My Musical History


Ott 21 2005, 3:48


  • Mr_Fran

    Good to see you grew out of Nirvana and Santana haha. Some top selections in your modern day... except for Nightwish, but now theyve sacked their singer, will you be giving up on them? Female artists are just generally better, and thats a good reason to prefer them!

    Ott 31 2005, 16:30
  • Carali

    I'm not sure if I'll listen to anything new by Nightwish, but I still like their old stuff. I haven't given up on them yet.

    Nov 1 2005, 18:12
  • musicroxxx

    I love Nightwish. Did you know they broke up, or at least the fucking rest of group booted their lead singer out. AAARGH, now they'll sound shit!

    Nov 9 2005, 10:39
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