• Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Full Synopsis (contains spoilers)

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    The film opens by revealing that a cemetery in rural Texas has been vandalized; several gravesites have been desecrated, the bodies dug up and arranged into bizarre "sculptures". Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) and her invalid, wheelchair-bound brother, Franklin (Paul A. Partain), are concerned that their grandfather's grave may have been vandalized, so they travel to the site with three of their friends, Sally's boyfriend Jerry (Allen Danziger), her best friend Pam (Teri McMinn), and Pam's boyfriend Kirk (William Vail). When they discover that the grave is intact, they decide to visit the old family homestead.

    Along the way, they pass a slaughterhouse and Franklin describes how cattle used to be killed with a sledgehammer, and now they use an air gun. Shortly afterwards, they pick up a skinny, strange-looking hitch hiker (Edwin Neal) who exhibits bizarre behavior. After inviting the group back to his house for dinner, an invitation they all decline, the hitchhiker takes a photo of Franklin with an instant polarid camara, and demands payment for it. When Franklin refuses, the man crumples the photo, sets it on fire, and cuts his own hand. The guys manage to throw him out of the van, but not before he cuts Franklin with the knife, too. Before they can drive away, he smears blood on their van.

    Running low on fuel, they stop at a rural filling station only to have the strange-looking old man who runs it (Jim Siedow) tell them that the tanks are empty and that he's waiting for the gas tanker to show up. When he learns their destination is the old Hardesty home, he advises the young people against going there. They buy some barbeque sandwiches from the man and depart for the family home. While Sally and Pam go off to look through the abandoned house, Franklin finds it hard to get around the old place due to his wheelchair, and he is frustrated by the fun that the two couples seem to be having.

    Franklin gives Pam and Kirk directions to an old swimming hole that used to be nearby, but they find it completely dried up. Kirk hears the sound of a gas generator nearby and gets the idea to find out where it is and barter for some gasoline. Following the sound, they discover a large farm house surrounded by numerous abandonded vehicles, partially hidden by a large tarp. Kirk finds a human tooth on the front porch and frightens Pam with it. He gets no answer to a knock at the door, and he is lured inside by strange animal sounds. He goes into the house and in the space of a few moments, an enormous man in a weird mask (Gunnar Hansen) appears and murders him with a blow to the head via sledgehammer. The man, known as "Leatherface" due to his mask made out of a human face, drags the body into a back room.

    Pam becomes restless when Kirk does not return, and she goes into the house to look for him. She stumbles into a room that is filled with human and animal bones. A live chicken dangles in a small bird cage. Weird sculptures made out of human skulls hang from the ceiling. Furniture is adorned with human bones and skulls. The floor is covered with bits of bones and feathers. Pam begins to retch and starts screaming, when Leatherface appears and lunges for her. She runs out onto the porch but he catches her, carrying her kicking and screaming back into the house, where he savagely hangs her on a meat hook through her back. While she hangs there, she can see Leatherface dismembering the dead body of Kirk with a chainsaw.

    Back at the Hardesty house, Sally and the others start to wonder why Pam and Kirk have not returned. As the sun begins to set, Jerry sets out in the general direction and also comes upon the house. He is alerted by the blanket that Kirk left hanging on the front porch, and he goes into the house. He discovers Pam locked inside a large freezer, still alive but convulsing and near death. She lunges out of the freezer just as Leatherface appears and kills Jerry with the sledgehammer. He forces Pam's body back into the freezer and locks it again. Leatherface is distraught, apparently upset because strangers keep coming to the house.

    At nightfall, Sally and Franklin are forced to go after Jerry when he does not return; Jerry took the keys to the van with him when he left. Franklin refuses to wait at the van and insists that Sally push his wheelchair along the unpaved path through the woods. Before they get to the house, they are attacked by Leatherface, who murders Franklin by ramming him in the chest with a chainsaw. Sally flees in terror with Leatherface directly behind her. She gets cut on the thorny brush as she runs, eventually reaching the house; she is unaware that the house belongs to her pursuer. Sally runs upstairs as Leatherface saws through the front door to get at her. In an upstairs bedroom, she finds two dessicated figures, an old man and old woman. The woman is long dead, but the old man is still barely alive, hideously withered. Leatherface corners her on the second floor, so she leaps out a window and runs from the house again with him right behind her.

