• Seriously; how great was this gig?

    Apr 20 2011, 14:59

    Sun 17 Apr – Beth Orton at The Glee Club, Cardiff

    'Very' is the answer! :-D

    Having just got back from Amsterdam the day before (an picking up a cold/flu along the way...), I had thought of not going and just stay at home and recuperate, but I'm so glad I didn't. Got there early at Glee Club 3rd in queue behind an (talkative) American and his (quiet) friend, and hence no seating plan, so got a front row seat!

    Not seen Beth live before, and being in an intimate (400 capacity) venue, thought it might be a subdued gig with little to no rapport, but this was not the case, such a warm welcome for a humbling (almost apologetic), charming and heavily pregnant Beth.

    Warm up was Sam Amidon, who also came out for some collaborations; he was quite good, and interesting with the crowd.

    But Beth, I dunno, it just felt so special to be there, every song was performed expertly , kinda felt like she was playing amongst friends at her home (she did note that she was half Welsh! ....and that she could've been born Beth Bagel. :-P), she even asked for song suggestions, to which she played Blood Red River (after declining the American's twice requested 'How Far').

    She gave us a taster of a new song 'Candles', as well as faves 'Sweetest Decline', 'Conceived', 'She Cries Your Name' and finishing with 'Central Reservation'. She came out after a rapturous applause for and encore for one song before stating that the baby could be on it's way and painting us a picture of it's hand popping out and strumming the guitar. Ha!

    Damn, I wanted to hug her.
  • Motorpoint (They've re-badged it, ya fool!) Gig

    Mar 24 2011, 16:33

    Wed 23 Mar – Elbow, Villagers

    Managed to get a ticket on e-Bay the day before the actual gig for £22, after a bit of umm-ing and ahh-ing, got it here on the day (yeah, thanks Royal Mail for doing your job!).

    Turned up at CIA (it'll always be that) to hear a string quartet (I believe) being played on the speakers, or so I though, until I actually saw them in the centre of the arena on a pier of sorts! Lovely stuff! Only got to hear 2 tracks of them

    Villagers soon appeared on stage, and although they made a great effort and the songs/music was played well, they just didn't have that 'grab' I get to make me feel like letting them into my world of love of music. Not their fault, probably my age; sometimes feel I have/experience all the songs I need, but that won't stop me searching! So yeah, good band in terms of ability, but dunno if they'll take-off (which isn't necessarily a bad thing when pitted against what IS taking-off today).

    So, on to Elbow! The band I came to see! :-D Was a sturdy fan from Asleep In The Back, that album has a couple of the greatest songs I've ever heard (notably Any Day Now, Scattered Black & Whites and Coming Second), liked a lot of Cast of Thousands too, Leaders of The Free World is where I started to lose a bit of interest (although I adored Forget Myself at first listen). I think a bit of the fan base in general started to wane, which is why a slight turn in direction came in Seldom Seen Kid in which they had a more accessible sound, in my opinion.

    Before the night, I anticipated that the gig will be mostly the new album (Build A Rocket Boys!) with a few older tracks thrown in, but alas I felt let down in that NOTHING from the first two albums were played. :-| I understand they have to promote the new album, but why not early stuff? Even Newborn or Powder Blue would've been welcome, just as a token for the old skool-ers. I did hear a valley-ite not too distant behind me bellowing in his just-decipherable accent, "PLAY FOO-JUH-TUV MO-TULL!!!" a handful of times, which I myself would've loved to hear but begged in my head for him to shut up for embarrassment. :-P There was also a cockney; they get everywhere, right?

    All the above aside, Elbow themselves were VERY entertaining (Guy mixing a drink for each of his bandmates, giving one spare to a fan too, picking out the fan in the furthest away seat and asking us to sing his name (Neil Jones, I think) after the 'na-na-na-nan-na-na-na- (HEY JUDE)! if we wanted an encore ("It's a French thing!"), and Guy also leaning over the barrier to allow fans to touch him), I was never bored, enjoyed the new songs and others from SSK, and their stage presence and crowd banter (Mark Potter writing to Jimmy Saville to ask to meet Shakin' Stevens) was friendly and genuine. The crowd too were fantastic, I sure Elbow found them welcoming and humbling. So all in all a great gig, but could've been fan-bloody-tastic if only they played a couple of classics. Is that asking too much? Was I alone in thinking that?

    PS. £2.50 for a bottle of Pepsi is ridiculous. I'm glad I brought my hip-flask of whiskey with me! :-D

    PPS. Don't Mix Your Drinks! (That would've been welcome to hear too.....)
  • Sublime

    Mar 11 2011, 16:26

    Fri 4 Mar – Stewart Lee - Vegetable Stew at St David's Hall

    Extremely ("He said 'EGG'!) great gig. Having previously seeing 2 of his DVDs and being a fan since TMWRNJ and Fist of Fun, my hopes were pretty and high and I wasn't left disappointed. Even my brother, who was a plus 1 and not really a fan was laughing loudly.

    To have Kevin Eldon entertaining as a surprise poet, as a warm-up act, was just wondrous!

    Not only did they both do a fab performance, but they actually hung around for a couple of hours (until everyone was 'seen' and the staff kinda urged them to leave by turning the lights out, glancing over occasionally, etc...) to chat, sign autographs, sell merchandise and to generally chat and answer any passing questions. One person tried to get Stewart to play a gig in Swansea! The nerve! He wanted the moon on a stick! :-P

    All-in-all a superb night, and I really enjoy St. David's Hall as a venue. Best in Cardiff in my opinion. (unless you're up with the Gods and your view is obstructed whilst trying to see Derren Brown perform a visual display....).

  • Cardiff CIA - Fri 12 Nov – Hot Chip & LCD Soundsystem

    Nov 15 2010, 18:45

    Fri 12 Nov – Hot Chip & LCD Soundsystem

    Truly astounding. Sadly had to go on my own as most of my friends have superiorly worse taste in music than me. 8-) Fact. Jack.

    Although I got to the very front I could not, for the life of me, get to the centre due to fecking groups of students (or student-types, which are worse!) >_<.

    From opening of Dance Yrself Clean to the end of Home I was zoned. Sounds cheese-fest-a-rama but there were moments I had to close my eyes and 'get lost'.

    Cheers guys!

    PS. Hot Chip were alright too! Bonus! 8-)
  • Very lewdly funny, yet short!

    Nov 1 2010, 19:40

    Sat 30 Oct – I'd Happily Punch Every One Of You In The Face Tour

    Grandad getting him to shag a mermaid/monkey with legs sewn together from out of a chest was genius! 8-D
  • Funnay!

    Ott 24 2010, 0:01

    Tue 19 Oct – Lockipedia

    Memorable for the Australian Madonna dance! :-D
  • The Gig That Never Happened

    Ott 13 2010, 19:15


    Ago 3 2010, 19:14

    Sun 1 Aug – Feeder at Cardiff Big Weekend

    It was alright, Athlete were better than expected and Feeder didn't disappoint. FIREWORKS TOO!!!

    And some gimboid ran onto my foot whilst fleeing security! :-\