The Dreams Of the Impossible Princess


Giu 1 2007, 10:59

This week I have been rapidly falling in love with Impossible Princess , its just rubbing me the right way, its like I relate alot to it, from Did It Again (self-analytical don't be stupid your not like that), Breathe (the most obscure part of it "The ache is in my bones
and its hard to feel alone"
Too Far is almost catchy to me right now, "Trapped in the snare of my mind". Limbo reminds me of those momants when you just want to be sadated or you feel disconnected to who you really are, Some Kind Of Bliss and Cowboy Style, the key love-songs on this record who save it from being trashed like !Brea*away by K*lly Cl*rkson! and none of these songs are really negative and just deal with life, Jump reminds me of Overprotected but WAY WAY more relaxed! I Don't Need Anyone is unexpected, its kind of about how love feels then venturing out and finding another love and searching for "The One"...and she just carrys of a way more adventurious vocally and really belts it out (Well placed mind you) in some points of the record like Dreams, Too Far and Limbo!...the only crap song on this record is Through The Years, rubs me the wrong way!...Cowboy Style was like my instant fave, I got the record of Some Kind Of Bliss but seeing the Homecoming Performance of Too Far sold the record for me!
and Dreams is like my poem, I relate to it the most, its almost my anthem, I have the 2 verses here!:
To have any man but to love only one
To wake with the moon and sleep with the sun
To be a sinner a saint, a lover and friend
To know a beginning but never an end

To fly in the ocean, swim in the skys
Believer in truth, defendant of lies
To be of purest love, the deepest pain
To be lost and found again and again and again
To know the power of wealth and poverty
To taste every moment and try everything
To be hailed as a hero, branded a fool
Believe in the sacred and break every rule

To give into pleasure with no boundaries
Living in chaos and harmony
To feel the touch of a man, a woman's caress
To know the limits of torture and tenderness

These Are The Dreams Of A Impossible Princess!
Impossible Princess
Too Far
Cowboy style
Some Kind of Bliss
Did It Again
Say Hey
I Don't Need Anyone

Kylie Minogue


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