The 9513 picks of the Month, January 2010


Feb 3 2010, 20:24

I'm trying something a little new here, so bear with me. The weekly chart updates are run regularly over at The 9513, so if you want to check those out, please head over there. Here, I've played around with a month's worth of charts and came up with the Top Artists and Top Tracks of the month (The Top Albums chart is busted, so I'm ignoring it until it gets fixed.)

This is a thoroughly unscientific poll taking the most listened-to artists and songs from each week and combining four weeks' worth of data into one chart. The hope is that we'll see some trends throughout the year as new albums are released, and that we can take the monthly data and come up with some good year-end data as well.

So here are the month-end charts for January:

Artist of the Month
1. Miranda Lambert: 110 listeners
2. Johnny Cash: 105
3. George Strait: 102
4T. Lady Antebellum: 98
4T: Alan Jackson: 98
6. Dixie Chicks: 93
7. Carrie Underwood: 88
8. Brad Paisley: 87
9. Lee Ann Womack: 85
10. Taylor Swift: 84
11. Gary Allan: 83
12. Reba McEntire: 82
13. Sugarland: 80
14. Garth Brooks: 79
15. Dwight Yoakam: 78
16. Dolly Parton: 76
17T. Martina McBride: 75
17T. Patty Loveless: 75
19T. Trisha Yearwood: 71
19T. George Jones: 71
19T. Keith Urban: 71

Lambert has been a sweetheart of this group for a long time, and Johnny Cash is the top country artist on, so those picks come as no surprise. Lady Antebellum came on late last week with the new album release, but it's hard to tell if it will have momentum past the initial few weeks. "Need You Now" has been remarkably consistent (see below), but it's too early to see if any other song on the album is a must-listen, week after week.

Track of the Month
1. "Need You Now" - Lady Antebellum: 43 listeners
2. "The House That Built Me" - Miranda Lambert: 35
3T. "Consider Me Gone" - Reba McEntire: 30
3T. "White Liar" - Miranda Lambert: 30
3T. "American Honey" - Lady Antebellum: 30
3T. "Last Call" - Lee Ann Womack: 30
7. "Me & Your Cigarettes" - Miranda Lambert: 29
8. "Only Prettier" - Miranda Lambert: 27
9. "Airstream Song" - Miranda Lambert: 25
10. "Love This Pain" - Lady Antebellum: 24
11T. "Highway 20 Ride" - Zac Brown Band: 23
11T. "Makin' Plans" - Miranda Lambert: 23
13. "Dead Flowers" - Miranda Lambert: 22
14T. "Something More: - Sugarland: 21
14T. "Red Light" - David Nail: 21
16T. "I Run to You" - Lady Antebellum: 20
16T. "Strawberry Wine" - Deanna Carter: 20
16T. "Paparazzi" - Lady Gaga: 20
19T: "It Happens" - Sugarland: 19
19T: "Fifteen" - Taylor Swift: 19

This is what I mean about Revolution. Eight of the Top 20 tracks were from that album, and only two of them were singles, as of now. Lady A had a few album cuts show up, from people that got the album on its release day and a few who snagged advance copies. Another month's worth of plays may tip the scales, if the album continues to impress after a week. It's also interesting to note that the two songs that have dominated the Billboard charts, "Need You Now" and "Consider Me Gone," both charted well here, too. Maybe we're not as counterculture as we thought we are. As for the Lady GaGa song, the less said, the better.
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