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Lug 8 2008, 23:51

heineken open'er festival 2008

one thing i have to say - it was FUCKIN' great experience!

but let me tell everything step by step. i will focus only on the best gigs because there were so many of them i can't remember all:

#1. massive attack, fischerspooner, the chemical brothers
they all were unbelievably great! every group gets first position in my rank.

Massive Attack
giant plus for special effects, but they were not the most important things. massive attack played very good gig, with almost perfect sound quality. i don't remember setlists of any group so i won't tell what exactly they played. i mean i don't know the order and every single title (there were new ones too). essentially, they played Teardrop and Angel.

my favourite gig! i love this band (duet?) - their band on gigs consists of many people indeed. however, i liked their costumes. Casey wore fancy... i don't know how to call it - maybe latex-suit:) and weird cap with bun. there were also dance group. girls danced and spat:) casey danced too. i liked drummer - he was very good. i thought that it's hard to play well on so "reduced" drum kit. he did it perfect. visualisations - well, good but it could be better; lights were better. what is important - they played Never Win, Cloud, Emerge and many totally new songs! bravo!

never win
danse en france

Chemical Brothers
that's not exactly my favourite kind of music but effects were - let say it - FUCKIN' mind-destructive! there was scary clown - he will be my nightmare until my death! "songs" i liked: Galvanize and Do It Again.

#2. Sex Pistols
old junkies, but they played - as they could say - damn fuckin' good. honestly, i didn't know any of their songs but i danced all the time and sang if i acquainted with words. just good old punk-rock.

#3. Goldfrapp
nice woman with nice voice. fine electronic stuff. what else? just good gig.

i also liked:

for contact with audience and positive energy!

for clothes and negative energy (it was sad :( ) :)

Fujiya & Miyagi
good, but every song is the same! what the hell? it's dub kind of music i think...

noise, noise, noise:D

Loco Star
many and rare instruments, brilliant woman-voice and complex songs. very nice gig - great lights, costumes, contact with audience. one interesting trick with camera ;)

polish band from wroclaw. they play mix of dance, alternative and electronica. many instruments. they looked as professionals. everything was planned. good sampler effects.

one-man project. this man is full pro. he played whole concert alone. he had playback(drums etc.) but sang and played guitar on his own! great artist! there was even Smells Like Teen Spirit cover in an electronic way:)

Polpo Motel
two-people project. good electronic music with female-soprano voice. however, there were no contact with audience. they were very uptight.

there were some more groups but not as good as these above.

generally about festival:
-great atmosphere (kind people, no violence etc.),
-great organization,
-great music :),
-too expensive food, drinks - everything,
-high security level,
-great transport.

ps. sorry for all language errors and quality of photos/videos.

special thanks to taszka-nn and lumiel_9 [for some photos and company].

if You wanna' see photos in higher resolution

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  • piotrek777

    not so fuckin` bad... xD quite good review indeed ;) greetz man!

    Lug 14 2008, 19:42
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