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Lug 1 2008, 0:28

Fri 27 Jun – Radiohead, Bat For Lashes

Well, this is a rare occurrence, I'm writing a review of a gig well within a week of it actually happening!

I had been looking forward to this one for a long time, having bought my tickets on the day of release. I saw Radiohead previously, 2 years ago at Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh and it was absolutely amazing. Friday's gig, was just as awesome, though overall, I must say I preferred the Meadowbank gig, for reasons out with the band's control, though the setlist balanced it out.

Support for the gig came from Bat for Lashes, who I was aware of beforehand, though hadn't spent a great deal of time listening to, with the exception of the fantastic Horse and I which was played on the night. Sadly, I didn't really appreciate much of the rest of her set.

I'm sure she's probably sick of the comparison to Bjork, but she does have a very similar style and sound. Clearly she's a very talented artist, but the music was lost a bit on me in a live setting, though I will definitely be listening to more of her work in the comfort of my own home, out of the rain.

Speaking of the rain, it pretty much bucketed it down the whole evening, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my enjoyment, however it soon became clear that indirectly it would due to the numbers of totally inconsiderate people with umbrellas obstructing the view of the stage.

One further annoyance came from the vast number of drunk neds (chavs to some of you). I know the gig took place in Glasgow and there's always one or two, but my word, they were out in force on Friday. Fortunately I was stood slightly to the side, on the pavement and weren't bothered too much by them, or the mud.

Despite the above, this was still an absolutely fantastic gig. Radiohead as always, did not disappoint.

It would be very difficult to say if I enjoyed this gig as much as the Foo Fighters at Wembley, they both offer a totally different experience. The Foo Fighters are just born entertainers in a good old rock 'n' roll way, whereas Radiohead are just musical geniuses. There just isn't a band today that can compare to what they have achieved, their creativity and musical flair. 7 studio albums, all of which perfect in their own way. Furthermore, how many people do you know that can pull of wearing red jeans?

I'm struggling to think of superlatives for how the setlist panned out, it was everything I could have hoped for and more! All the way through I was smiling, happy and singing my heart out. As always I got goosebumps on Fake Plastic Trees and Karma Police, but the highlight had to be singing rain down on me, in the pouring rain, through Paranoid Android. The rain even decided to rain extra heavy throughout that track and I didn't care one bit, it was sheer perfection.

The (stolen) setlist for the gig was as follows:

1. 15 Step
2. Airbag
3. There There
4. All I Need
5. Nude
6. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
7. The Gloaming
8. National Anthem
9. Hunting Bears
10. Faust Arp
11. No Surprises
12. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
13. Reckoner
14. Just
15. Bangers and Mash
16. Everything In Its Right Place
17. Fake Plastic Trees
18. Bodysnatchers

19. Videotape
20. Paranoid Android
21. Myxomatosis
22. Optimistic
23. Karma Police

24. Like Spinning Plates
25. 2+2=5
26. Idioteque

If you weren't there, are you jealous of that setlist? You should be!


  • thesilentq

    i was there... and i remember the rain stopping when paranoid android played! weird :)

    Lug 1 2008, 9:01
  • Rachael____x

    agreed about the drunk neds :p i got sang to by one of them for almost the entire bat for lashes set (not complaining, i wasn't too fond of her)

    Lug 1 2008, 9:39
  • Bravetart

    Hmm, my memory isn't what it used to be, perhaps the rain got better as the song went on, but I definitely remember it being very heavy at some point during the song! Fortunately I didn't have any ned singing to me, not that I would've heard them on top of my singing! :D

    Lug 1 2008, 12:04
  • void__

    yeh i was really surprised about the amount of neds n stuff. life on the tonic wine but be more dreary than it seems! some of the neds decided it would be good fun to push each other into the crowd to the extent that u were getting crushed, that was gay. i like a good jump around (and i was.. alot) but when its getting to the stage that im annoying everyone else around me i know when to tone it down.... they werent to put me off though, the set list was fantastic and they sounded great... ive only recently started going to gigs again n stuff and ive got to say that was one of the, if not the best gig ive been to. i loved it!

    Lug 1 2008, 12:09
  • The-Kicks

    Does anyone remember the v.drunk/v.high ned that sang Nirvana lyrics into everyones face and then pissed off right before Radiohead took the stage??? Chris

    Lug 1 2008, 14:06
  • mICK13x134

    amazing set, but to be honest, i didnt see any neds there, mibe they stuck to the back and i luckily missed them? anyone remember the guy shouting " tom i wanna have your babies" ?

    Lug 1 2008, 14:37
  • JTweedie

    This was the first time I'd heard Bats for Lashes, although I had heard of them/her before. However, I can't agree that she sounds like Bjork, I'd say she's more like Feist, what with the breathy voice and all. I only really liked a couple of her songs, the more upbeat ones, although I did get annoyed by the amount of people I heard mocking her voice. You get this at gigs all the time where people don't respect the support acts, but it's really annoying and I wish people would open their minds a bit and be more respectful. How can someone appreciate the music of Radiohead and yet not give someone else a chance? I ended up somewhere in the middle of the crowd, but I got really pissed off with how many people kept walking back and forward, fecking just watch the gig you idiots! I think these big open air gigs also bring out people who aren't really fans of the band, they're more out for a night out and to be able to say they were there. The highlights for me were Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (this is when I feel the gig really took off) and Like Spinning Plates which was amazing live. One thing that struck me hearing them live is how varied their music is. I know this is obvious when listening to their albums, but it's even more apparent live.

    Lug 1 2008, 17:39
  • Bravetart

    I was right, it was raining heavily during Paranoid Android, found a video on the Skinny: It's a good video, captures the mood quite well! Regarding Bat for Lashes, I meant more in terms of musical style. She sounds quite like Bjork in Horse and I too, not exactly though, obviously. I agree with you about support bands. If you don't want to see the band, just turn up later. Personally, I always try and listen to a support band beforehand and give them a chance.

    Lug 3 2008, 8:01
  • CoolBean12

    I had to get a train at 7 in the morning to get to glasgow for 12 then had to stand for 4 hours to get in then a quick run to the front and another 3 hours listening to a house beat b4 bat4lashes came on!! It was so worth it i was right at the front the whole time slighty more to the jonny side of the stage. I couldnt beleive it when they played airbag and when there there kicked in it was like some sort of heaven, and then they played the national anthem and then......i should probably writing now, WHAT A FUCKING GIG THAT WAS!!!

    Ott 12 2008, 10:58
  • CoolBean12

    didnt the lights come on when they did weird fishes? i still cant get over how good there there and the national anthem sounded

    Ott 12 2008, 11:01
  • CoolBean12

    I not sure if it was me shouting "THOM I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES" i was very drunk at the front and i remember shouting "SIGN MY BABIES FACE!!!" not that i hav a baby

    Ott 12 2008, 11:02
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