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Nov 22 2006, 23:41

I've always liked cover songs. Probably because it's a good song being done by a band I like even more. Or perhaps because it's been a great way for me to discover new bands. When I first heard Metallica's Garage Inc., I'd only really been into alternative music for 2-3 years. Before that I'd tended to just listen to whatever was on the radio, so I hardly knew anything about all these great bands that Metallica was covering. Thanks to Garage Inc, I found new favourite bands Anti-Nowhere League, Black Sabbath, Budgie, and Diamond Head, and more great bands and songs. Thanks to Metallica's cover of Anti-Nowhere League's So What, I even became a big fan of old school punk.

Anyway, here's some great songs worth mentioning:

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock 'n' Roll
This is actually my favourite song, and it was quite a long time before I found out it was a cover. The original song is by The Arrows, and it sounds a bit plain and lo-fi compared to the upbeat hard rock attitude in Joan Jett's cover.

Metallica - Commando
One of Metallica's songs which didn't make it onto the Ramones tribute album, released as a b-side instead. This cover really kicks some ass, I even like it more than any of the tracks on Garage Inc! It helps that I like Metallica a lot more than the Ramones.

Vice Squad - Lithium
From a 2001 Nirvana tribute album done by old school punk bands, this track stands out because of how Vice Squad's female vocalist really suits the song.

Grim Saviour - BananaPhone
A death metal cover of Raffi's Bananaphone! Sweet.

Sepultura - The Hunt
Originally by New Model Army. Sepultura really chose a great band to cover here, and it sounds good. Although New Model Army is a post-punk/folk rock band, some of their songs lend well to metal.

Shihad - Wizard
An excellent cover of Black Sabbath - The Wizard. If only Shihad still made music like this!

Girlschool - Burning in the Heat
Originally by Slade.

The Flaming Lips - Seven Nation Army
Originally by The White Stripes

The Offspring - Totalimmortal
Originally by AFI

Black Sabbath - The Warning
Originally by The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation
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Budgie, Diamond Head


  • drunkenpunk

    haha never heard any of those songs, these cover songs are also great The Trooper, Hallowed Be Thy Name,Battery, My Friend of Misery

    Apr 26 2007, 11:54
  • Beav

    You also might like Die With Your Boots On originally by Iron Maiden and Roses On White Lace originally by Alice Cooper

    Ago 18 2007, 0:20
  • conorsdaman


    Apr 20 2008, 13:58
  • helpkiller

    corrosion of conformity - lord of this world; pantera - electric funeral; sepultura - symptom of the universe; soulfly - under the sun; machine head - hole in the sky; godsmack - sweet leaf; therapy - iron man; ozzy & primus - n.i.b.; megadeth - paranoid; white zombie - children of the grave; cathedral - solitude; all great sabbath covers... what i particulary like about covers of old songs is that the production is sooo much better, so even though they played it the same, it's really a lot more enjoyable than the originals...

    Giu 2 2008, 11:59
  • Felip

    Sepultura - Symptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath) It's a bonus track of the album "Roots" Nuclear Assault - Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin) Album: Survive Fear Factory - School (Nirvana) Album: Archetype I think you will like it!

    Giu 24 2008, 18:35
  • DjUtku

    a great cover is made by new model army: Gimme shelter ft tom jones ....Hope they will re release it

    Gen 19 2009, 15:18
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