Bird Watching in Nick Cave Songs (or maybe just Flying and Wings too) Part 2


Lug 7 2008, 15:37

Two Canaries are bought so at night Dirty Three and Nick Cave can sit and listen to the Singing Birds song because they’d run right out of words in Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Revertentum.

Nick Cave is awoken by the Morning Birds in People Ain’t No Good and the Pink-Eyed Pigeons coo too. “Just like a Bird that sings up the sun” is the opening line in There Is a Kingdom. He rowed around a Duck pond in Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?. The west county is where the Birds sing bass which is off course from West Country Girl. “My love sent on the wings of a Dove” but “Love ,dear, is strictly for the Birds, We each get what we deserve, my little Snow White Dove” at the end of Idiot Prayer.

One of the best lines in a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song is inRye Whiskey where he wished he is a Duck and sea was whiskey. “All of those Birds would have sung to your beautiful heart” is sung a couple times in And No More Shall We Part.

A Penguin is face down swimming in the water in Nocturama. Nick’s with a party of Penguins in Supernaturally.

A Red-Breasted Robin beats his wings in Breathless. The Butcher Bird makes its noise in Babe, You Turn Me On and Nightingale sings to you, and in the next verse she torments the Birds and Bees.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’s soundtrack to The Proposition has a Sparrow that says ‘Goodnight’ in its bed and the Bird in the branch of a tree that says ‘Good day’ in The Rider #3. On Grinderman’s album Honey Bees make two appearances in of course Honey Bee (Let’s Fly To Mars) but also in No Pussy Blues not a real bird but bees have wings too. The only thing on the new Bad Seeds record is “Your as brittle as the wishbone of a Bird” in Lie Down Here (and Be My Girl). But the classic bird song I’ve left for last is for the Travelling Birds Soundtrack To Be By Your Side, with real live Geese singing along with Nick Cave.

So that is it, if you think of something I’ve missed please let me know. Nick Cave went from counting Chickens on The Birthday Party song in his backyard to looking out for a murder of Crows to become a real Bird Watcher in the later years, writing about all kinds of birds. In the last couple of years maybe not so but we can hope he starts watching Birds again soon.


  • girlnextdoor_d0

    I got a blue bird, a blue bird on my shoulder I got a blue bird, a blue bird on my shoulder I saw her standing, standing by the water She was naked, her hair in great disorder And I know that I fly and the rest is lie I sent a warning, a warning of disaster I sent a warning, I warned of great disaster I sent that blue bird, a blue bird down the water I sent that blue bird, floating down the water And I know that I fly and the rest is lie Hold me, hold me, hold me close

    Lug 14 2008, 12:09
  • girlnextdoor_d0

    A little bird lit down on Henry Lee Lie there, lie there, little Henry Lee Till the flesh drops from your bones For the girl you have in that merry green land Can wait forever for you to come home

    Lug 14 2008, 12:13
  • EncouragingSlug

    What about Cocks and Asses? Not sure where that fits in the time-line.

    Lug 25 2008, 17:03
  • EncouragingSlug

    Also, if covers count, there were "big birds flying, across the sky" in Helpless.

    Lug 25 2008, 17:06
  • dunstan73

    Gold... people become birds too - Crow Jane... Christina the Astonishing (almost) perches on a beam... Cool Journal!

    Ott 16 2009, 1:15
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