• Gig Review - Megadeth @ Carling Academy Bristol (13/06/07)

    Giu 14 2007, 18:00

    Wed 13 Jun – Megadeth, Priestess

    Forgive me if through this I compare it to the last time I saw Megadeth live in February 2005. It's the only thing I have to compare it to. =]

    I almost completely forgot about this gig until I was reminded that I had one extra ticket, but no-one to go with. With seemingly everyone not coming due to exams and all this jazz, then the person who seemed like they were gonna join me telling me 24 hours before that they wouldn't make it because they were ill, I thought I was gonna be touting my ticket. So, I was glad to hear when Aaron said he would join me. God bless him.

    This was my first visit to Bristol Academy, and my first visit to Bristol itself in many many years. Aaron and I arrived at about 6:30, but he got some food and then we joined the queue. It was a pretty fast moving queue, not one of these where it seems like you wait for ages and never get anywhere, and within next to no-time we were in.

    My first disappointment was that the t-shirts were £22 (I only took £20) and didn't have any of the European Dates on them. Still, this meant I could buy a beer instead =] The Academy wasn't a particularly brilliant venue. It was too small for my liking. The stage was so small that the kick-ass United Abominations back drop that everywhere else had on the tour, we didn't get. The floor was already full by the time the first band played, so we headed up to the Balcony, which didn't have a great view, but it will do.

    Priestess to their credit, were a great opening band. Having never heard of them and only knowing that they were from Montreal, they delivered a great performance. I later discovered one of their tracks was on an EA game, and it was pretty good. The drummer reminded me of Neil Peart (of Rush fame) with his extended drum piece that had a few jaws around me on the floor. I would be interested in seeing these guys again. They did a great job and seemed genuinely honoured to be on tour with a band like Megadeth.

    After a really quick change over, Megadeth took the stage at about 9. The second the lights went down, we got ready to Thrash. What a set! Kicking it off with Sleepwalker, the guys launched into Take No Prisoners, which absolutely ripped. Great to hear the whole crowd singing along with it. There was no stopping as the band continued with Skin o' My Teeth, Wake Up Dead (completely forgot how epic that song was) and Set the World Afire. Dave got ready to speak, but simply said "Good evening. We have a new record out called United Abominations, and this next song is called Washington is Next...". One of my faves from the new album, I was slightly disappointed to see it so high up the set, but I prayed they would follow with Hangar 18. And they did. Those two songs back to back are magnificent. Crowd favourite In My Darkest Hour followed, then Kick the Chair was TSHF's sole song on the set. Devils Island was next, and Dave again didn't bother speaking as the crowd roared.
    It was great to hear She-Wolf, which I didn't hear the last time, and when James LoMenzo (my new idol. He has the hair I want, and the bass I want, and he plays for my favourite band. Some guys have all the luck.) played the intro to Peace Sells, the place went NUTS, as you would expect.
    I'm glad Dave has gone with Symphony of Destruction in the encore. I dislike one song encores big time. It just seems like if the crowd wants you, you should play two songs. Of course, Holy Wars closed the gig to a huge roar. Dave did his usual "You've been great, we've been Megadeth. Good nite" and that was that.
    It was a great setlist, and looked like this:

    Take No Prisoners
    Skin O' My Teeth
    Wake Up Dead
    Set the World Afire
    Washington is Next!
    Hangar 18
    In My Darkest Hour
    Kick the Chair
    Devils Island
    Gears of War
    Tornado of Souls
    The Mechanix
    Peace Sells
    Symphony of Destruction
    Holy Wars

    As you have probably noted from the slow songs. It was just thrash from start to finish. Speed metal it's finest. Glen Drover absolutely ripped once more. He seems to pull off the solos of Marty, Chris et. al with ease and make them sound even more glorious. Shawn Drover is a more than capable drummer and as usual delivered some brilliant performances. Dave was back to having his snarl and overall this performance was delivered with higher intensity than when I saw them previously.

