My favorite Death Metal Albums.


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Playing in a Death Metal band Plague Rider which plays the type of Death Metal which still has the Thrash influence in there and is well played. I consider myself to be a big Death Metal fan. I love all types of Death Metal and I thought i would share some of my favorites. With the people here. See if you can find some new albums and get into them.

This list will exclude Technical Death Metal.

Death Leprosy

My favorite early Death album. This album is basically a better produced and slightly more technical version than Scream Bloody Gore. Whilst the innovation of Scream Bloody Gore is undeniable. I believe this album has more memorable songs and flows as an album better. This was when Chuck was at his most evil writing riffs that make your skin crawl. The thrash element is still there, for example in songs like Left to Die with that monster thrash influenced riff in the mid section. The album needs to be in every Metal heads life even if your not that big into Death Metal it.

Autopsy Severed Survival

Chris Reifert leaving Death actually turned out to be a good thing. Because he formed a little Death Metal band called Autopsy which would create not one but 2 classic albums. The debut been my favorite ultimately because of more memorable riffs and the production is a lot more sicker. Sporting a nice thick and dirty guitar tone which complements the riffs ideally, the all mighty Steve DiGiorgio's bass lines pounding along with the unstoppable drum work of Chris pound you into dust. No blast beats just nice straight beats and the constant use of D beat. Saying that this album is quiet punk influenced at times which they would take this influence to far on there 3rd and 4th albums in my opinion. As soon as you press play the smell of stench and human decay will fill the room.

Morbid Angel Altars of Madness

This is actually my ultimate Death Metal album of all time. What can I say that hasn't already been said? This band took the sounds of Possessed, Slayer (Hell Awaits) and Kreator (Pleasure to Kill) To levels which no one thought humanly possible. The riffs are simply mind blowing. Intense fast Thrash influenced, intricate Death Metal riffs which are simply to intense. Evil menacing mid paced riffs which take you to the depths of hell. Highly influential AND innovative. Bands have made entire careers of the number of riffs on this album. All which flow well creating memorable song structures but not sticking to boring verse, chorus structure. I am going to stop here before this description becomes an essay. If you don't have it then GET IT NOW! If you do you are agreeing with everything I say. The apex of Death Metal and also my biggest influence on me as a writer.

Pestilence Consuming Impulse

Pestilence had impressed people with there very worthy Thrash album Malleus Maleficarum. But it wasn't until 1989 that this band would create a monster of a Death Metal album. Often overlooked which is a shame because this slays a lot of overrated US Death Metal. Where talking top 5 material for me people. This album is actually quiet technical but they never lose touch of actual riff work. The band would obviously go on and wow people with there classic album Testimony of The Ancients. But Consuming Impulse is much more Death Metal and memorable for me. The guitar tone is just the heaviest fucking shit on the planet. The beyond unreal vocal work of Martin Van Drunen, which he basically uses the music on the album to declare his insanity to the world. Crazy is the world here as the riffs and guitar leads are equally as crazy. The album holds your attention throughout with varied songwriting which is cool. Because some Death Metal albums do fail to keep your attention from start to finish. You have brutal and speedy numbers such as the opener Dehydrated and Suspended Animation. But you also have numbers which are more mid paced and moody. Sometimes going back to speed of the over songs for brief periods which makes the compositions great. The Trauma is a good example which is Van Drunen's ultimate performance for me, the lyrics are just fucking insane and I can relate to what is been said on a level. Godly. Big influence on my writing for my band also.

Carcass Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious

Heaviest shit ever Carcass had shown potential to on there previous album which was still bogged down by Grind influence. But this album is pure Death Metal. The album holds 8 songs which all hold a lot of depth, the compositions are progressive and hold a lot of riffs. The guitar tone is filthy and the riff work of Bill Steer is simply sublime. First riff of Corporal Jigsaw Quandary is just the shit. The album also has melodic parts to it which add to the progressive nature and give it more variation which makes the album much more musical. The end of Carneous Cacoffiny been the best example with a riff that just stands out and grabs your attention with its lush melodic tags. Another example would be the riff in the opening song Inpropagation. With its lead guitar runs at the end of the riff. Jeff Walkers performance is superb taking over vocal duties for the most part, but Bill Steer still comes in for the odd line and backs him up also. Incredible thinking man's Death Metal.

Carcass Heartwork

Top 5 for me you can read my complete review here.

You may notice I state i think this is the best Death Metal album in my opinion. Well back in the day I was switching camps between Altars and Heartwork every other month Until I finally made my decision, a close second.

Dismember Like An Ever Flowing Stream

The ultimate Sweedish Death Metal album for me. Better than the slightly overrated first two Entombed albums in my Opinion. This has the ultimate "Buzz Saw" Swedish guitar tone. The album has melodic moments which you can tell Carcass where listening to and taking influence from them. Which would be took to the next level on there Heartwork album. But back to the point clocking in at 30mins it leaves you wanting more but there's always the option of immediate re-listens of the album. Which i find myself doing often. Really don't need to go into detail for this one, the combination of heavy as fuck riffs and D-Beat Death Metal drumming, melodic moments and the catchy guitar solos of Nicke Andersson (drummer from Entombed) Make this one of my choice albums.

Cancer The Sins Of Mankind

You can read my complete review here :

Demigod Slumber of Sullen Eyes

The Finnish scene is one of my favorite Death Metal scenes. I love the putrid guitar tone and doom influence. This been my favorite for the following reasons. Heavy as fuck riffs, Incredible dark atmosphere created by the amazing guitar work off
Jussi Kiiski and song structure every song sporting a lot of reckless progression and lots of riffs and moody harmonies. I say reckless because the band sometimes do not revisit some of the best riffs on the album which is a shame the first riff in Deadsoul is a prime example. The trem picking harmonies make your spine tingle the begging of The Forlorn which just has one of the most catchy and evil trem riffs in Death Metal.

Sinister Cross the Styx

Riff, riffs and more riffs is the name of the game here. Apocalyptic Death Metal me and my friend refer to it as the "European Altars". 6/8 Onslaughts which are heavy as fuck and have crushing rhythms to the drums and guitars. Thrashy in places and very intense. The 6/8 riffs in particular are a massive influence on me.

Well 10 of my top Death Metal albums (Not in order btw) Please no comments "Where the fuck is x album omg." This is a personal list and intended to help people get into the genre.

Honorable mentions.

Purtenance Member of Immortal Damnation

Immolation Dawn Of Possesion

Gorguts Considerd Dead

Bolt Thrower The IVth Crusade

Deicide Legion

Vader (No favorite fucking amazing discography.)

Luciferion Demonication (The Manifest)


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    I apologize for any mistakes and bad grammar etc.

    Ago 6 2011, 19:31
  • Justd1e

    Listened to all from this list but two. Will check them out.

    Ago 19 2011, 19:40
  • BeyondEternity

    Cool which ones? Hope you find some new stuff through this list!

    Ago 19 2011, 19:41
  • Justd1e

    Cancer and Luciferon.

    Ago 20 2011, 6:42
  • BeyondEternity

    Ah awesome. Hope you enjoy them.

    Ago 22 2011, 11:04
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    Awesome list dude. Definitely adding all of these to my collection. \m/

    Lug 24 2012, 3:27
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