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Nanci GriffithLate Night Grande Hotel 30 Lug 22:21
Steve EarleHopeless Romantics 30 Lug 22:17
Steve EarleThe Devil's Right Hand 30 Lug 22:14
Steve EarleCopperhead Road 30 Lug 22:08
Johnny CashThe Hobo Song 30 Lug 22:04
Johnny CashI'll Go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again 30 Lug 22:00
Johnny CashWanted Man 30 Lug 21:57
Johnny CashGoin' By The Book 30 Lug 21:54
Johnny CashBeans For Breakfast 30 Lug 18:03
Alanis MorissetteThank You 30 Lug 17:56
Will YoungThank You 30 Lug 17:53
Pete YornRelator 30 Lug 17:50
David GraySay Hello, Wave Goodbye 30 Lug 17:40
David GraySail Away 30 Lug 17:35
David GrayThis Years Love 30 Lug 17:31
David GrayWhite Ladder 30 Lug 17:25
David GraySilver Lining 30 Lug 17:19
David GrayNightblindness 30 Lug 17:15
David GrayWe're Not Right 30 Lug 17:12
David GrayMy Oh My 30 Lug 17:06
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  • lisafrankpuke

    Haha, yeah. I love me some 80s new wave/post-punk.

    26 Lug 17:54 Rispondi
  • metawirt

    Hansi, again (1976@BBC): Great opening, nice arrangements and rather funky guys on bass, drums, guitar and sax. Don't know the name of that one, but it sounds rather close to Lalo Schifrin.And this is another well arranged piece of music there...

    17 Giu 7:47 Rispondi
  • metawirt

    As I decided to limit my friend list to 222 it will last a bit to accept your request until someone kicks me out of his/her friend list or deletes his/her account. For me it gets harder and harder to find someone in my friend list I'm never talking to to kick him/her out. Sorry for delay! There's also the "sword of Damocles" I might quit hanging around here finally, when lastFM beta should become reality on June 3...

    13 Giu 7:40 Rispondi
  • BreezinAlong

    I don't know if it has happen yet as I don't use Facebook, I don't like the fact that Facebook follows you simply by the ip address and screen name you use. You're followed even after sign out. I also don't care for the terms that what ever i write or my pictures are now owned by Facebook to use any way they see fit, even if they want to use your likeness for an advert. They use you to get more sponsors. Not something I want to be a part of since I have the choice not to be part of Face book .. Oh what I was saying , Facebook has cut ties with Spotify Facebook is in the process of coming up with there own scrobbler.. This will be only for those who use Facebook and only for facebook music. Basically kinda keeping you in a bubble, much like AOL .. Pete, I can't stop you from leaving, I'm sure you would be missed. :-)

    2 Giu 20:51 Rispondi
  • BreezinAlong

    Remember that most of what you see in the beta version is still static ... I suggest you look at the changes once a week..It's moving fast. Also look at settings what you have .. You can play with changing your avi it won't change permanently but you can see how it will look. =D Look how follower/follow works now. Anyone can follow you without permission as you can follow people the same way. Or follow no one if you wish. I do have a bit of a problem with that .. We will have sidebar shouts PM's a better way to send shares across platforms. As you see many music sites are on board with LFM besides Spotify, the bigger music sites will join in, LFM will be THE place to be. As a hub.. you can check your PM,s Shouts communicate sign on to other music sites right here on LFM. The place for Intel of new and old artist. I like the new site .. It's intuitive(IMO), with the new data engine, all artist will have their own web page no more of the same name artist having to share a page

    2 Giu 20:42 Rispondi
  • BreezinAlong

    You're so funny Pete. It is startling when a first look or two. Really not much different as you look around any progressive web site. You see Windows 10 soft roll out comes this August . Windows 10 is filled with circles and big images... This is part of a new change in how computing will be, but the difference unlike psychotic windows 8, which didn't know if it was an OS for mobile or desktop. Windows 10 has structured itself to be both so use as a touch screen or with a mouse on the desktop.