    My only other real complaint is that the lack of UA material in the set. Playing the old stuff keeps everybody happy, I have no problems with that, but sticking another song from UA in would have been great. I understand this is to do with the lack of rehearsal time the band have had doing the new stuff, so I just hope in the future songs such as Never Walk Alone, You're Dead or more importantly for me, Burnt Ice.

    Although to be honest, these are fairly minor complaints. It was an excellent show last night and further proved to me that Megadeth, right now, are on top of their game and one of the best bands around.
  • Gig Review - ProgPowerUK II (31/03/07)

    Apr 1 2007, 16:00

    Sat 31 Mar – ProgPower UK

    Amazingly, ProgPower would be the first gig I've attended in 3 months. With the great news of Megadeth in June, and Heaven and Hell with Iced Earth in November, I was on a high then I remembered...ProgPower tomorrow!

    After a late night being a taxi service the night before, I was half asleep before we got in the car and made our way to the venue. The Centaur looked impressive, and inside, it was even more so. The staff were warm and friendly, it was clean and even the security staff were smiling. Where else do you see that? Merch was reasonably cheap and there was a range of stuff there too.

    Onto the bands. Heed were good openers and looked reasonably good. Lead vocalist could certainly hit the high notes. Cloudscape and Dreamscape were reasonably good to their credit. One of the discoveries of the day was certainly Communic. When I was in the queue to meet Jon Oliva (more on that later), the guy behind me was speaking to his son about them and said "I was sceptical about three guys playing, but they were pretty good", and I think that opinion was echoed by many.

    At this point, we went to go and meet 3/4 of Kamelot. Roy Khan was still at his hotel in perhaps a moment of rockstar arrogance, and his whereabouts were even questioned by his band mates, but they were all nice and friendly guys, and remarked on my famous Musicians for Groupies t-shirt.

    Haggard took the stage after a long delay, after they swapped with Communic, who made it possible for Haggard to play in the first place. Quite an OTT act, but there was an element of TSO in there for sure with the orchestra on stage and the Al Pitrelli-like guitarist.

    My knowledge of Leaves Eyes was fairly dodgy. Besides hearing they had a "hot lead singer" and some of their stuff on MySpace, they were really quite impressive and did a great job with the songs they played. I left a bit of the way through mind you for the most important part of the day for me...

    Before I left my house, I made sure I grabbed my Maniacal Renderings CD and said to the guys (NJS and Simon), "I'm meeting Jon Oliva". And I stood and waited, next to this kind lady who had a picture of the HOTMK line-up with the late, great Criss Oliva (who I will insist until my dying day is the most criminally underrated guitarist of all-time) and Chris Caffery. She remarked "You weren't even born when this picture was taken!" (I was born for Gutter Ballet). We talked about Savatage and I remarked "Greatest song ever: Morphine Child", and we agreed. We both stood there going..."It's Jon freakin' Oliva, what are we gonna say." Simon and Nathaniel didn't say much, but I just said "Jon, I'm in shock, it's actually you". He was in good spirits despite obvious pain in his leg (blame Matt on that!), and I asked Matt LaPorte and Kevin Rothney what surprises they had for us tonight. Matt said "Yeah, we're playing like 85% of STREETS tonight." My face lit up. STREETS?! LIVE?! I knew then that this was going to be extra special.

    Luckily, we left the signing quickly enough to see Kamelot take the stage. The set was decorated with the Ghost Opera stuff, and they really shone last night with a great performance, featuring two new songs from their forthcoming album, Ghost Opera, being the title track and Mourning Star.. It has the potential to be album of the year. Seriously. SPV even gave out Single/Samplers of the title track and it was pretty awesome. Of course, I had mine signed when I met the band. Their set was:

    When the Lights Are Down
    Soul Society
    Mourning Star
    Center of The Universe
    Nights of Arabia
    Descent of the Archangel
    Ghost Opera
    March of Mephisto

