• Jamey at the House of Blues

    Lug 27 2010, 13:49

    Sun 25 Jul – Jamey Johnson

    This was my first trip to the House of Blues and I LOVED IT! We got there early and ate in the restaurant. The food was great and the ambiance was amazing. The vibe in the whole place is just such coolness. Then we met up with some friends and hung out in line until they opened the doors. The great vibes continued! We were early arrivals so we were able to get right down at the stage. We had fun just hanging out there until the show started.

    The opening act, Craig Boyd, was pretty good. He was a teensy bit over obsessed with audience participation! Geez man, I don't want to hold my arms up constantly for songs that I don't know! Anyway, I'll be looking him up to hear more of his tunes. I really was impressed.

    Then it came time for Jamey to come out. They opened the curtains and the band was on stage for a solid five minutes before he took the stage. That was weird. Don't open the curtain until you're ready for crying out loud. It was really weird just looking at the band stand there waiting for him. Then he came out. This was the fourth time I've seen his concert. The first three were rather samey, but they were a far cry better than this one. He performed a lot of songs from the upcoming album which I don't know yet and seem rather depressing. The show wound up being shorter then the previous shows. He seemed to be having a lot less fun which translates to the crowd having less fun.

    Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being awesomeness, I give the House of Blues a 10 and Jamey's show a 6.
  • Jamey Johnson @ the NC State Fair

    Ott 26 2009, 14:30

    Mon 19 Oct – Jamey Johnson @ the NC State Fair

    I had a really good time at the State Fair and especially enjoyed seeing Jamey again. Since this was a "family" location we took the kids with us. We were seated 4th row at center stage, so we all had a great view. There's always such a fun vibe in the Dorton Arena. Maybe it's that fly-away shape of it. Anyway, Jamey's performance was awesome as usual. The crowd was really in to it. My boys especially love "In Color". In fact, they know most of the words! So they really enjoyed singing along with him on that song and especially the last verse where Jamey lets the crowd sing it to him. I imagine that's pretty awesome for a song-writer. You write down these words, and people learn your words by heart and can even sing them back to you. After he went though a lot of his songs he sang a set of whatever he felt like and these songs were familiar and fun. Overall a very good and fun show.
  • Fri 19 Jun – Rebel Son Band

    Giu 22 2009, 14:30

    Fri 19 Jun – Rebel Son Band

    What a kickass show! Woohoo! The music was awesome, as usual. The Full House Bar is a very small venue so even though Lee said they'd brought the small stuff, it was loud! That's just the way I love my Rebel Son so it was perfect. The crowd was fairly small especially compared to the other times I'd seen the band, but it was a happy fun-loving (albeit fairly drunk) crowd. I enjoyed all of the music. My favorites will always be the "Choke On Smoke" tunes, but there are many other greats as well. They played some of the songs from "Bitch" which is their latest cd. I liked these songs even though I didn't already know them by heart. But I soon will since there was a drawing late in the evening and I won my very own copy of "Bitch"! I keep cracking myself up thinking about winning my own "Bitch". Hehe! There I go again. Anyway, the show was great and I look forward to seeing Rebel Son again sometime soon.
  • Friday's Concert

    Set 22 2008, 15:16

    Wow. It was over the top more than I expected awesomeness! Who knew a violin could rock? Geoffrey Castle totally rocked it! It was spectacular. And I had long since forgotten all about the Hooters! Eric blew me away! He was way cool. He performed a couple of their hits along with a "new" song, called "I'm Alive". I love love love it!!! It was new to me anyway. I hate that there aren't any radio stations around here that play awesome new music. SIGH. Oh! I'm off to see if I can find a copy of the album that contains "I'm Alive"! Wish me luck. :)
  • Thursday, Sept 18th

    Set 18 2008, 14:29

    Well, I decided to journal about music. Duh. LOL. This morning I'm feeling very 7M3. I listened to them in the car on the way in, and I've listened to a few since I've been at work. I still haven't gotten their latest cd, but I love their music. It's so passionate and powerful.

    Today I am also very psyched about the music festival tomorrow and Saturday! It's finally happening!! :D Tomorrow night I get to see Dave Mason (of Traffic), Rick Derringer (of Johnny WInter Band), Eric Bazilian (of The Hooters), Alan White (of Yes), Geoffrey Castle, Bernt Bodal, Tom Bowes (of Tower of Power); Tommy Williams (lead vocalist for the Concert for Bangladesh Revisited); and Randy Hansen (tribute to Jimi Hendrix). Also surprise special guests (whoever that might be!) I think it's gonna be awesome! Woo-hoo!!
  • Hmmm...?

    Set 17 2008, 14:16

    I wonder what one would write in a last.fm journal?