Yelle - "À cause des Garçons"


Ott 22 2008, 8:00

Yelle is an electro-pop french singer from from the town of Saint-Brieuc, Bretagne.
She's at the top of charts due to her freshy electro sound and a couple of good remix.

She's got famous with songs as À cause des garçons:

Probably no one knows this song is just a cover of a 1988 french duo called as the name of this song:
À cause des garçons by À cause des garçons:

Enjoy the Tepr remix of this song: A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr remix).

But Yelle raised her popularity when she posted on MySpace a song titled Short Dick Cuizi, dissing Cuizinier of TTC.
This song finally was re-edited and became her hit singleJe Veux Te Voir. (Personally I love the synth part leading behind the vocals at 1:25)

It samples the first 4 bar of the bassline of the 1994 club hit Short Dick Man
(listen at the very beginning)

All these songs are published on her first album Pop-up, produced with his friend GrandMarnier out on September 2007.

Today she's out with her new Ce Jeu EP that contains remixes of TEPR, St. Andrew, and The Twelves.

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