    After what seemed like an absolute eternity, finally, Jon Oliva's Pain took the stage. Wow. All I can say. Jon looked in obvious pain, after he fell off the tour bus on the morning of the gig and said that he wasn't feeling quite so great, but still gave an unbelivable performance. Matt LaPorte is one of the best guitarists I've ever seen, and I've seen a few. To play Criss's stuff in a set like that and sound awesome takes some doing ladies and gentlemen. Jon whipped out some old favourites, playing most of Streets: A Rock Opera, but, also played some great tracks from their new CD. Ghost In The Ruins was a particular highlight for me, although the crowd loved it when Believe came in. After finishing End Times, Jon started the intro to Edge Of Thorns, with the crowd around me going NUTS (I was second row from the barrier and absolutely loving it), when he stopped and laughed. "I had you going there, didn't I?" he said he knew Zak sung it originally, but there was no harm in trying it himself, and it sounded really great. Then...Gutter Ballet. Man-oh-man. That was just stunning. Everyone around me singing along. It was great to be in an audience full of people who appreciate the 'Tage just as much as I do. The band closed the show with that old chestnut, Hall Of The Mountain King which absolutely RIPPED live. Best performance ever of that track. Slayed the studio version for sure. The JOP set list for all you metal children was...

    Maniacal Renderings
    The Evil Beside You
    Jesus Saves
    Tonight He Grins Again
    Strange Reality
    New York City Don't Mean Nothing
    Ghost in the Ruins
    If I Go Away
    Agony And Ecstasy
    Somewhere in Time
    Through the Eyes of the King
    End Times
    Edge of Thorns
    Gutter Ballet
    Hall of the Mountain King

    And finally, one of the best gigs I've ever been to, and best days of my life was over. After almost 11 hours of live music, it was time to go home.
    The reason I went was Kamelot and JOP, which is why I've put their set lists up and no-one elses. It was more a personal reminder than anything else so in future I can immerse myself in the set again should I choose to.
    It must be said, the organisers did an excellent job and the venue and people were top class. ProgPowerUK 3 looks a definite possibility for me on the basis of last night.
  • Gig Review - Iron Maiden & Trivium @ CIA (11/12/06)

    Dic 12 2006, 11:45

    Mon 11 Dec – Iron Maiden, Trivium, Lauren Harris
    Having ordered my tickets whay back in March, this was going to be a gig which I thought would be an anti-climax. I'd hyped it up so much that I thought it couldn't reach my high expectations. This Iron F'N Maiden for God's sake, only like, one of the founding fathers of heavy metal and still one of the greatest bands ever.
    I was wrong. Holy crap. Having got outside the CIA by 5:45, the queue was still pretty long. Entertainment was provided by James annoying the touts. Tout goes "Spare tickets anyone?", James shouts "Spare tickets?". The tout turns and James shouts back "Nope, sorry mate". Absolutely hilarious. They started to let us in earlier than the 6:30 door time on the tickets as well, probably due to the cold weather.
    The merch wasn't as expensive as I expected it to be. I got the Eddie Gun t-shirt for £20, which is much cheaper than the £25 or so I was expecting.

    We had what seemed like a long wait for Lauren Harris, during which time, I was signing body parts already :S. Anyway, Lauren Harris probably only got a reaction because she was gorgeous and wore very little, including skipping wearing any footwear. The music wasn't fantastic, even if the bass player looked like a cross between Marty Friedman around Risk-era Megadeth with the short hair, and the Godly Al Pitrelli. The guitarist looked like Jerry Cantrell and wasn't that bad to be fair. Didn't recognise any of her songs, so no set from her.

    Trivium came on and were quite impressive. At which point I'd like to say how pissed off I was that both Lauren Harris and Trivium were bottled by "fans" on the floor. Although Lauren Harris's inclusion was slightly debatable as she's Steve Harris's daughter, Trivium were hand-picked to play this tour, surely showing the respect Maiden give the new lot of metal (even if it is metalcore). I also want to say how fucking annoyed I was at members of the crowd who seemingly had no care for others in the pit. Even though I wasn't in the pit, before I even got outside, about 5 people were saying how they were trampled on and shown no care for by other people who didn't get them out. I used to think Welsh crowds were good, but judging by these standards, I'm not exactly impressed. Anyway...

