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Ott 28 2010, 19:27

Copied from someone else, as that guy no doubt did as well.

Post your top 10 bands, the first song of theirs you heard, the song that made you fall in love with them and your current favourite.

1. Electric Six
First: Danger! High Voltage
Love: Synthesizer
Current: Jam It in the Hole

2. Threshold
First: Falling Away
Love: Falling Away
Current: Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams

3. Gamma Ray
First: Beyond the Black Hole
Love: Beyond the Black Hole
Current: Real World

4. Ayreon
First: Welcome to the New Dimension
Love: Isis and Osiris
Current: Amazing Flight

5. Helloween
First: Mr. Torture
Love: Power
Current: Sole Survivor

6. Edguy
First: Tears of a Mandrake
Love: Tears of a Mandrake
Current: Sacrifice

7. Judas Priest
First: Judas Rising
Love: Worth Fighting For
Current: Thunder Road

8. Oasis
First: Wonderwall
Love: Champagne Supernova
Current: I Hope, I Think, I Know

9. Queensrÿche
First: Revolution Calling
Love: Revolution Calling
Current: Spreading the Disease

10. 菅野よう子 (Yoko Kanno)
First: Tank!
Love: Blue
Current: After, in the dark ~ Torch Song


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