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Ott 27 2007, 23:19

If you see this because of the artist connections and like what you see, tune in to on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3-5 PM CST (Chicago) to listen to me do the best damn punk rock internet radio show ever!

October 25, 2007

Sick of It All - pushed too far
Zeke - on the run
youth brigade - you don't understand
Suicidal Tendencies - possessed
7 Seconds - spread
Anthrax - got the time
Circle Jerks - group sex
G.B.H. - city baby attacked by rats
Functional Blackouts - tick tick tick tick
Jellyroll Rockheads - kenji mind is green mind
MC5 - high school
Operation Ivy - healthy body sick mind
The Dils - class war
The Skulls - incomplete suicide
The Replacements - beer for breakfast
Minutemen - little man with a gun in his hand
Limp Wrist - punk ass queers
Husker Du - celebrated summer
From Ashes Rise - nightmares
Really Red - lockjaw
Rikk Agnew - yur 2 late
Megadeth - peace sells
MDC - radioactive chocolate
The Hives - abra cadaver
Ramones - beat on the brat
Subhumans - mosquitos
Screeching Weasel - i'm gonna strangle you
The Copyrights - kids of the black hole
tsol - darker my love (suburbia)
Terrible Twos - no new thinking
Social Circkle - static eyes
Rocket from the Crypt - born in 69
Social Distortion - i wasn't born to follow
Blatz - berkley is my baby and i want to kill it
Strung Up - i'd rather be smashing christianity
Void - explode
Throw Rag - demons in a row
Bigwig - owned and operated
The Ergs! - most violent rap group/pray for rain
Government Warning - arrested
Chinese Telephones - this time next year
The Briefs - normal jerks
Dropdead - at the cost of an animal
Velvet Underground - white light/white heat
Teenage Bottlerocket - so cool
Pinhead Gunpowder - achin' to be
Killing Joke - primitive
Direct Control - ronnie's dead
The Damned - generals
The Clorox Girls - the one
D.O.A. - world war iii
The Arrivals - sorry for saying i'm sorry
Street Dogs - not without a purpose
Government Issue - rock n roll bullshit (demo)
Flipper - ever
Descendents - 'merican
D.R.I. - five year plan
Said Radio - cue the crickets
Sugar - a good idea
Buzzcocks - friends
UK Subs - c.i.d.
The Suicide Machines - your silence
Hot Snakes - this mystic decade
Iggy & The Stooges - raw power
Koro - 700 club
American Cheeseburger - cheeseburger
D.S.-13 - i don't wanna be a skinhead
Big Black - The Ugly American
Siege - Walls
Blight - armageddon
Rancid - gave it away
The Queers - definitely
Groovie Ghoulies - outbreak
Double Negative - redshift
Conflict - c.r.a.s.s.
Chronic Seizure - hypochondriac
The Catburglars - i hate my job
The Adolescents - rip it up
Vitamin X - i can't get enough
Flux of Pink Indians - charity hillarity
The Clash - cheat
The Screamers - 122 hours of fear
Negative Approach - can't tell no one
Mr T Experience - dumb little band
Lords - stigmata rites
Generation X - 100 punks rule
Black Flag - jealous again
American Nightmare - we are
Black Sabbath - children of the grave
Wolfbrigade - hide and seek
The Phenoms - up and die
The Meatmen - 1 down 3 to go
The Manges - revenge of the nerds
The Lillingtons - do it u.s.s.r.


  • cbro1071

    nice show. I will try to listen some time.

    Nov 3 2007, 21:18
  • cbro1071

    you asked about a request...maybe McLusky and anything by Bob Mould.

    Nov 6 2007, 17:29
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