    Trivium opened with Entrance, which is a quality opener, and played most of their video stuff, along with some material from their latest effort, The Crusade. Those that came thinking Trivium wouldn't be that good I think should go away fairly impressed. They were much better than their infamous Download 06 performance which was admittedly terrible. They closed with Anthem and Pull Harder, which I expected from the start. Unlike DragonForce last week I think, Trivium had an energy on stage. They really got the crowd a lot more involved than the Force. Paolo, bless him, looked so damn small, but packs one hell of a punch on bass. Corey was pretty damn good on guitar, and Travis was ace on drums, even if they didn't play their Megadeth cover this time around. Setlist went like this...

    Entrance Of the Conflagration
    Like Light to Flies
    A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
    To the Rats
    Anthem (We are the Fire)
    Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr

    After about a 30 minute change over, Iron Maiden finally tread the stage. Holy shit. As soon as Nicko came out the place was deafened. Different World was awesome, even if everyone got crushed towards the front. Anyone who disses A Matter of Life and Death can go to hell. It's absolute quality live. The stage show, as you would expect from Maiden, was awesome. Bruce was as on form as ever, and during a little speech about the album, he promised to "fucking nut" the guy who booed when he said they'd play the whole of the album. Still, as soon as they finished playing the Legacy, they played Fear of the Dark, which kept most happy and was unbelievable live. Followed by the traditional closer of Iron Maiden, the stage changed from a London during The Blitz setting to a massive tank with Eddie in the turret which got huge cheers. After a short break to reset the stage I'm assuming, Bruce returned, with an amusing story about how he didn't know any Welsh, except one thing he learnt from Ronnie James Dio, of all people which was "Iechyd Da", which means Good Health, although Bruce himself was skeptical of the saying, questioning whether he thought it actually meant "Fuck Off". Bruce really should have had more banter with the audience, it's stuff like that which makes him an absolute legend. The old classics followed up: 2 Minutes, Evil That Men Do, with the appearance of one Edward T. Head, and finally, Hallowed Be Thy Name. Bruce thanked us for coming and told us "we'll see you in the Summer...hint, hint", aluding to their rumoured Download headlining slot.
    Maiden's set was:

    Different World
    These Colours Don't Run
    Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
    The Pilgrim
    The Longest Day
    Out of the Shadows
    The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
    For a Greater Good of God
    Lord of Light
    The Legacy
    Fear of the Dark
    Iron Maiden
    2 Minutes to Midnight
    The Evil That Men Do
    Hallowed Be Thy Name

    The atmosphere for Maiden was much better than the support, but Maiden's sheer energy throughout the show was pure excellence. They were definitely the best live band I've seen, but the whole show was just awesome, and if you get the chance to see them on this tour, do it!
  • Gig Review - DragonForce @ Cardiff Uni (04/12/06)

    Dic 5 2006, 11:09

    Christ, time flies. Last time I went to a gig like this was Trivium in March, and I'll soon be seeing them again (Roll on Iron Maiden next week baby!), but last night I saw DragonForce for the second time. I saw them the first time they played the Uni, in the much smaller Solus inside the Student Union, but much better ticket demand saw the gig moved from the Coal Exchange to the Great Hall @ the Uni.

    Having queued for about 45 minutes and seeing all the metalcore and emo kids there, we finally got in. The merch stand was about as expensive as I expected (£18 for a t-shirt), and I queued in that for what seemed like ages before I actually got inside.

    First up were Greek Power Metallers Firewind. To tell the truth, I was looking forward to these guys a lot. I checked out their page a few weeks ago and thought these guys were right up my street. They performed a few songs that I knew, and a few that I don't. But, on the whole, their set was pretty damn good. I'm disappointed that they were the opening act, but I hope they go on to play something like ProgPower in the future and maybe I'll see them play a longer set then.

