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sukekiyoelisabeth addict ieri sera
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sukekiyo斑人間 Ieri 18:36
sukekiyo Ieri 18:31
sukekiyohemimetabolism Ieri 18:27
sukekiyovandal Ieri 18:22
sukekiyomama Ieri 18:18
sukekiyoscars like velvet Ieri 18:14
sukekiyothe daemon's cutlery Ieri 18:11
sukekiyo烏有の空 Ieri 18:08
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  • mrksta

    Des des :)

    7 Lug 15:02 Rispondi

    Hey there( BiserkaBrkic )....i know its been a Long time since i found you here....Just discovered how to use :P and glad i saw your message....Ibetter late than never....Im all gud- Thank you for asking...How have you been?

    23 Mag 2:31 Rispondi
  • TruliAndedZombi

    a ćao! a de siiiiiii japanacccccc? :3

    6 Apr 13:50 Rispondi
  • khryz9090

    hello :)

    1 Apr 21:53 Rispondi

    Oh! I see:)))

    31 Mar 14:35 Rispondi

    So u mean its more like English "th" sounds?

    30 Mar 15:16 Rispondi
  • Ligarse

    Thanx. Well, ZAX said to us of the fan. Though a hole has opened in the heart of all, it is the size of the all same hole. But because it is not necessary to bury it, and a heart needs it anytime because the hole is K oneself.

    27 Mar 23:51 Rispondi
  • cyae

    thanks for linking the ptp live, saw that just now. thats exactly what i was looking for.

    27 Mar 22:05 Rispondi
  • Ligarse

    And is different again; is talked, there is it, and, as for her work, is thought that the thing such as a pain and the sense cannot generally share she reason "pain" by the article of a painter saying "Fuyuko Matsui 松井 冬子" by a concept, can a person and the person share a pain whether cannot share a person and a person through the thing such as a pain going from sight? It seemed to be the starting point of the study of her work. I felt that I shared a pain in music in P.T.P.

    24 Mar 1:19 Rispondi
  • Ligarse

    On the day without all BABYZ, K, there is not it.

    24 Mar 0:50 Rispondi
  • Ligarse

    Thank you, I like the best music such as NIN, and sympathy is really honored, -) You feel me like that about P.T.P and are extremely glad. By a digression, this is a different person, for the article of the musician who lost father, "father dies, and why will you be so sad? When I asked と, oneself and did it, an answer came back when this was because it could never meet. I read this article and a late thing was not sad with the death and thought because I could never meet whether you were sad. " I thought of K at the very beginning, and I cried by this article in a bookstore.

    24 Mar 0:42 Rispondi

    So u r quite busy at the moment too?! Good luck wiz ur thesis and job-hunting:D Fight!Fight! I added u at LINE so plz check:)

    22 Mar 14:57 Rispondi
  • LordPhantom

    AHAHAHAH, morao sam jebeni pass reset! pa od kad ja ovo sranje imam lol!! POZZ BTW

    21 Mar 21:39 Rispondi

    That's awesome!!! Then maybe I can show u around Tokyo, if u want to. In my spare time, usually I'm listenning to music(as u know), watching soccer games( or moves) or just hanging out wiz my friends^_^ However I'm doing jobhunting at the moment so actually I don't have so much free time:( How abt u??? and do u have line or KakaoTalk's ID?

    21 Mar 19:37 Rispondi

    No worries, I just wanna share feelling wiz everyone loves P.T.P:D So u mean, r u coming to Japan this year or maybe next year?! If it's so, thats funtastic!!!!! Plz let me know when u have chance to come to Tokyo♪

    21 Mar 9:03 Rispondi
  • Ligarse


    1 Mar 13:12 Rispondi
  • Ligarse

    Добар дан. ;-) あけましておめでとう!Хвала лијепа. そうだね、俺もなかなか返事遅くなってごめん。 THE1975 & NIИは本当に最高過ぎた;_; THE 1975 のLIVEは本当に楽しい。NIИは、Trent Reznorはもう48歳近くなのに20曲近く演奏に3日間もLIVEするし、音が他のバンドと全然違うクオリティとこだわりだったよ。 Well, an answer becomes very slow, and I am too unpleasant to accept, too. THE1975 & NIИ was the really too best, _; LIVE of THE 1975 is really fun. Though Trent Reznor was another nearly 48 years old, NIИ did LIVE for nearly 20 pieces of performances for three days and was quality and the feelings that a sound was never different from other bands in. NIN of me is music with the contemplation very.

    1 Mar 13:09 Rispondi

    日本語上手ね。笑 yeah, we've known each other! We met at the pub there're many PTPbabyz last year, since then he's really good to me♪ On You Tube, there was.But unfortunately it's deleted now so u can try it at here↓ Its not official so I cant recomend loudly though,,,its all right:) Plz try!!!

    17 Feb 9:04 Rispondi

    I know its bit late but just I wanna say new year's greeting(: I hope u have a good one than last one! And did u watch streaming of PTP's last live on You Tube last 30th December ?

    3 Gen 8:38 Rispondi
  • Slim_rafa This is a song of mine, send me any feedback.Greetings from Brazil.

    30 Dic 2013 Rispondi
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Looking at the changes around me, a strong desire awakened in me to live forever and to fall down over everything like glow and wind and white fog brought by the autumn. Wishing to live only with the moves and like a shadow on colors of earth and sky, without voice and name and with a little pain, only as much as it takes to live.