    2 Giu 20:28 Rispondi
  • BreezinAlong

    We will see once the roll out happens. Quote from mod ;".Journals are one of the "come back later" things, also About Me, user groups etc. So if you have important and/or extensive texts like yours, it's probably a good idea to back them up now in a text editor like Notepad. If you do this in Edit mode, your BBCode tags will be saved, too. The library is completely new, or rather the database driving it, so hopefully many limitations and known issues with it will be gone with future updates. This is also the big difference to all former site updates, as far as I know. I have no insight in the dev team agendas, so I don't know what will happen when, but the start has definitely been made."end quote. Pete, see if you can navigate to the forum : Forum > FeedBack and Ideas > > Alpha/Beta some people have left screenshots there for you to look at too. Keep in Touch, Autumn

    2 Mag 20:16 Rispondi
  • BreezinAlong

    Never mind what I said about Grooveshark another user just told me as of this moment no longer a Grooveshark also here is a form about the new LFM

    1 Mag 17:36 Rispondi
  • BreezinAlong

    The idea is to revamp LFM make it more mobile friendly for Ipad, Ipod, smart phones. Grooveshark has just rolled out their new version .. The new LFM looks like an exact copy of Groovy Grooveshark and a smidge of spotify. LFM said they will slowly add some features back .. but don't say what features that would be. . LFM has stopped the massive bleeding .. still loosing money but I suppose an acceptable amount. One thing is LFM has gained users from Eastern Europe ... I Dunno .. go figure.. ;- / Oh the radio has been transformed to a radio bar and Youtubes will only pop up in small square if the track can't be found on Spotify.

    1 Mag 17:36 Rispondi
  • BreezinAlong

    Hi Pete, I thought I would give you a heads up..Some big changes in the works for LFM... For those of us who are VIP's, LFM has left a link so we can view the new version of LFM, still in Beta form at the moment,.LFM hasn't said when they plan to fully roll it out yet, I suspect before the end of the second quarter. No more friends list.. will be replaced with "following" and "followers" .. No playlists.. Only Universal Tags...No favorite hearted songs..No neighbors as if anyone used this feature lol .A list of only five top artist and five top tracks will show up on your profile page. Avatars will be shrunk down to a small circle. You will now have a huge big banner that it's uncertain if you can customize it, Also uncertain if the about me page will still exist, other than your name age country. Uncertain if we will have PM's still. I see shout boxes but uncertain if the boxes will be for shouts to songs, artist or users..

    1 Mag 17:35 Rispondi
  • jrs1991

    Hi, Thanks for the add. Very good music charts.

    12 Apr 22:03 Rispondi
  • BlueOclock

    Well, it could certainly be a lot worse! That sounds pretty nice to me. Here in Baltimore, MD., USA it's sunny, and 67, that's fahrenheit, not celsius........hahaha! Very nice day. Take care, Tommy

    12 Apr 19:41 Rispondi
  • lost_in_last_fm

    Yes, it was indeed a question. I was wondering if you knew whether Disney Girls was written in 1957, because the song title usually has 1957 in parentheses, but I always thought The Beach Boys hadn't formed until the 1960s. Unless maybe Brian Wilson or one of the other members originally wrote this song in the 50s before the Beach Boys existed as a group?

    17 Mar 2:02 Rispondi
  • BlueOclock

    Welcome new friend!

    16 Mar 21:50 Rispondi
  • JuniorMcCartney

    Hooray for Radar.

    12 Mar 12:17 Rispondi
  • lost_in_last_fm

    "Disney Girls" was written in 1957?

    5 Mar 1:14 Rispondi
  • geminimann

    ... I may even sell some on Spotify, google play and iTunes, but there's not much money in it.

    6 Feb 1:14 Rispondi
  • geminimann

    Hi there Pete, thanks for popping by. Good to hear things are good up in Norfolk. I think that's where you said you lived! Am alright ty, I guess. Occasionally I play a bit of Piano and record myself. Check out my Soundcloud link on my profile!