    Despite trying to persaude my mates to join me at the bar for All That Remains, they refused. I'm still completely amazed that they were put on the bill. I respect that these guys have fans, but surely putting them on between two pretty much power metal bands makes little or no sense at all. Still, all the metalcore kids had their fix and a few of them seemed to leave after this. Thank God.

    There was then what seemed like an endless wait until the Inhuman Rampage clock started up and suddenly
    Raining Blood started up. Now that's how you get a crowd going. I've never heard of a band coming out to that before to their credit.
    DragonForce were pretty good. I'm probably going to keep comparing it to the first time I saw them, but, their setlist consisted of some of their "classics" (Fury of the Storm etc.) and stuff from the new album like Body Breakdown. I must admit, the crowd seemed a little underwhelmed last night. All That Remains's lead vocalist pointed out that "Nottingham two nights ago completely kicked you guys's asses!". When the crowd seemed to get going, it was good, but during Fury of the Storm, most of the crowd didn't know the words. Massive egg on face. The set went a little something like this...

    Intro/Raining Blood
    Revolution Deathsquad
    Fury Of The Storm
    Operation Ground & Pound
    Black Winter Night
    Trail Of Broken Hearts
    Storming The Burning Fields
    Soldiers of the Wasteland
    Body Breakdown
    My Spirit Will Go On
    Through The Fire And Flames
    Valley Of The Damned

    Vadim had a keyboard solo thrown in somewhere towards the beginning too that was pretty kick ass. There was a lot of banter thrown in between Herman, ZP & Sam. Particularly funny was when Sam started playing a Bullet for my Valentine track (don't know which one) and he said "Look at me now!". I'm from their hometown, but I don't rate Bullet at all.
    I was disappointed that there was no Fields of Dispair or Cry for Eternity, but I'll pick holes in just about any setlist.
    I very much doubt I'll see the 'Force on their own again mind you. Unless their next album is completely unbelievable or their have an awesome support act like Edguy or Angra (who really should have played instead of ATR) or they play a festival I'm going to.
  • Same Old Saturday

