• Party man!

    Feb 10 2011, 9:40

    My 18th party is in like two days and I'm kind of like oo-er. Alot of people have said that they aren't turning up. Should be okay though man! I see my mummm tomorrow. It's kind of mad, though if she hasn't got me a present, I might go a little crazy. :D
    Yeah man. Yay tomorrow, though because Pizza and Alex and Dave and Ian. :D
    But yes, I should be doing my work but I reeeealy dislike this AO!!! Eugrh. Oh well. :D
  • Loved songs?

    Feb 2 2011, 18:11

    Sometimes I wish that on last.fm there was a love love love button because some songs are just sooo amazing but they don't stand out enough from the other 'loved' tracks which smells a bit!

    Ahaha, I am so sad, I have nothing better to do but jabber away about random crap! :P
  • Moving to new york!

    Feb 1 2011, 11:34

    I love the Wombats, moving to new york. It's a well good song.
    I actually really want to move to new york, it has been a dream for me, for a while now.
    I would love to live in new york with a city around me and people everywhere, shops too. Just soemthing happening all the time, somewhere to go. Late night walks, sounds amazing to be honest.
    Only one person I would ever want to live there with though...
    Pretty evident if you ask me. :D
  • Elvis isn't dead?

    Gen 31 2011, 9:16

    I'm listening to Elvis isn't dead by the Hoosiers. I've probably listened to this song, about a million times. But seriously the lyrics are well weird.
    I am pretty sure Elvis is dead, and I know this person thinks that Elvis isn’t dead because he heard him on the radio, but like surely you aren’t stupid enough to really think someone isn’t dead because they are on the radio.
    Whatta drib.
    Oh my shizzle.
    The Climb.
    Awesome (!) It's a song that I do not particulary like but I still listen to it, it has nice lryics, the fact it came from Miley Cyrus is gross though. ;)
    Woah so yeah. ;)
  • Angry Louu!

    Gen 28 2011, 11:41

    I don't know if I should write about stuff like this on here, but seriously. I am rather angry right now.
    My stress level is so high. I really just need to go home and then wait until like half six so Alex comes round and I will be happier. I think because I cannot go on things like Tumblr and I do nort have internet at home I might just use this as a blog. :D
    Maybe. ;)
    If I remember, but now I have said that I will, I'll probably forget!
  • Wow!!

    Gen 27 2011, 10:07

    Yay mine and Ben's compatibility is super, that is well awesome!!
    I just did some work and now I am bored, at first I said I would only listen to music but I actually did some work so I decided that I would edit some stuff!

    It's 10 o clock in the morning man! You would think by now, I would have a sugar craving, because I normally do, but for some reason not right now, II'm not even hungry. Surprising! :D Oh well, listening to Goodbye Mr A right now, It's a good song, but I think it has nearly finished, let me just check. Yup, just finished now, hey guess what just came on....
    Taylor Swift.
    No Cheers.
    But YES!! Just for Tonight, One Night Only. Great Song. I am happy now. :D
  • Fricking Recommended Radio!

    Gen 26 2011, 13:29

    Kayy seriously, I expect my recommended radio to actually be songs that I want to listen to,or at least something that I like, but seriously Cheryl Cole. No cheers. :D