All Hope Is Gone World Tour 27/10/2008


Ott 27 2008, 15:45

Mon 27 Oct – All Hope Is Gone World Tour
Setlist: Intro, Surfacing, The Blister Exists, Get This, Before I Forget, Liberate, Disasterpiece, Dead Memories, Psychosocial,The Heretic Anthem, Prosthetics, Spit It Out, Duality, Only One, People=Shit, (sic)

(correct me if im wrong)

Machinehead: Heavy, entertaining, arrived during old, enjoyed what I heard.

Slipknot: After Machine head had finished it was 9 o’clock. The time was passing slowly between sets, at least for me, the roadies did… well what roadies do fart around with the instruments. But Finally the moment arrived at 9.36pm. The Slipknot intro music started filling Rod Laver as an impromptu chant of Slipknot! Slipknot! went up it was time!

Boom!! First song, obviously to get everyone moving was Surfacing! As Surfacing finished The Blister Exists started and everyone seemed to know this one, it is one of the stronger songs on the volume 3 album. A brief introduction was next before Corey announced the next song would set the tone for the night it was the paean Before I Forget, This seemed to be a crowd favorite that everyone knew. The fans seemed to be a mix of old and new from the younger teenagers to older mid 20’s guy. And some smelly guy 30+ in a wife beater than somehow ended up near me.

Liberate was next and it was good to see the self titled album was still being repped, another oldie followed disasterpiece off Iowa. At some point Corey thanked the fans generously for their contributions in making Volume 3 platinum and All Hope Is Gone gold explaining how much it meant to the band.

Dead Memories and Pyschosocial were next and particularly well received by the younger crowd. It became apparent to me in these two songs just how amazing Corey Taylor’s clean vocals really are.

Heretic anthem was well received, Prosthetics seemed a lil less known.

Next was SPIT IT OUT probably my favorite song of the night it seemed like everyone knew the words or maybe it was just me yelling them but this song made the night for me.

The song with the most crowd participation was next, Duality, which was sung loud and proud, followed by the unusual choice of Only One….

There was then an encore…….............................................................................................

People=Shit was blasted next, another brutal energizing song from the brilliant Iowa album and the band concluded with (sic) a bit unusual I thought.

Ultimately I think the concert was good, they could have perhaps played for 15-30 minutes longer, the high energy and exertion must take its toll though. The rising drums of the percussionists and Joeys rising and rotating drum kit at the end of (sic) was an amazing highlight that made one appreciate Slipknot bringing out their full show to Australia.

The setlist is what disappointed me. I was hoping to hear a lot of unusual stuff while going to see Slipknot on their own, stuff like: The Nameless, Gently, I Am Hated, Left Behind, Vermilion, My Plague, and perhaps the most controversial omission was no Wait and Bleed.

Solid concert worth the money. A great crowd number for a Mental Metal Monday.


  • Gordon7

    Nice review dude. i had a great night but i was abit disappointed with the set list as well. i wanted to hear more songs off the new album.

    Ott 27 2008, 21:48
  • arrell

    Indeed, set list was kinda lame. But hey, had a great time none the less.

    Ott 28 2008, 2:09
  • Charmedcard

    Good review man.. I'm not going to see them as they canceled their show in Israel. Just their show in Israel, for "family conflicts" that won't affect the Friday show or the Moscow show to follow the one in Israel... =\ But it sounds like you guys had a great time so not all hope is gone..... :p

    Ott 29 2008, 6:03
  • Guerry_Killer

    lol, i wanna see, but...i'm in brazil D:

    Nov 5 2008, 14:58
  • vodal_1

    hope they won't change the setlist! it's way too good! they could't make it better. a cool review i like it

    Feb 9 2009, 23:34
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