    Ago 26 2006, 23:18

    Seems like a while since I last did one of these kiddos. Well, a lot has happened in my life lately, I really don't know where to begin!
    Let's start with the two gatherings I held at my house, both pre and post-Results Night. Both of which were a huge success and finally showed that if my parents were OK with it, we could have a great night in my awesome house. Having lived in what could best be described as a shed in Brackla, I'm so proud of my house and my parents and I love to have people round, because we never used to have them round. I'd like to thank all those who came and enjoyed each other's company. It particularly sorted out what was a sucky results, getting a C-D-E-U. By far my worst ever results/report. I'm disappointed with myself for underachieving so much, but, it's certainly been a massive kick up die arse. Then, on Thursday, there was Dan's gathering, which was a good evening in the end. Although that San Miguel did not go down particularly well with my large Dominoes and I only had 1 hours sleep! So I came home, slept until 4, woke up and ahead over James for a great evening which I hope to do tomorrow as well.
    Quick paragraph on Man United's success thus far. 3 wins from 3. First time we've had that kind of start to a season and against Charlton we were fantastic. "Who need Wayne Rooney? When you've got Louis Saha!". Delighted to see Ole get a goal as well, particularly after missing an absolute sitter about 2 minutes before. So much for my pre-season prediction of a Liverpool-Arsenal-Chelsea-Man Utd top four! Ha.
    I've also finally decided to actually save up for my Thunderbird. Using some funds I have acquired lately through various kind sources, I'm about £80 into the £310 target, which is good, and I hope to have the axe in my hand by Xmas, which would be fantastic. I've really felt, particularly in the last week or so, that my bass playing is beginning to come along again. Blakk Noise is looking pretty promising right now, with all four of us desperate to practice. I can also reveal that Lloyd wants me to play in his prog band with Dylan, so it will just be like AFE, but we have a singer and a drummer :O
    Speaking of music, my religion has coughed up some new stuff lately. I was a big critic of Muse, but I just watched their performance at Reading, and bugger me, they pwned. What an awesome live band! I'm also surprised at Van Halen. There is certainly more to them than just the DLR-era. Some of the Sammy Hagar-era stuff has some promise and I'd like to cover one day if I'm lucky enough to be able to play some bass lines! I've officially put Savatage on the same plateau as Megadeth now. Reason being I listened to Fight for the Rock (ahem, Nightmare), and it wasn't as bad as people made out. It's paralell with Risk, which is an awesome hard rock CD. It made me realise just how much that band means to me. Seriously. Savatage are so fucking under-rated it makes me sad to think that particularly the guitar genius of the late Criss Oliva, the awesome sound of Al Pitrelli and Chris Caffery's guitars and Jon Oliva's lyric writing genius is simply overlooked by a lot of critics who simply pass them over as "another hair metal band". I'm no fan of Hair Metal. It's better than the emo shite that dominates the mainstream press today. Leads me nicely on to Kerrang readers voting "My Chemical Romance" as the "Best Band on the Planet". WHAT...THE...FUCK. That proves, once and for all, that Kerrang readers are 12-year-olds who simply have no idea what their music taste is. It's shocking. It really does leave the bands of this world who have a shed load of talent, who I could roll off the tounge right now but would dramatically increase the size of the blog. It just makes me sick. Kids, if you want a proper metal press, go online. And if you are gonna read a magazine, Metal Hammer does give it a proper coverage, despite what others say.
    On the subject of supporting metal, if you are free Wednesday evening, head to the Old King's Head pub in Pencoed. My good buddies Shamed Angel are playing a gig there and it's only £3 entry. Read Between the Lies, who I've heard so much about and know a few of the guys but I've never seen play, are also playing the gig as well. So go on, support some quality local bands and go support them. There may be a surprise awaiting, so I advise you bring a few extra quid in because it won't be beer money!
    I feel I have to touch on the subject of women. It's time you people who have seen my ignore the subject completely in a while have a chance to laugh and chuckle at my expense once more. It's not like it doesn't happen very much. I dunno what's happened this week. Something funny has been put in the water. A few times this week, it's been obvious to see the trail that has been following some girls, and although some will be a total hypocrite and deny their involvement, it was obvious to the few of us who didn't participate what was going on. It kinda just makes me wonder sometimes about what the hell I'm doing that's just not working. Yes, there are girls who I think tick all my boxes, including the ones you don't know about (believe you me, it's good it stays that way!), but, as usual, nothing's going happen, but I'm glad in a way that that is all that's going to happen between us.
    So, this week, I'll be out and about, as usual. It's been good to be blogging again, and I might get a few more entries done between now and when we go back to the hellhole (Chances of that happening now I've said that are pretty slim, but, worth saying anyway). I'm off to try and play some Deep Purple on bass. Until the next time humanoids, I bid you all adiou.
  • Obligatory Survey Entry

    Mag 13 2006, 15:15

    I understand everyone hates these on this site, but I'm going to do one so I can get my thoughts down...

    10. Savatage
    First song I heard: "Mozart and Madness"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "Believe"
    Current Fave: "Gutter Ballet"

    9. Metallica
    First song I heard: "I Disappear"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "The Outlaw Torn"
    Current Fave: "Orion"

    8. Testament
    First song I heard: "Return to Serenity"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "Electric Crown"
    Current Fave: Electric Crown"

    7. Weezer
    First song I heard: "Hash Pipe"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "Keep Fishin"
    Current Fave: "Perfect Situation"

    6. Jimmy Eat World
    First song I heard: "Salt Sweat Sugar"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "Nothing Wrong"
    Current Fave: "Kill"

    5. Iron Maiden
    First song I heard: "2 Minutes to Midnight"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "Run to the Hills"
    Current Fave: "Dance of Death"

