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  • carmosbounr

    Spy Software for Mobiles. Read text messages listen in view call logs etc undetectable

    25 Lug 2011 Rispondi
  • McEllie89

    Hahaha.. I considered joining your facebook group for a minute, then realised it might look weird, me joining a group about wanting to nail Elliot :P I added you as a friend though. Holy shit, you've met Matt Lucas! That's awesome. Never seen any of the other shows you mentioned, except for like.. half an episode of Black Books. September 22nd - woohoo! Not too long now. Aaaalright, favourite Scrubs episode is probably "My Conventional Wisdom".. totally cracks me up, even after watching it over and over. Loved the fairytale episode as well though. Favourite character is JD.. closely followed by Elliot and Jordan. Fave Dr Cox rant.. hmm, really couldn't choose! Janitor prank, uhm, probably when he's Dr Jan-itor.. so hilarious. Ok, your turn!

    4 Ago 2008 Rispondi
  • McEllie89

    Just randomly re-read your comment and realised you asked what my favourite himym ep and character is, and I completely ignored it.. haha, sorry. Favourite episode has to be either the Let's Go To The Mall episode, or the Swarley one :) And favourite character is probably Robin (and Barney as a close second). Ted used to be up there too, but he lost a lot of his awesomeness in season 3, somehow. How about you?

    3 Ago 2008 Rispondi
  • McEllie89

    Yay for HIMYM! Do you watch Scrubs as well? That's probably my favourite show, ever. HIMYM is a very close second, along with Arrested Development. But hey, some British stuff is alright. I like The Office and Little Britain and Catherine Tate. Haha, Britney was pretty funny on HIMYM, Sarah Chalke was much awesomer though. There are a bunch of Dr Horrible pictures here -->

    2 Ago 2008 Rispondi
  • McEllie89

    Mhm, I'm a huge Neil Patrick fan. The guy is all sorts of awesome. Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Oh that's a really tough question.. I love Laundry Day for it's cuteness. Brand New Day is awesome too, though. And, So They Say makes me laugh. So it's a three-way tie! What's your favourite?

    1 Ago 2008 Rispondi
  • McEllie89

    Hai! Thanks for adding me.. Haha, nice choice of listening right now ;)

    1 Ago 2008 Rispondi

    Welcome aboard, BrandJew! Happy listening.

    29 Apr 2008 Rispondi


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