Ten-Gabriella Cilmi Review


Mar 30 2010, 6:07

Ten by Gabriella Cilmi is a brand new album from this Australian songstress. This misunderstood but amazing album is a great new direction for this new woman "On A Mission". It shows off her new confidence in her song-writing. It also shows a certain innovation in making the music original and she is also clearly not bowing down to what's cool in this currant musical climate.
I believe in this album she takes risks and samples various retro eletro-pop and meshs it with the currant eletro pop sound. This I think on it's own she should be proud of when people ten years older then her are basically making run of the mill it's cool so I'll do it music. (Christina Aguilera, I am pre-judging you).

Now to the songs and what makes each song special.
Heart's don't lie-This song samples Bee Gee's harmonies and structure and shifts it to her old Jazz based music with a heavy sexy beat. Tell me what's not original about that. This is one of my favourites. I loved it from the first time it leaked. It's just good fun. It would definitely ease the distance between Lessons to Be Learned and this new Ten era sound Gabby.

What If You Knew- This song reminds me of ABBA. There is quite alot of ABBA-like synth on this track. It has that simple lyrics sweet concept which ABBA has. It reminds me of their more innocent break up era stuff.

Love Me Cos You Want To-
This song just has that generally good melding of the old eletro with currant eletro. Heavy dirty bass and softer singing like the era she took inspiration. This is a song about wanting to loved properly and not as a sympathy-"love" affair. I find this song quite uplifting despite it's sad manner. It's very girl power. It's very girly too with the soft vocals and the ease that is to listen to. The break down at the end flows it perfectly into the next song.

Defender-This is a song dedicated to her little brother, but it could be about a friend or a love. Again with the easy soft piano chords and singing. A somewhat torch song. It flows seamlessly from it's prevous track. Which to me is a plus when it comes to the album. This song could be considered one of the more organic tracks on the album. With a drum set and piano's being key instruments in this song. It has momants which lead back to old-style eletro-pop. It's probably the most modern track on the album. Next is

Robots...Which could be considered the natural follow up to Einstein. This song is about the topic of love and wondering if it would be possible to love each other as "Robots". Another easier more slow songs. With heavy breathing and but slightly more upbeat rhythm and melody. This song samples retro synths and modern synths in equal measures. This song is also pretty modern on the album. The singing is soft and easier to sing along to then her earlier stuff and fits into it's place on the album perfectly.

Superhot- This song reminds me of Radar by Britney Spears. This song in particulary she doesn't sound like herself. A typical pop song about finding someone "SuperHot". Until it hits the chorus which is very very retro which flows well into the next track. It's fast-paced vocally and would be hard to sing along to. One of my absolute favourites, you know cuz it sounds like what Britney does. Again with that hidden mesh of retro pop and currant-pop. It could be considering a time capsule of all of pop from early 60's to right now. The middle 8 is incredibly well set in older pop sound.

This song has ABBA style all over it. ABBA and Bee Gee's Together! This is easily the song which takes the most from earlier pop and meshes it with new instrumental techniques. The vocals are so ABBA like it's shocking. Upbeat and silly song. She styles herself to fit into the music very well. High points and low points and is a very recognisable song. This song came off about her wanting to do a "Country Hip Hop song" and she ends up with this retro inspired hit. Likin' it.

Invisible Girl-This song is wicked and has elements of If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears. This song has a good mesh between both sounds of old and new. See I told you. It has a wicked sample of 80's style pop.

Glue-This is also a very old-style pop influenced song. A fan favourite. It has a very old sound in the background and is one of the most influenced by older retro-eletro-pop. It also has the girl band of old harmonies all over the chorus. Very very old pop sound. Which with it's slow tempo flows easily over into...

Let Me Know. This song is also heavy on the old style pop influence. With choirs and a really really old style rhythm. Reminds me of Beetles or something like that. It's innocent and people who resent her change in direction would eat this track up. It even has a symphonie on it too. It's a sweet song AGAIN. The chords and the choirs and the symphonies all are very uplifting and this song works well in consideration of track 5. They are peers only in topics. Otherwise nothing alike. I would recommend people who like her old style to go to this song first to ease themselves into her new style of music.

Then it's one of my most favourite tracks on the whole incredible record:
Superman This track is very sexy and sweet. Sensual and innocent. It's again very heavy on the more organic sound with a heavy beat. Heavy breathing and she sings the lyrics very sweetly. I always come back to ths song. It's something special. Again I would recommend this as a way into the album for fans of her older sound. She sings softly again and shows incredible restraint and This song is generally amazing.

Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten version)..There's not alot you can say about it. Other then it is clearly an upgrade of Sweet About Me up to this currant sound and keeps the song true to itself. While adding elements of the new tracks. It has many elements of the old version of it...but makes it new and refreshing for new fans and solidifies the fact that she is commiting to this direction in her music. Leaving behind who she was two or three year's ago.

In conclusion. This album is a currant pop with eletro elements, but genuinely tries to make it's music original by taking it back to how retro pop sounded. It features alot of sweet singing and sexy lyrics. Is upfront about what she's singing and is a delight to all pure pop fans. Britney Spears fans, Kylie Minogue fans, Hilary Duff's Dignity fans, would adore it. As would anybody who loves some good pop to enlighten their lives. People who loved Hazardous by Vanessa Amerosi may also enjoy this take on electro pop.

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