    6 Feb 1:13 Rispondi
  • MinMusikJustNu

    Hi, I usually visit all my lastfm-friends a bit closer to new year to check out what they have been listening during the last 12 months. And at the same time leave some tips on what I have discovered last year. But anyhow here I'm now.:D. Late in the year I found Caitlin Canty thru Kickstarter. Other discoveries during the year was Lake Street Dive, Austin Lucas, Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line and Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors A band I'm looking forward to see live is JP Harris & The Tough Choices But I still come back to my old heroes Van Morrison and Emmylou Harris. Listened to almost all of their albums during 2014. Have a great 2015.

    9 Gen 16:41 Rispondi
  • SeaMonkee

    Happy Christmas to ya Pete!

    24 Dic 2014 Rispondi
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Khaled - Aicha
1000th track: (28 Apr 2009)
Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway
2000th track: (15 Jul 2009)
The Beatles - If I Fell
3000th track: (09 Aug 2009)
The Byrds - The Times They Are A-Changin' (First Version)(#)(*)
4000th track: (30 Aug 2009)
Eric Prydz - Call on Me (radio edit)
5000th track: (22 Sep 2009)
Pat Travers - I La La La Love You
6000th track: (12 Oct 2009)
The Cranberries - Dreams
7000th track: (31 Oct 2009)
Altered Images - Love To Stay
8000th track: (23 Nov 2009)
The Proclaimers - Sunshine On Leith
9000th track: (24 Dec 2009)
The Safri Boys - Rahaye Rahaye (Come & Befriend Me)
10000th track: (18 Jan 2010)
The Four Brothers - Ndakatambura
11000th track: (10 Mar 2010)
Talk Talk - Give It Up (1997 Digital Remaster)
12000th track: (28 May 2010)
Alela Diane - The Pirate's Gospel
13000th track: (25 Jun 2010)
Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven
14000th track: (08 Sep 2010)
Dave Dee - The Legend Of Xanadu
15000th track: (11 Oct 2010)
Cliff Carlisle - Gamblin' Dan
16000th track: (09 Nov 2010)
ABC - All Of My Heart
17000th track: (18 Jan 2011)
Glenn Miller - Runnin' Wild
18000th track: (20 Feb 2011)
R.E.M. - New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 (Instrumental)
19000th track: (20 Mar 2011)
Steve Earle - Goodbye's All We've Got Left
20000th track: (13 Apr 2011)
Kanda Bongo Man - Muchana
21000th track: (09 May 2011)
Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling
22000th track: (09 Jun 2011)
Village People - Citizens of the world.
23000th track: (03 Jul 2011)
Jilted John - In the Bus Shelter
24000th track: (24 Jul 2011)
Bruce Molsky - Cabin Creek
25000th track: (13 Aug 2011)
Bob Dylan - Positively 4th Street
26000th track: (02 Sep 2011)
Human League - Mirror Man
27000th track: (01 Oct 2011)
Milton Brown - The Object of My Affection
28000th track: (23 Oct 2011)
Bananarama - Cruel Summer
29000th track: (13 Nov 2011)
The Central Band of the Royal British Legion - Panis Angelicus
30000th track: (02 Dec 2011)
Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone - Single Version - Re-mastered 2004
31000th track: (19 Dec 2011)
The Wombles - Wombling Merry Christmas
32000th track: (04 Jan 2012)
The Police - Bring On The Night
33000th track: (24 Jan 2012)
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf - Original Version
34000th track: (21 Feb 2012)
Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know
35000th track: (12 Mar 2012)
The Barracudas - Summer Fun
36000th track: (03 Apr 2012)
Echo And The Bunnymen - Bring On The Dancing Horses
37000th track: (25 Apr 2012)
Pink Floyd - Flaming
38000th track: (08 May 2012)
The Teardrop Explodes - Bent Out Of Shape
39000th track: (26 May 2012)
Jethro Tull - Bungle In The Jungle - 2001 Digital Remaster
40000th track: (14 Jun 2012)
The Beach Boys - You're So Good to Me
