How to Make An Entrance (Theme Music)


Ott 29 2009, 17:38

You ever want to have some amazing music blast from an ethereal system as you enter room, walk down the street, or do anything where you make your presence known? Well these tracks have been that for me - my theme music:

AFTA-1 - The Facts
If you haven't heard about AFTA-1, this dude got some seriously smooth beats laced with that hard hitting boom-bap (yes, you can be smoothed out and still make necks snap). This track has that "wait for it...wait for it" feel that's perfect for making folks think you're unassuming right before they witness an ill flare to windmill to backspin combo ;)

Who said samurais can't breakdance?

Soul Position - No Gimmicks
Hip Hop at it's rawest. Nuff said.

You just can't go wrong with the "best producer and the best emcee."

Volcano Choir - Island, IS
A friend of mine put me onto this song and it caught my ear on the first listen. Since then it's been in heavy rotation and definitely can be classified as some good travelling music.

Is it me or did they really sample some Secret of Mana in there? Ahh memories...

Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
This track has been keeping my head nodding since I first tasted the Reset EP. I loved Tea Leaf Dancers but it was this song that certified my support of the beat impresario. I even made it my ringtone for a minute! So yeah, this is the definition of theme music.

Nothing says, "Hello, nice to meet ya!" quite like the bass thump of a FlyLo beat.


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