    4. Disturbed
    First song I heard: "Glass Shatters"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "Prayer"
    Current Fave: "Overburdened"

    3. Dream Theater
    First song I heard: "Pull Me Under"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "The Dance of Eternity"
    Current Fave: "The Root of All Evil"

    2. Iced Earth
    First song I heard: "Burning Times"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "1776"
    Current Fave: "Jack"

    1. Megadeth
    First song I heard: "Peace Sells"
    Song that made me fall in Love: "Angry Again"
    Current Fave: "Rust in Peace...Polaris"
  • Now for Something Completely Different

    Mag 13 2006, 15:06

    I haven't posted blog entries on successive days in a long while humanoids, so you are blessed. *WARNING*, the main body of this blog entry will be a rant against something I read today. I'll get to that later on.
    The customary, "how was your day" bit will begin and end here: same old stuff in school, lots of good revision done in German and Computing, renewing my belief I can prove a few teachers wrong with my exam results (eg. Slimey Steve). Lunch time was a good laugh, although having to be the father of everyone when the thunder and lightning struck 5th lesson (which I said it would at lunch. Nobody who was with me 5th believed me until we heard the first crack of thunder).

    My day wasn't that bad then, so imagine my chagrin when I open up Page 34 of the Daily Mail today to read an article by Sarah Sands entitled "Dawn of the Cyber Mob?", and a picture adorning much of Page 35 of what appears to be a teenage girl using a laptop with the logo of Bebo on the screen of the laptop. The article then goes on to criticse the generation of users who go on about Bebo, and basically slanders it as an extension of bullying, and implying that it does no good what so ever and should be stopped. The purpose of this article is obviously to scare the fuck out of technophobe parents, who still think chat rooms are the biggest threat to their kids when they are online.
    This article IS FUCKING BULLSHIT. I have never been so offended in all my life. Seriously. I have used Bebo and find it to be a good website, and you're obviously seeing me use MySpace right now. "Bebo. It's the talk of school runs"...wait, I haven't heard anyone I know mention Bebo on the way to school or during school in the mornings. The article also points out that teenagers can hand out their MSN address or their own house address online. MSN is one thing, but to put your house address online is pretty stupid. If people actually listened to some of the helpful guides about on-line safety, then this mess wouldn't occur. Whilst I wouldn't agree with some of them, most are pretty spot on in their advice. The media seem to leap all over any craze young kids have and rip them apart for being "morally wrong" and just denounce it, whilst forgetting what kids are. We forget that there is a wide world out there. We are sheltered from the rest of the world through our naiveity. Pokemon. Remember that? Remember all the negative press the media gave it? Do they forget that we are kids trying to have FUN? If a business makes a profit out of it, then more fool everybody else for not being clever/innovative/smart enough to think of the idea in the first place. Schools are trying to ban Bebo/MySpace...I can understand why and I sympthasise with them. But the meaningless slandering of teenagers and teenage life in the press is absolutely ridiculous.
    If you believe everything in the papers, then you'd actually believe that Tony Blair is the moral saviour of this country. You'd believe every teenager in the country stands outside corner shops with baseball bats and "hoodies" and are going to kill the Eastern European owner of the corner shop for his money and for fun. This is fucking crap.
    I now understand why people don't read newspapers. I came to the realisation not so long ago that the news is just the propaganda they want you to hear. Having watched V for Vendetta, which is a fantastic film and certainly raises many questions about the morality of this country and the way it's run, it hammered it home a little bit. Reading this article today confirms it. At one point in my life, I honestly wanted to be a Journalist. I'm now embarressed I even considered that as a career opportunity. The news is just the propaganda they want you to hear. I will not read a newspaper in the same light ever again. I will probably not even read a newspaper again in sheer disgust with the way the readership of a paper is treated.
    There is a quote that is attributed to Aldous Huxley: "The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." That's very, very true.

