Lordi's New Video; It Snows In Hell


Dic 30 2006, 19:18

Lordi recently released their latest music video for the song, It Snows in Hell.

The video differs from the other videos made by Lordi. Earlier we are used to a female main character getting hunted by Lordi. This time, we get something differently, and even a big surprise in the end.

Some fans don't think the video goes too well with the song, which I might agree on a little - not to forget this movie is still in top Lordi quality and very good as well as the song. It's probably not how most fans would expect this video to be.

The video is available on YouTube, and can be seen here:

For the first time in Lordi's history, they make a video with a happy ending - at least what humans think of as happy. :)

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  • krizzz

    Beautiful, sensitive ballad :)

    Dic 31 2006, 1:04
  • Bullitt64

    I love that song, and the video is ok. I don't like how they softened up the vocals in the verses though.

    Dic 31 2006, 1:50
  • Bayoon

    @ Bullitt64: Indeed, you are pretty right on that one with the verse. It sounded a little odd for me as well, but I managed to get used to that during the video. :) Thanks for commenting both. :)

    Dic 31 2006, 11:02
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