A Midsummernight Dream/ Crosby, Stills& Nash live at the Hohentwiel Festival


Lug 16 2010, 8:19

Do., 15. Jul. – Hohentwiel Festival/ Crosby, Stills & Nash

First of all, the location is very special and legendary. Inside the biggest castle ruin in Germany, high above on a volcano mountain with a great roundview. And you have walk the half way up after you left the shuttle bus! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hohentwiel
It was a hot summer evening, when CS&N entered the stage,opening with their anthem Woodstock. Military Madness followed and Long time gone, the Anti War Song In your Name, among others.
Graham Nash had a very active part in the first set. They played some old Buffalo Springfield Songs like Bluebird. The guys said then that every year the discuss, which Neil Young song they would be- this year it was Long may you run, with Nash at the Harmonica.
They have still this stirring harmonies, which were great on Marrakesh Express. Southern Cross, Wooden Ships were more songs from the first set.
The second set started after a twenty minutes intermission with Helplessly Hoping and a surprising set of Cover songs, which some of them will be on their next album. Midnight Rider from the ABB, Bob Dylan´s Girl from the North Country, Ruby Tuesday from the Stones and Norwegian Wood from the Beatles.
Guinevere was lovely, Crosby sang Delta, a song which he wrote with his friend Jackson Browne, helping him through difficult times. Cathedral was very epic. Our House and Almost cut my hair ( both two of my favourites) where the final two songs of the second set. David Crosby gave everything with his performance of Almost cut my hair ( he actually never did)
The encore: Chicago/ We can change the world, Love the One you´re with and Teach your Chlidren. After almost three hours the show was over, these guys are still very political and have a message to tell, was it Paul Simon, who said " Still crazy after all that years?"


  • sgoldcoast

    Great review Markus, sounds like a fantastic concert and the location is stunning! You certainly get some great concerts and shows over in Europe - unfortunately it gets pretty expensive to ship them out to Australia particularly when the venues are so far apart. Cheers Simon

    Lug 17 2010, 6:06
  • roaddog23

    nice write up bluesman24 love there music

    Lug 19 2010, 22:19
  • ShelleesPassion

    It feels as if I should have been there with you. What wonderful memories you will cherish always being there. I remember traveling across the country in the 70s singing "We can change the world - Chicago". We really thought we could back then. I look forward to reading some of your other posts.

    Lug 30 2010, 3:56
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