Warped Tour Review!


Lug 18 2009, 23:45

Tue 14 Jul – Vans Warped Tour 2009

Been a few years since I went to a Warped Tour. As a matter of fact, last time I went was two or three years ago when it was at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. Then, they gave you wrist bands and let you leave and come back. I'm guessing they lost a lot of revenue, because I know a lot of people who went to McDonalds and stuff at the mall, and after the prices for food, I know why.

ANYWAY, here's who I saw:
Saosin were pretty good. Actually, was only there so I could ensure I wouldn't miss any of Scary Kids Scaring Kids, but they put on a good performance.
Scary Kids Scaring Kids put on a very kickass set, was very impressed and will definitely see them again if they come around. Highly recommended.
Longway is a band I saw on accident. Went to wait on Madina Lake, and they rocked it. Seriously, either them or Madina Lake had the performance of the show of the bands that I saw. Funny story, after their set, my sister, friend, and I went over to their tent to talk to them. The Millionaires were performing, and my GOD are the awful! How did they get on Warped Tour. Lead singer Brian and us had a nice conversation about how we don't know how some of these bands got on a tour that originated as a PUNK concert. Very cool guys.
Madina Lake put on a helluva show, too. Lead singer gave every single person who crowd surfed a high five whenever they got to the front of the stage. Them and Longway were awesome, and it goes to show that the bands at the 13 Battle stage were really out to impress.
Not sure who the band was before Senses Fail, but I saw them, too. How do these bands get on this tour?!?
Senses Fail was not as good as they were the first time I saw them. Personally, I blame the fact that they were in the Pavilion. The sound in there just did not suit their type of music. Sure, bands who aren't heavier bands could perform in there without their music bouncing off all the walls, but it just didn't sound good for them. Definitely better when they perform OUTSIDE.
Black Tide was alright, but they ran into the same problem that Senses Fail did, so we left after a song or two. We ended up also leaving, my sister was going to check out Bayside while me and my friend watched In This Moment, but neither of us wanted to fight the ridiculous crowds to get to where we wanted to go, so we headed out.

Overall, good show, I highly recommend Madina Lake and Longway if you are looking to check any of the bands that were there out.


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