    Sally reaches the gas station and Leatherface disappears. The old man says he's going to take Sally to get help, and while he's gone Sally notices the smoke pit where the barbeque is made. She stares at it in fascination. The old man returns and attacks Sally, puts a gunny sack over her head and beats her with a broom, forcing her into his truck. He drives her back to the dreaded house, and along the way picks up the hitch hiker from earlier in the day. They all live there, along with Leatherface. They tie Sally to a chair inside the house and remove the bag from her head. She and the hitch hiker recognize one another and Sally screams in horror.

    The family torments her for the rest of the night, forcing her to sit at their table while they eat a meal that is obviously made up of human flesh. They bring "Grandpa" down from upstairs, the dessicated old man, and slice Sally's finger open, sticking it in the old man's mouth while he sucks her blood. They tell Sally that "Grandpa" used to work in the slaughterhouse and was the best with a sledgehammer there was. They decide to let Grandpa kill Sally and untie her, forcing her onto her knees and holding her head over a bucket while Grandpa makes several feeble attempts to hit her head with a hammer. The hitch hiker gets frustrated and makes a grab for the hammer to finish her off, and suddenly Sally breaks free. She hurls herself out a window again and lands outside just as dawn begins to break.

    The hitchhiker and Leatherface emerge from the house and chase Sally up to the road, the hitch hiker brandishing a knife and Leatherface waving the chainsaw. The hitchhiker very nearly catches her, grabbing for her and catching her hair over and over. A large semi drives by and the hitch hiker is caught off guard; the truck drives over him, killing him. The truck driver slows down and gets out of the rig to see what happened, only to be confronted by a screaming, bloodied Sally with Leatherface close behind, the chainsaw buzzing. He chases Sally and the truck driver to the other side of the cab, when the driver hurls a wrench at him and hits him in the side of the head. Leatherface drops the saw and falls, wounded in the leg by the saw blade. The truck driver flees down the road, but the wounded Sally cannot catch up. Then a pickup truck drives by and Sally abandons the scene by jumping in the back of the truck. Leatherface still gives chase, but the pickup driver pulls away. Sally laughs crazily at Leatherface as she escapes, giggling at him as he swings his chainsaw around in frustration and rage in the middle of the road in the full light of dawn.

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  • Neat Records Description

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    Neat Records

    Neat Records was a record label based in Newcastle, England. The label was established in 1979 by David Wood of Impulse Studios.The label was sold in 1995 by its then owner, the former Tygers of Pan Tang vocalist Jess Cox, to Sanctuary Records.

    Neat Records was arguably the most instrumental label in the revival of heavy metal in the early 80's in the UK. The movement was known as the "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" or NWOBHM for short. The label is most notorious for the early releases of Newcastle band Venom who are widely credited with the invention of black metal. While none of Neat Records' acts really broke through to the mainstream themselves, Venom, Raven, Blitzkrieg and Jaguar particularly are acknowledged as major influences on a host of major American thrash metal bands such as Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. In fact Metallica have even covered Blitzkrieg's self-titled song "Blitzkrieg" and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has claimed "Whiplash" to be a deliberate attempt to emulate Jaguar's song "Stormchild".

    Other notable acts to release music through Neat Records include White Spirit (notable as the then current band of Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers) and Persian Risk (notable as the original band of current Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell).

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    Legendary Neat Records releases in the NWOBHM era.