41000th track: (03 Jul 2012)
Simple Minds - Promised You a Miracle - 2002 - Remaster
42000th track: (29 Jul 2012)
Bob Dylan - Let Me Die In My Footsteps
43000th track: (14 Aug 2012)
Tom Jones - My Girl Maria
44000th track: (05 Sep 2012)
Depeche Mode - People Are People - 2006 Digital Remaster
45000th track: (01 Oct 2012)
Talk Talk - April 5th
46000th track: (27 Oct 2012)
Gaz Coombes - I just wasnt made for these times
47000th track: (15 Nov 2012)
Haircut 100 - Snow Girl
48000th track: (02 Dec 2012)
The Shadows - The War Lord - 1995 Digital Remaster
49000th track: (25 Dec 2012)
Memphis Jug Band - Memphis Boy-Blues
50000th track: (23 Jan 2013)
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Water
51000th track: (23 Feb 2013)
Poco - Rocky Mountain Breakdown
52000th track: (15 Mar 2013)
Johnny Marr - The Right Thing Right
53000th track: (01 Apr 2013)
Genesis - I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) - 2008 Digital Remaster
54000th track: (21 Apr 2013)
Pretenders - Swinging London - 2006 Remastered Single Version
55000th track: (18 May 2013)
Victoria Spivey - Sweet Please
56000th track: (08 Jun 2013)
Kraftwerk - Computer Love - 2009 - Remaster
57000th track: (30 Jun 2013)
The Rolling Stones - Factory Girl
58000th track: (26 Jul 2013)
Erasure - Blue Savannah
59000th track: (11 Aug 2013)
The Louvin Brothers - Mary of the Wild Moor
60000th track: (30 Aug 2013)
Lindisfarne - Kings Cross Blues
61000th track: (12 Sep 2013)
Mahlathini - Bayasazi
62000th track: (13 Oct 2013)
Keane - Everybody's Changing
63000th track: (13 Nov 2013)
Neil Young - Mother Earth - Natural Anthem
64000th track: (08 Dec 2013)
The Beatles - When I'm Sixty-Four
65000th track: (11 Jan 2014)
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Geno - 2000 - Remaster
66000th track: (23 Feb 2014)
Oasis - She's Electric
67000th track: (06 Apr 2014)
Doc & Merle Watson - Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
68000th track: (16 May 2014)
Toumani Diabaté - Toumani
69000th track: (13 Jul 2014)
The Incredible String Band - Nightfall - 2010 Remastered Version
70000th track: (24 Aug 2014)
Go West - Haunted
71000th track: (17 Nov 2014)
Buzzcocks - Saving Yourself
72000th track: (11 Feb 2015)
Duran Duran - Girls On Film - 2010 Remastered Version
73000th track: (02 May 2015)
Moby - Go
74000th track: (20 Jul 2015)
Neil Young - Rainin' In My Heart
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cdpete01's top albums (overall) 1. Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring (247)
2. The Four Brothers - Best of the Four Brothers: Makorokoto (247)
3. Talk Talk - It's My Life (230)
4. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (149)
5. Altered Images - Bite... Plus (125)
6. Memphis Minnie - Queen Of Country Blues (124)
7. Altered Images - Pinky Blue [Pinky Blue... Plus] (121)8. R.E.M. - Automatic for the People (119)
9. Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone (The EMI Years 1963-1966) (118)
10. The Louvin Brothers - The Christian Life - The Definitive Louvin Brothers Story (112)
11. Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record (110)
12. Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare and Unreleased) 1961-1991 (108)
13. The Beat - You Just Can't Beat It: The Best of the Beat [37 Tracks] Disc 1 (108)14. The Beatles - Help! (107)
15. Alela Diane - To Be Still (105)
16. Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks (104)
17. Kool & the Gang - Singles Collection (104)
18. Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left (103)
19. Dave Dee - The Very Best of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (103)20. The Beatles - Abbey Road (102)

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