    This blog entry is just my opinion. You are more than welcome to critique it, hate me for it, or just hate me even more for it. But, I stand by it. Until the next time humanoids...Sounding Off...
  • Temptation Revelation

    Mag 10 2006, 22:27

    This is gonna be a shorter than usual entry humanoids because I just have a few things on my mind I wanna get off my chest and into your waiting hands to discuss and comment upon. I also have to say Jeffers's accusations of my blogs taking three coffee breaks to read through. You love them really. It gives you something to do when you're as bored as I am writing them.

    Today, school once again proved that there is one set of rules for Jocks and a set of rules for everybody else. I'm fucking sick of it. No matter how hard everyone else tries to get things done around here, the twats always get away with it. The last time I checked, it says "Comprehensive School", not "Academy of Sports", so everyone should get treated equally. Hell, it says it in the prospectus for Sixth Form! Is that the case? Hell no. The more kicking and pushing we do, the quicker we seem to get swept under the rug. Shouldn't schools concentrate on academic excellence and keeping their promises to kick the arsewipes who make it an uncomfortable place out, rather than sucking up to them and letting them have free reign. No doubt, if we were doing what happened today, we'd get a bollocking. But if the Jocks do it, then they just get free reign. Twats. The education system in this country, as Lloyd once said in reply to one of my entries before (surrounding the prefects sham I believe), that the education system in this country is highly flawed and is based on Victorian values. He couldn't be any more right.

    Can't go further without mentioning tonight's spectacular light show. Wow. I've been to Florida in the middle of summer and seen some pretty freakin' insane lightning in my time, but tonight tops it. Gotta love Global Warming. Weather's supposed to be really nice tomorrow as well, so I will definitely be enjoying it in school. Wait, did I just put "enjoy" and "school" in the same sentence? God, I can't wait for the exams to be over, and they haven't even begun yet. Then I can make a serious decision as to where I am headed next year and the year after that.

    Hard luck to Middlesbrough tonight. Should have had a penalty for certain. In the end, Seville were just too much. My money is against Arsenal now. After seeing Boro lose, I can see it happening again next week in Paris to the Arse, and because they are a London club who the press scream about daily, I will love seeing them lose. I'd rather Liverpool win the FA Cup than West Ham, and I'm a United fan!

    I missed the topic of women in my last entry, and I need to just cover that base a moment. Oh yeah, that reminds me, Barry Bonds is getting close now. Only 2 runs from beating Babe Ruth's record. Awesome! Anyway, my situation with women remains the same, but slowly, I'm beginning to realise a lot of things. Firstly, women base a lot of their decisions on a guy's looks, despite their claims that they don't. I'm not exactly a poster boy in terms of looks, but I'm not exactly ugly am I? Women would rather fuck a total stranger for emotional support than come to their friends. That was well spotted by my hard rawkin amigo Lloyd. How true. My contempt for the female species goes down further by the day. What I'm trying to say basically is that I understand why women confuse the hell out of most men. I've given most of them a chance, but they don't seem to give me one. I tend to be seen as just a mate and nothing more. I've seen more personality in a shopping trolley than in some of the people some girls I know have seen/dated. It just pisses me off. Some girls I know deserve better than what they have but they just don't see it. Just like an on/off switch, one day that bulb WILL break and you will be left in the dark. On/off relationships never work. Before I feel like handing out a few support helplines, I'll stop there and save myself from any further stupidity.

    On a plus note, I gotta say that I'm loving Iced Earth's "Horror Show" and Savatage's "Gutter Ballet" at the moment. Both albums kick some serious ass and you need to pick them up if you love metal (particularly Iced Earth) and progressive/symphonic rock/metal (Savatage). If my Zen Micro didn't have the battery life of a Paris Hilton kiss-and-tell, then I'd be enjoying them a lot more. Still, I'll get a Zen Vision M soon and then all will be sorted.

    Fairly quick entry folks, just needed to get a few things off my chest today. Giggin at the Rec on Saturday should be a fairly decent one, some reasonable bands are playing. I'll probably catch y'all there. Until next time humanoids, this is Rhys, Sounding Off...