    * 01 Motorway - All I Wanna Be Is Your Romeo 7"
    * 02 Janie McKenzie - One And Only Girl 7"
    * 03 Tygers Of Pan Tang - Don't Touch Me There / Burnin' Up / Bad Times 7"
    * 04 Fist - Name, Rank And Serial Number / You'll Never Get Me In One Of Those 7"
    * 05 White Spirit - Back To The Grind / Cheetah 7"
    * 06 Raven - Don't Need Your Money / Wiped Out 7"
    * 07 Aragorn - Black Ice 7"
    * 08 Venom - In League With Satan / Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil 7"
    * 09 Bitches Sin - Always Ready For Love / Sign Of The Times 7"
    * 10 Blitzkrieg - Buried Alive / Blitzkrieg 7"
    * 11 Raven - Hard Ride / Crazy World 7"
    * 12 Raw Deal - Lonewolf / Take The Sky 7"
    * 13 Venom - Bloodlust / In Nomine Satanas 7"
    * 14 Steel - Rock Out / All Systems Go 7"
    * 15 Raven - Crash, Bang, Wallop / Rock Hard 7"
    * 15-12 Raven - Crash, Bang, Wallop 12" (4 track EP)
    * 16 Jaguar - Axe Crazy / War Machine 7"
    * 17 Heavy Pettin' - Roll The Dice / Love Times Love 7"
    * 18 Dedringer - Hot Lady / Hot Licks And Rock 'N' Roll 7"
    * 19 Crucifixion - Take It Or Leave It / On The Run 7"
    * 20 Warrior - Dead When It Comes To Love / Kansas City / Stab In The Back 7"
    * 21 Fist - The Wanderer / Too Hot 7"
    * 22 Valhalla - Comin' Home 7"
    * 23 Sabre - Miracle Man / On The Loose 7"
    * 24 Persian Risk - Ridin' High / Hurt You 7"
    * 25-12 Various - One Take No Dubs 12" (4 track EP, Black Rose, Hellanbach, Alien, Avenger)
    * 26 Jess Cox - Bridges 7"
    * 27 Venom - Die Hard / Acid Queen 7"
    * 27-12 Venom - Die Hard / Acid Queen / Bursting Out 12"
    * 28 Raven - Break The Chain / Ballad Of Marshall Jack 7"
    * 29 Raven - Born To Be Wild / Inquisitor 7"
    * 29P Raven - Born To Be Wild / Inquisitor 7"
    * 29-12 Raven - Born To Be Wild / Inquisitor / Break The Chain 12"
    * 30 Saracen - We Have Arrived / Face In The Crowd 7"
    * 31 Avenger - Too Wild To Tame / On The Rocks 7"
    * 32 Tobruk - Wild On The Run / The Show Must Go On 7"
    * 33 Tysondog - Eat The Rich / Dead Meat 7"
    * 34 Emerson - Something Special 7"
    * 35 Jess Cox - One In A Million 7"
    * 36 Valhalla - Still In Love With You 7"
    * 37 Crucifixion - Green Eyes / Moon Rising / Jailbait 7"
    * 37-12 Crucifixion - Green Eyes / Moon Rising / Jailbait 12"
    * 38 Venom - Warhead / Lady Lust 7" (With 3 different sleeves)
    * 38P Venom - Warhead / Lady Lust 7" (Mauve vinyl)
    * 38-12 Venom - Warhead / Lady Lust / Gates Of Hell 7"
    * 38P-12 Venom - Warhead / Lady Lust / Gates Of Hell 12"
    * 39 TNT - Back On The Road / Rockin' The Night 7"
    * 40 Glasgow - Stranded / Heat Of The Night 7"
    * 41 Warfare - Noise, Filth And Fury 7"
    * 42 Mammath - Rock Me / Rough 'N' Ready 7"
    * 43 Venom - Manitou / Woman 7"
    * 43P Venom - Manitou / Woman 7"
    * 43-12 Venom - Manitou / Woman / Dead Of Night 12"
    * SHAPE 43 Venom - Manitou / Woman 7"
    * 43SC Venom - Manitou Cassette Single
    * 44-12* Lone Wolf - Nobody's Move / Town To Town / Leave Me Behind 12"
    * 45-12* Warfare - Two Tribes / Hell / Blown To Bits 12"
    * 46 Tysondog - Shoot To Kill / Hammerhead 7"
    * 46-12 Tysondog - Shoot To Kill / Hammerhead / Changling / Back To The Bullet 12"
    * 47 Venom - Nightmare / Satanarchist 7"
    * 47S Venom - Nightmare / Satanarchist 7"
    * 47-12 Venom - Nightmare / Satanarchist / FOAD / Warhead (live) 12" (2 different sleeves)
    * 47-12SP Venom - Nightmare / Satanarchist / FOAD / Warhead (live) 12"
    * 47SC Venom - Nightmare Cassette Single (6 track cassette)
    * 48-12 Black Rose - Nightmare / Need A Lot Of Lovin' / Rock Me Hard / Breakaway 12"
    * 49-12 Warfare - Total Death EP 12" (4 track EP)
    * 50 She - Never Surrender / Breaking Away 7"
    * 50-12 She - Never Surrender / Breaking Away / On My Way 12"
    * 52 State Trooper - She Got The Look 7"
    * 52-12 State Trooper - She Got The Look 12"
    * 53-12 Venom - Hell At Hammersmith EP 12" (3 track live EP, limited to 10,000)
    * 55-12 Atomkraft - Queen Of Death 12"
    * 56 Tysondog - School's Out / Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down 7"
    * 56-12 Tysondog - School's Out / Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down /Back to the Bullet 12"
    * 57 Shotgun Brides - Restless 7"
    * 58 Warfare - Addicted To Love 7"
    * 60-12 Mantas - Deceiver 12"

