• Top Ten Artists

    Gen 15 2010, 1:48

    10. Florence + the Machine
    First song heard: Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)
    Fell in love with: Blinding
    Currently Loving: Dog Days Are Over
    Last Played: Hardest of Hearts

    9. Belle & Sebastian
    First song heard: Step Into My Office, Baby
    Fell in love with: Women's Realm
    Currently Loving: Your Cover's Blown
    Last Played: (My Girl's Got) Miraculous Technique

    8. Grizzly Bear
    First song heard: Knife
    Fell in love with: Little Brother
    Currently Loving: Too Little Too Late (JoJo Cover)
    Last Played: Little Brother-Daytrotter Session

    7. Beach House
    First song heard: Tokyo Witch
    Fell in love with: Master of None
    Currently Loving: Silver Soul
    Last Played: 10 Mile Stereo

    6. Animal Collective
    First song heard: Grass
    Fell in love with: Purple Bottle
    Currently Loving: What would I want? Sky
    Last Played: Unsolved Mysteries

    5. Radiohead
    First song heard: Packt like sardines in a crushd tin box
    Fell in love with: I Will (No Man's Land)
    Currently Loving: These Are My Twisted Words
    Last Played: Paperbag Writer

    4. Fiona Apple
    First song heard: Criminal
    Fell in love with: Sleep to Dream
    Currently Loving: A Mistake
    Last Played: Sullen Girl

    3. David Bowie
    First song heard: Opening Title (Including Underground)
    Fell in love with: Aladdin Sane
    Currently Loving: Soul Love
    Last Played: John, I'm Only Dancing (Live)

    2. John Gold
    First song heard: It's Going
    Fell in love with: Mandarine
    Currently Loving: Thursday
    Last Played: We Get High

    1. Andrew Bird
    First song heard: A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
    Fell in love with: Skin is, My
    Currently Loving: Minor Stab
    Last Played: The Confession