Presents: Dawes Live & Acoustic In Studio


Feb 6 2012, 18:40

As fans and critics soak up Nothing Is Wrong, the sophomore album from Dawes, frontman Taylor Goldsmith is drawing comparisons to a young Bruce Springsteen. From a songwriting perspective, the comparisons are apt. Goldsmith pens tunes that conjure up a specific place and time, though that destination will be different for each listener. There is something distinctly American about the sounds and themes emanating from the band’s California headquarters, and it colors songs like “Time Spent In Los Angeles” and “Coming Back To A Man” as well as a brilliant bit of songwriting called “A Little Bit Of Everything.” Watch Dawes all week in our Presents studio playing songs from the latest abum and we will wrap up the week by chatting with the band. Today we get started with “A Little Bit Of Everything.”

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