The weekly album tip 39 | 2010


Set 25 2010, 7:42

S.Maharba :: She

I dont want to scare you, but my weekly album tip comes out of the deepest dark. This is music like a bound between razor blades and pumping veins and sounds like that feeling that you got while your all-last drug should quits its job...
Thus it does not surprise that there is also one track on this album which makes me addicted: A remix of Billie Holiday's It's a Sin to Tell a Lie forces me to spread it to all members of The incredible Independence
My favs:

Good Girl
Tell a Lie
The Look

Apropos Billie Holyday or sandpaper on velvet voice: there is a further track which I would like to share: Give a listen to Fiona Soe Paing's Deep Song - this voice kicks.


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