Meese = complete awesomeness


Apr 30 2007, 1:04

Sat 28 Apr – Meese, Born In The Flood

Meese is pretty much the best little-known Denver Local band...period. These guys know how to put on an awesome show for any venue, or crowd, I've seen them now at Red Rocks, The Boulder theater and the Black Sheep, vastly different venues, all mind-blowing performances by Meese.
In addition to being some the the best musicians in the state, Patrick, Nate, Mike and Ben are some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet (if you have that privilege).

Born in the Flood also put on an awesome show. They put so much passion and feeling into their music, it's definitely worth going to see if you get the chance.

Holiday Run was pretty good as well, it was just kind of hard to tell because the volume was so eardrum-burstingly loud, not to mention the distracting first row caressing the lead singer.
Born In The Flood


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