Screamo Vs Emocore Vs Post Hardcore


Ott 15 2007, 21:00

3 different names are used around the world for the same kind of music:
A third-wavish-emo and screamo influenced post hardcore

If you didn't understand that , I'm talking about the music of the following bands:
A Change of Pace, A Day to Remember, A Static Lullaby, A Thorn For Every Heart, Behind Crimson Eyes, Bleed The Dream, Chasing Victory, Days in Grief, Dear Whoever, Emanuel, Emery, Fire In The Attic, Flee The Seen, From First to Last, Funeral for a Friend, Greeley Estates, Hand To Hand, Lorene Drive, Lovehatehero, Our Last Night, Saosin, Silverstein, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Secret Lives Of The Freemasons, Senses Fail, The Hurt Process, The Beautiful Mistake, Waterdown, With Broken Wings, YESTERDAY'S RISING

here is what I think about each term:

: This is the most technically correct name, all those bands are really post hardcore, but it is not very useful because there are many other bands that are post hardcore and don't sound like them for example: Quicksand and Fugazi (Read about post hardcore here)
What I want to say is that even if it's correct, the post hardcore term is very broad and not very useful to tag all those bands because they have something in common that the other post hardcore bands don't : the third-wavish-emo part. They are similar enough to each other to deserve a more specific tag. It's like saying that Nirvana music is rock, yeah it's rock but...

: This term was also used for the first wave emo bands(Native Nod, Rites of Spring, Moss Icon, etc , etc.) were called.
I personally like it, I like to think about it as an abbreviation of "third-wave-emoish-post-hardcore". besides, Rites of Spring and the others already have the and the more lengthy tag :)

: This is how originally this kind of music was marketed by the record labels, the problem is that screamo is also a different sub-genre that includes bands like: I Would Set Myself on Fire for You,Envy, Saetia, The Kodan Armada,Circle Takes the Square etc ,etc. While they have some similitudes, overall both sub-genres have different musical characteristics.

So, who uses emocore, who screamo and who post hardcore for this kind of music?

I did some playing with google trends and found some interesting stuff. first of all I will assume that all the google searches about those terms are all referring to this kind of music, and not for the other uses ( emocore as emotional hardcore punk, screamo as the music of saetia or post hardcore as music of Fugazi). I think it's a more or less good approximation because it should have much more searches for that meaning than for the others.

Google Trends Graphs

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View It In Google Trends
Read here about what normalized means


The majority of countries and cities have screamo as their top term with some exceptions where emocore is the top searched term. The screamo term is more or less evenly distributed around the world so I can't easyly find any tendencies for its use, mmmm maybe there is small tendency for not being used in non english speking europe.

There isn't a single country, city or language where post hardcore is the top term. This term is mostly used in english speaking countries like USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia (view the first graph), my guess is that it's being used by people who know what the other meaning for screamo is. You can find many of that kind of people here in that would explain why many bands have this tag as their main one, specially the smaller or newer ones that are not "contaminated" by the "mainstream knowledge". you can see this trend in bands like Dear Whoever and Lovehatehero

emocore: there is something very interesting with this term, while the english speaking world appears to completely ignore it, it's the main term for many other languages: Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Italian and it comes second after screamo in spanish and Polish. overall can be said that it's mostly used in south america, being the top term in brazil and colombia, and in non-english-speaking europe, it's the most used term in countries like bulgaria, germany , switzerland and rusia. This can be also be seen in if you visit german and russian bands that play this music for example: Океан Моей Надежды and Radio Cambodia for russians and Waterdown and Fire In The Attic for the germans.

As a kind of conclusion: Screamo is the most used term, it's used for all over the world,with less use in non-english speaking europe. emocore, the second most used term, used in latin america, rusia and europe with the exception of united kindgdom. and Post Hardcore is used by a relative small group of people in english speaking countries.

Google trends didn't provided info about other important countries like midwest countries, china ,india and japan. if you know how this kind of music is mainly called there,please comment below.

Sorry for any English mistake or forced grammar structure that I may have :)


  • tim_teufel

    Thx for interesting reading. Good job! I understand how to use these tags))

    Ott 16 2007, 17:28
  • adharm

    hey, im from India.. and as far as i know, there are REALLY few people who listen to hardcore,post-hardcore,screamo and emocore here :)

    Ott 17 2007, 16:51
  • Ehsivar

    Though, I dislike the idea of post-hardcore being included as an emo sub genre. HORSE The Band, and Bear Vs. Shark are light years away from emo-dubbing. Post-hardcore is a good genre when used correctly, like the aforementioned, but if a band accepts it because they hate being called emo and would rather something more politically correct (Fall Out Boy, I'm looking at you), then that's when the genre is overused and incorrect.

