Charlie Gray, 34, Maschio, Regno Unito
graycharles.bandcamp.comUltimo accesso: Agosto 2014

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Do you really want to know about me? Could you really.
Give a fuck?
Well, my name is Charlie. I’m a very decent chap actually. I am!
Does anyone else think MySpace & Facebook are a bit like the internet version of a “widows & wankers” club? If you’re using your computer to chat people up, you really should get out more. Like. Now. Turn your computer off, put on your pulling pants & be normal. Oh, and that “girl” you’ve been chatting to on MSN is probably a guy. Called Dave. He’s probably pulling one off to an online photo of you RIGHT NOW.

I sing & play bass in a rather ace band called 'Ferocity Lights'. Check us out at to find out for yourself. What are you waiting for?! Go now! I'm just starting up a new band at the moment. I'm also putting together an acoustic record for Summer 2014. It's gonna sound lovely.

Fact - I'm the bees knees. Interesting fact - bees don’t actually have knees. They have leg joints but nothing as advanced or as sophisticated as a knee cap. Wowzers.

I'm a mean dancer. At night I hang out in underground car parks & have dance face-offs with lethal looking hoodies.

Giving up smoking is easy. I’ve given up loads of times.

I once convinced one of my infant school teachers, when I was six years old, that I could speak Japanese. Mrs Gee - you were a tool.

I'm an incredibly good looking man. Dashing, debonair & an all round hunk. Anyone that disagrees has very poor taste.

Kat Dennings, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are awesome. Word on the street is that they fancy the pants off me. They just don't know it yet.

I'm cool. Like hella cool. At least I think so & it's my opinion that counts. Boo yaaaaah.

I could say more but, you’ve probably not even read this far so, why bother? It’s gonna hurt me. It’s gonna kill when you desert me.
So yeah.
Bingo Bango.
More tea Vicar.
‘Ello fella.
Word to your mother.
And that word is:

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