• notepad entry, reference list.

    Set 14 2014, 21:36

    new laptop, foobar library reference.

    coil, dead can dance, kate bush, death in june, killing joke, fad gadget, the pop group, the jesus and mary chain, portishead, gary numan, massive attack, cabaret voltaire, the sisters of mercy, non/boyd rice, christian death, new order, braid, the appleseed cast, the mars volta/at-the drive in, sonic youth, swans, front 242, jandek, wendy carlos, nitzer ebb, minutemen, the replacements, the kvb, the buzzcocks, big black, ariel pink, nurse with wound, genocide organ, tom waits, nick cave and the bad seeds, tuxedomoon, whitehouse, circle takes the square, darkthrone, my bloody valentine, ultravox, ramleh, r. stevie moore, the smiths, r.e.m, atrax morgue, the mummies, trisomie 21, pere ubu, embrace, au pairs, alan vega, black marble, celtic frost, cro-mags, daniel johnston, candlemass, godspeed you! black emperor, klaus schulze, mission of burma, public image ltd, cocteau twins, descendants, madness, mauthausen orchesta, john foxx, dinosaur jr, red house painters, christie front drive, the zombies, sebadoh, lush, strawberry switchblade, chapterhouse, ceremony, ride, wormrot, spk, snowy red, slint, slowdive, soft cell, tom waits, operation ivy, throbbing gristle/cris and cosey, kraftwerk, devo, tangerine dream, fugazi, jawbreaker, the gerogerigegege, sutcliffe jugend, the cure, infest, bauhaus, einstürzende neubauten, asylum party, nick drake, dna, deutsch amerikanischev freundschaft, nervous gender, the screamers, orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, rudimentary peni, sentimentale jugend, negative fx, glenn branca, mayhem, the cramps, brainbombs, the chameleons, amebix, psychic tv, television, david bowie, klaus nomi, brian eno, disarm, rainer maria, disorder, the field mice, the radio dpt, chromatics, m83, glass candy, mineral, man is the bastard, clock dva, robert rental, mars, jeromes dream, james chance and the contortonists, led er est, the english beat, htrk, dead kennedys, skinny puppy, merchandise, alien sex fiend, negative approach, prurient/vatican shadow, the fall, lydia lunch/teenage jesus and the jerks, elliott smith, the raincoats, x-ray spex, dag nasty, front line assembly, martial canterel, jets to brazil, sparklehorse, theoretical girls, the jazz june.