Favorite recent albums. A pretty eclectic mix


Apr 10 2008, 2:07

These are my favorite recent albums. I listened to them the first time sometime between December 20th 2007 and now. I added my rating and genre to each of them, and a small comment when I feel it’s necessary. If you have any recommendation based in my favorite recent music PLEASE comment!, I love hearing new music and expanding my musical taste.


Unjust - To Lose A Name
- - -

Wow this album is amazing!! A wonderful mix of hard rock, alternative rock, emotional vocals and even some progressive elements. Unjust has a Nu Metal background, but with this album they have taken their base sound and expanded it to more atmospheric and progressive levels. They even have some songs that remind me of Muse specially some of their vocals and melodies. Highly recommended if you like Modern Hard Rock or Alternative Metal/Nu Metal like Linkin Park, Evanescense,Incubus ,30 Seconds to Mars, Flyleaf, etc.


- -

This album is crazy!! I love it. Very hard to classify, you need to listen to it :). I like it very much but I think it's a bit high in the list. The keyboard is one of the best things about this band, provides a layer of fun to the overall experience. Recommended if you like crazy experimental music .


Protest the Hero - Fortress
- - -

Protest The Hero made my favorite album of last year: Kezia. This new album is very good but the shadow of Kezia is too big for me, they followed the same style, but made it more technical, more metal and the part that I miss: less pop :( . Even with all those inconvenients it managed to reach the 3rd spot. You can now imagine how much I love Kezia ;)


Slagsmålsklubben - Sagan Om Konungens Arsinkomst

I don’t even remember how I discovered this band, Veery fun music! I like a lot video game music and Slagsmålsklubbens music is close to it, I love their melodies and the overall happy feeling.


Four Year Strong - Rise or Die Trying

In a scene flooded with fringes and kids in girl jeans listening to , this definitely brings some fresh air. It’s pop punk with catchy as hell songs and great hardcore influenced instrumentation. I hope kids start listening to this, let their beards grow and show everyone that they are really men, not some kind of androgynous creatures!. Happy music for post-emo pop punk kids.


Maximum the Hormone - Buiiki Kaesu
- - - - -

This Japanese band is AWESOME!!. They manage to combine a bunch of different genres, and the result is pretty solid, I just discovered them a couple of days ago and they already earned the 6th spot. They are very popular in Japan, but the occidental world apparently still ignores them, give them a listen you will recover the faith in the new music. The overall feeling of the album is pretty happy , upbeat and fast paced, but it also has some really heavy songs and passages.


Joe Stump - Speed Metal Messiah

Well I don’t remember this album in this moment, it should have some crazy and fast guitar solos, I love that! :D


Drumcorps - Grist

As far as I know this album has songs that are grindcore electronic covers. In any case, it features some crazy and pretty fast drum patterns that I’d hardly be able to listen in grindcore because I’d be way too distracted by the horrible vocals. Very aggressive music but very professionally accomplished.


Estradasphere - Palace Of Mirrors
- -

Another band that I don’t remember how did I discover. I like it, Avant Garde/Experimental Instrumental band, they use some non conventional instruments that enrich even more their already complex and experimental music.


No Hollywood Ending - Everybody's Talking
- - -

I like this band, at times I find it pretty generic but it managed to get my attention among the sea of generic bands from this genre. Maybe is their guitar that is more interesting than normal and their atmospheric passages that somehow add more deep to the music. Currently I’m listening one of their songs, it had very nice slow paced passage :)


Moi dix Mois - Dix infernal
- -

Uggh how are this weirdos this high? :S, they remind me the parody that Maximum the Hormone did in this awesome video :D!, but even if they look horrible, they play a nice power metal with characteristic Japanese vocals, sounds good :).


Gauge Means Nothing - Various Songs
- -

Wow another Japanese band, definitely the Japan music scene is worth exploring. This time is Real Screamo. It would be generic poor sounding Real Screamo like the rest of the low quality examples out there if it weren’t for their focus in more instrumental side and the female Japanese vocals, that are just lovely.


Loons - Last.fm Free Songs
- -

Listen to the vocals! Amazing pop, beautiful vocals, I need a girlfriend :(


Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta!

Crazy, just crazy. Crazy and fun :D!


Dividing The Line - Demo
- - -

Last year Enter Shikari first album was one of my favorites, I loved the Post Hardcore and Electro mix. This album is one of my attempts to explore similar music, they sound good, far from Shikari but still enjoyable, if you know more bands from this kind of music please tell me!!


Genghis Tron - Cloak Of Love EP
- -

Again like Drumcorps this is extremely aggressive Electro/Grindcore, I enjoy it, it has some spacey passages that let you rest a bit :)


Shaolin Death Squad - Intelligent Design

Lol I have never managed to listen to this album complete, I always fell asleep :), but I recognize that the timing has been very bad, the 3 times that I tried to listen to it I was very tired and my hammock is way too comfortable :D, but from what I remember from my dreams I think it’s good , more or less like Estradasphere but more metal and with vocals.


Mt. Helium - Faces
- -

Post –The Apex Theory and they only have 85 listeners in last.fm WOW :O!, they certainly deserve much more!! Their style is similar to the first album in this list, which basically means that it’s GOOOD :)


The Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath

I loved their first album, this album is very good, not awesome, but enjoyable.


