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  • H3LLspawn

    sounds like you might have it handy, so sure why not ;)

    15 Dic 16:12 Rispondi
  • H3LLspawn

    As you should be ;)

    20 Nov 7:07 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Yeah Desolate Shrine is fantastic! (The Finnish one I mean). Do you know any other really good blackened death I could check?

    10 Ott 22:07 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    (Soul Coughing is much more than just jazz though. They're one of those weird eclectic combo bands that you really can't find similar bands to.)

    14 Lug 23:03 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Slow lounge jazz: try Morphine's album Cure For Pain, Bourbon Princess' album Black Feather Wings, Soul Coughing's album Irrisistable Bliss (one of my top favorite bands of all time), and Spaceheads' album Low Pressure. :P

    14 Lug 23:02 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Elysian Fields - sorry I took so long but I love this! So seductive 0:). Also props on the BADBADNOTGOOD scrobbles :).

    3 Lug 15:30 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    I really love Dark Castle. So far you're pretty stellar at recommendations. WHY DID I SLEEP ON BJORK SO LONG

    24 Mar 22:10 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Check out the artist description for one band Julie Christmas did vocals for ->Made Out Of Babies // *puffs up chest* You gotta problem with Woodkid? That was meant as a compliment to the guest vocalist, BUCKO! ;) hahahaha I kid I kid, but seriously, I do like Woodkid, you don't?

    24 Mar 19:15 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    I love that Bjork has vocal melodies unique to her. I can tell they are melodies that do not tire easily, if at all.

    24 Mar 18:48 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    :) This one then this one. // In this track, I thought the male guest vocalist was Woodkid, lol. Beautiful!!

    23 Mar 23:14 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    I'm starting with Bjork first. I've dabbled in her before but not enough. I already am pretty intensely absorbed in this Bjork/Death Grips remix! Wow.

    23 Mar 22:45 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    LOL In my frustrated searches, I was trying on The Agonist for size. I liked a few tracks from one of their popular albums, but then I listened to their most recent single release. *facepalm* lol.... *sigh* // As far as what I'm looking for? I don't know haha. You've given me a good size list so far. I've tried dabbling in both Cocteau Twins and Grouper and it didn't take the first time, but I can try again. I already love PJ Harvey and am still making my way through her discog. I LOVE Is This Desire? by her. But if you can match someone like Candice Clot who offers such eclectic variety, fucking amazing gruff/growls and seductive whispers/moans and good/sweet cleans! I haven't found anyone like that yet, with Julie Christmas coming close.

    23 Mar 22:18 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Yeah I know off the top of my head Fiona Apple would make my top 3. I've loved her since her first releases. I was mesmerized by her immediately, even as an 8 year old. I still remember first seeing her music videos "criminal" and "sleep to dream" and got her ->cassette tape<- for xmas Tidal. Kaki King would also be in my top 3, of course. Who would take the other spot, I'm not sure… haha. Maybe Trish from Broadcast? Maybe Julie Christmas? Maybe Candice Clot from Eths? (I linked you a live video there of Eths). Maybe Nina Simone? There are a lot, now that I really think about it. So I guess when I originally wrote that message "challenge" was a reflection of my frustration at the time lol.

    23 Mar 22:10 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Also I am new to Kathrine Kats of Salome and was pleasantly surprised to find she also does vocals for Agoraphobic Nosebleed! I'm so happy right now, because I was sad about Salome breaking up.

    23 Mar 14:58 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    I guess I find it a challenge to find stuff I can actually get into. More often than not when I am scouring various corners of the internet to try to find the best female-fronted bands they list material not for me - 80-90% of the stuff I find over-gimmicky, trite, and just plain awful music. It's almost as though they replaced quality with sex appeal. Can't we have both ;]? Have you tried the band Undersmile or SubRosa? I have to be in a specific mood for the former, but they're both great. I'm not sure yet what my absolute favorites are though.

    23 Mar 14:57 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    I am indeed a new fan of Helms Alee. I have not fully marinated in their sound but I like it so far.

    19 Mar 18:12 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Here's a real challenge for you: give me 3 of [in your opinion] best female-fronted bands? :p

    18 Mar 16:46 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    I'm not familiar with a lot of your music though, I'll admit.

    11 Mar 17:37 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Thanks! I like some of your eye candy too

    11 Mar 17:33 Rispondi
  • PhilMcLaren

    Cool charts man.

    14 Gen 19:43 Rispondi
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