    Ott 18 2007, 5:01
  • C26000

    yeah, it's the other way, emo is subgenre of post hardcore , isn't it? That post hardcore term is being spammed all over the web (wikipedia , , etc) by the screamo purists, I don't like it very much, I find it to be a very vague descriptor for a music that has very defined music characteristics. that's why as a good colombian I prefer emocore, I don't care about the emo purists screaming at me -LEARN THE REAL EMO DEFINITION!!!-, jeje :P

    Ott 18 2007, 15:53
  • sleepwalkr50187

    I just revamped my Ipod and it's genres. From all the music I download and add to it I had something like 175 different genres of music (We are talking shit like barnocore and 3rd Wave hippy ska punk...I don't need that). I hate when people have the wrong labels for song titles, artists, albums and the like. Anyhow, while taking on this immense project I limited myself to 20 genres no more no less for everything I listen to. When it comes to all things rock I have 6 genres now. Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Alternative. Nirvana is in the Rock genre. Alternative is for everything that doesn't really fit neatly into the first 5. This is where all the afforementioned bands and tags are now tucked away and I'm completely happy about it because I really don't think it matters all that much. Very nice work though. Thanks for the read.

    Ott 19 2007, 1:05
  • sleepwalkr50187

    Shit...7 I completely forgot about Punk. I'm an asshole...Whoops.

    Ott 19 2007, 1:11
  • C26000

    screamo is true screamo for you, screamo is third-wave-emo-screamo influenced post hardcore for almost the rest of the world, you should better get used to it, because people wont get educated.

    Ott 23 2007, 14:42
  • C26000

    yeah I can see the frustration of someone searching for post hardcore being greeted by the escape the fate guys... The best thing to do would be creating a new name for this genre, but it's too late already, so just let everyone use whatever they want but keep in mind this journal: if you are in russia, brazil, germany or colombia you should say emocore :)

    Ott 23 2007, 17:15
  • Green_Dragon

    I think that screamo can't be the same as post-hardcore. It is too light to be relevant to hardcore (even post). For sure, your j-entry made me think the matter over once again. I am still in doubts.

    Ott 26 2007, 19:28
  • hurricane_mario

    I dont know or care. What I know is alone the genres suck, but combined can be great.

    Ott 28 2007, 20:35
  • erniedudz

    Im from the Philippines,according to graph screamo is on top but this days people here are listening to emo....

    Nov 22 2007, 5:04
  • Jordan1124

    No offense,I dislike most bands in these genres but aren't you leaving out ? I guess people who are more against the mainstream emo/screamo stuff use that tag. I may be totally wrong here, like I said I don't listen to much of this type of music but I have a few friends that use this tag/term.

    Dic 6 2007, 2:42
  • C26000

    if you look at the bands tagged as emo violence you will realize than most of them are 'real screamo' bands, I think nobody uses this term for the emocore/post-hardcore/screamo.

    Dic 6 2007, 3:50
  • Jordan1124

    I see some screamo bands tagged as emo violence but not the (IMO) crappy fashioncore ones like Drop Dead,Gorgeous. I don't really know what real screamo bands are since I don't listen to it but I'm guessing it's what good screamo sounds like.

    Dic 6 2007, 18:26
  • C26000

    actually, for me 'real screamo' is bad, low quality, unoriginal music ;), I prefer 'fake screamo' all the time :). But yeah the music is different.

    Dic 6 2007, 19:32
  • Jordan1124


    Dic 7 2007, 2:59
  • C26000

    exacto, ese es mi punto. que nadie tiene la absoluta verdad, cada quien llama a ese tipo de música como mejor le parezca, y existen ciertas tendencias geograficas observables de su uso, por ejemplo nosotros como buenos latinoamericanos preferimos el termino emocore :)

    Gen 19 2008, 3:47
  • locopunkie

    Pienso que cada quien tiene derecho a usar el termino que mejor le parezca o mas le guste. Asimismo considero muy interesante e importante la recopilación de datos que usted ha realizado. No obstante debo decir que de un tiempo a esta parte las mismas bandas prefieren ser colocadas dentro del post-hardcore antes que emocore, esto se debe a que intentan alejarse de la etiqueta emo que el mercado coloca en cualquiera que use flequillo cuando el verdadero emo son bandas como sunny day real state o mas actuales como jimmy eat world o talking back sunday, las cuales no guardan mucha relacion con la moda emo que los medios han difundido. Es por eso que aquí en Perú se esta comenzando a utilizar el termino Post-Hardcore para todas esas bandas que usted colocó al principio como Alesana, A Day To Remember, Escape The Fate, Greeley Estates,Silverstein,Flee The Seen, Hopes Die Last, Tonight Is Glory,The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, etc; las cuales son erroneamente catalogadas como Screamo. Es más hace poco se relizó el primer post-hardcore fest y ya existe una pagina donde se pueden encontrar los discos de bandas ya consagradas como de las que intentan surgir ya sean de Estados unidos Europa o la misma Latinoamerica, en donde tambien podemos encontrar buenas bandas aqui esta la dirección. si les gusta la banda luego de escuchar el disco por favor borrenlo y compren el original enb especial si es de una banda latinoamericana y más aún si es de su país.

    Apr 7 2009, 2:48
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