stuff, but that'll have to be a project for another day.

    Feb 15 2007, 13:44
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