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Apr 29 2008, 8:56

Hey! I'm kind of new to this site. I've been here before but I haven't registered until recently. Right now I'm fooling around in the menus and discovered "Journal". So you can blog even here, huh? :P I don't think anyone will ever read all this, so I'm basically wasting time here when I could listen to some good music. We're talking recent nice discoveries like 3 Bad Brothaz, Let's Go Sailing and The Field. I think you should try them out. See y'all... Or, well, probably not. No one's there, right?

- Lilyflower


  • submerged0

    Hehe, I actually read this. ;)

    Mag 25 2008, 14:12
  • uwnonox

    So did i =)

    Lug 7 2008, 14:33
  • BioMSU

    Very very popular journal :]

    Lug 8 2008, 9:49
  • ChaosOrderly

    Wow, three comments! :D Who would've imagined... Maybe then I should do another one :)

    Lug 9 2008, 7:21
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