Blynd - Static
- -

Nu Metal,, mmm I don’t remember this album, next.


The World Inferno Friendship Society - Just the Best Party
- - -

This album is soo good and fun, they deserve to be higher in the list. At least in the top 10!
happy punk music with some strange influences (Cabaret, Circus and Gypsy ?? :S)


Bong-Ra - Stereohype Heroin Hooker
- -

I don’t remember very much this album, I know it’s pretty strange electro, maybe I was in a strange mood the day I listened to it.


The Marshmallow Kisses - I Wonder Why My Favorite Boy Leaves Me an EP

Again another band that makes me want to have a girlfriend so badly :( . A twee pop band from Hong Kong with a lovely, cute and very sweet vocals. Very cute music that inspires fields of flowers and sunny days in outdoors :)


Psycheya - Kazduu Secundu Prostranstva
- -

Nu metal again? mmmm it should be good I don’t remember it though , ehrmm next..


Cat5 - Cat5

Wow I’m tired already, If you have read all of this so far thank you! :). Well cat5 is an electropop band, as usual I think that I like this band specially for the vocals and electro sounds, yeah I like a lot electro mixed in the music but somehow I have never been able to get into pure electro, if you have any recommendation to introduce me to the pure electro, please tell me.


Within Temptation - The Heart of Everything
- -

Oh Within Temptation… pretty generic Gothic/Symphonic Metal in their previous albums, but this one is very solid, they are a bit more rock and less metal, more in the direction of Evanescence. The sad part of this history is that they are doing a concert in my country today, but the ticket is very expensive: 35 USD, expensive for my Colombian pockets of course ;), and the city where they are doing the concert is at 4 hours in bus from here, so even if I liked a lot this album I didn’t consider good idea to expend all that money in going to a concert to listen just a couple of good songs :(


Beirut - The Flying Club Cup

This is good, I usually don’t like indie or folk but this guy managed to create something very interesting.


3 - The End Is Begun

Progressive Rock, nice music, not very much to say. Sometimes it reminds me to Coheed and Cambria but 3 is more classically focused progressive rock.


RX Bandits - ...And the Battle Begun
- -

Another band that I have listened a lot, I don’t know why is in this low spot, I even decided to make the cut of the bands for this journal making sure that this album was included. They have a great style with this album, adding progressive influences while keeping elements of their ska punk past, sounds very good!!

Ok that’s all, thank you for reading and remember to leave recommendations :)

BTW you can also complain about my music genres ;)


  • C26000

    is 5 , from 4 to 5 is reserved for my all time favorites :)

    Mag 4 2008, 4:29
  • Adthey

    I would recomendate you Mew. It's a bit hard to describe, but it's somewhere between dream pop and progressive rock... the kind of thing you've got to hear. They've got two stunning albums (plus other minor two), Frengers (2003) and And the glass handed kites (2005) And the glass handed kites is the one who has progressive rock elements and the one I started with. The other one is great too and the songs are full of details. This is my last great discovery, I hope you like them ^^

    Mag 4 2008, 20:07
  • santo257

    jajaja me acabo de dar cuenta de que sos colombiano... llegué a este journal creo q por accidente pero estoy gratamente sorprendido! ps de los grupos que mencionas no conozco casi ninguno entonces no opino, pero seguro me llevo varios nombres para buscar y escuchar, a pesar de que eres terriblemente duro dar una buena calificación :p pd. tmb triste x lo de within... muse, satriani y otros tantos que me perderé si no los traen a mi ciudad.

    Mag 29 2008, 3:23
  • C26000

    gracias por el comentario :), jejeje si soy bastante duro, no se, es que hay musica que me llega demasiado , para esos es el 4.5 muchos de los de aca progresivamente van subiendo de calificacion a medida que se van volviendo "all time favorites" :) por cierto, no solo soy colombiano si no de medellín tambien :P

    Mag 29 2008, 3:57
  • sexyredhair

    Me gusta la lista. Me refiero a que hay muchas cosas que no conozco y siempre me gusta andar experimentando con buena música. Ya oiré algunas cosas y comento.

    Ott 9 2008, 2:43
  • lady_peace

    if you like Slagsmålsklubben mayby you'll like Ninjaspark, they play similar music.

    Nov 2 2008, 20:28
  • C26000

    Well I use a software that intuitively allows me to add Continuous rating to each album :), I don't like the traditional 1 to 5 stars and halfs stars rating scales

    Nov 13 2008, 12:44
  • shizak

    if you like videogame music you should definitely check out these: anamanaguchi !! 64 revolt bit shifter boy vs bacteria ! dubmood fsFreak !! go to 80 ninjaspark rymdkraft sabrepulse !!! since you like drumcorps and bong-ra, you also may like: Aaron Spectre !!! (drumcorps = same guy) Cardopusher ! devnull ! Istari Lasterfahrer LFO Demon Maladroit !!! Modeselektor Psilodump !! if you like estradasphere you gotta check out their first 2 albums: it's understood & buck fever for gypsy punk like gogol, i can recommend the following: Emir Kusturica Fanfare Ciocarlia !!! (fucking crazy!!) Goran Bregovic

    Gen 8 2009, 19:58
  • C26000

    thank you very much!! I'll explore some of them :D

    Gen 9 2009, 17:38
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