    * 1000 Various - Leadweight LP
    * 1001 Raven - Rock Until You Drop LP
    * 1001P Raven - Rock Until You Drop LP
    * 1002 Venom - Welcome To Hell LP
    * 1002P Venom - Welcome To Hell LP
    * 1003 Fist - Back With A Vengeance LP
    * 1004 Raven - Wiped Out LP
    * 1005 Venom - Black Metal LP
    * 1005P Venom - Black Metal LP
    * 1006 Hellanbach - Now Hear This LP
    * 1007 Jaguar - Power games LP
    * 1008 Geordie - No Sweat LP
    * 1009 Dedringer - Second Rising LP
    * 1010 Cox, Jess - Third Step LP
    * 1011 Raven - All For One LP
    * 1012 Satan - Court In The Act LP
    * 1013 Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof LP
    * 1014 Various - Metal Battle LP
    * 1015 Venom - At War With Satan LP
    * 1015P Venom - At War With Satan LP
    * 1016 Saracen - Change Of Heart LP
    * 1017 Tysondog - Beware Of The Dog LP
    * 1018 Avenger - Blood Sports LP
    * 1019 Hellanbach - The Big H LP
    * 1020 Raven - Live at the Inferno LP
    * 1021 Warfare - Pure Filth LP
    * 1022 Phasslayne - Cut It Up LP
    * 1023 Blitzkrieg - A Time Of Changes LP
    * 1024 Venom - Possessed LP
    * 1024P Venom - Possessed LP
    * 1025 Axewitch - Visions Of The Past LP
    * 1026 Avenger - Killer Elite LP
    * 1027 Wishbone Ash - Raw To The Bone LP
    * 1027P Wishbone Ash - Raw To The Bone LP
    * 1028 Atomkraft - Future Warriors LP
    * 1029 Warfare - Metal Anarchy LP
    * 1030 Artillery - Fear Of Tomorrow LP
    * 1031 Tysondog - Crimes Of Insanity LP
    * 1032 Venom - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik LP
    * 1033 Various - Powertrax LP
    * 1034 Black Rose - Walk It How You Talk It LP
    * 1035 Deaf Dealer - Keeper Of The Flame LP
    * 1036 War Machine - Unknown Soldier LP
    * 1037 Tygers Of Pan Tang - First Kill LP
    * 1038 Artillery - Terror Squad LP
    * 1039 Peer Gunt - Back Seat LP
    * 1040 Warfare - Mayhem, Fucking Mayhem LP
    * 1041 Atomkraft - Conductors Of Noise LP
    * 1042 Mantas - Winds Of Change LP
    * 1043 Slutt - Model Youth LP
    * 1044 Warfare - Conflict Of Hatred LP
    * 1045 Shotgun Brides - Nothin' Ventured LP
    * 1046 Artillery - Artillery 3 LP
    * 1047 Decimator - Carnage City State Mosh Patrol LP
    * 1048 Cronos - Dancing In The Fire LP