• 10 year and 10 artists with over 900 plays

    Apr 3 2014, 3:04

    Holy shit, I've been using last.fm for exactly 10 years today.
  • Top listened artists + songs of 2013

    Gen 2 2014, 4:21

    Holy shit I have been compiling this list since 2006.

    1. サカナクション 360
    My 'new' discovery this year. Two years ago, 『バッハの旋律を夜に聴いたせいです。』 was on my top listened tracks of the year. I really loved that song, and that song only, from Sakanaction. I liked documentaLy well enough - it was technically good, but it wasn't a favorite. It wasn't until this year's most recently album that I grew obsessed. I attribute that to 1) my Japanese skills improving. Sakanaction's lyrics are way more interesting than the average J-pop song. 2) Getting older and finding fewer and fewer 'new' and 'Interesting' points about musicians. Sakanaction's fusion of dance and rock isn't something I've heard before, and the result is just 'good' music.

    2. SOUL'd OUT 149 (#3 Last Year)
    Errr, they didn't release anything outside of a best album this year (which I did not acquire since I am holding out for the 10,000 yen remix 4 disc version). I do not know how this happened. Still playing the shit out of so_mania I guess.

    3. Kiyoshi Sugo 129
    A great man. 'All in Black' didn't have any featured artists so I was a bit worried, but he pulled it off. The best electro musician in Japan.

    4. PUSHIM 116
    'It's a Drama' was so amazing that I went back and listened to all her old stuff. The queen of Japanese reggae!!

    5. THE BAWDIES 87 (#1 Last Year)
    Uhm, is it just me, or did Roy's English seriously deteriorate on 'The Seven Seas' single? And their next release is a cover album? I know that's the fad now, but they started as a cover band. There is no reason (other than money) to go back...

    6. m-flo 85 (# 5 Last Year)
    So, NEVEN was half good, half unlistenable. Somehow, Square One was better. Sorry, even though she seems like a nice person, I can't understand the appeal of MINAMI's voice. It's technically good, but it's not special. JOURNEY X is my shit though.

    7. 倖田來未 80 (# 4 Last Year)
    Ku-chan has been on this list EVERY YEAR. This year, I can barely even remember what she released. No album, right? Just the summer single and the volleyball single. They were pretty good, but I feel that Ku-chan is stuck in a rut. I hope she can be more inventive next year.

    8. AI 79
    I love MORIAGARO. I feel that is really suits AI's personality - she was a rapper first, so the rap tracks are a great return to that . There are even some ballads to appease the people who discovered her via Story. I do feel that AI has been a bit of a sell-out - sogood is the theme song for KFC (So Good being the slogan of KFC in Japan) and thus that song is on repeat in KFCs here. Did she create this song for KFC? Did she organically think of it then sell it to KFC? Her song 'Happiness' started a chain reaction of female Sony artists recording Coca Cola themed songs. I wish she was more guided by artistry, but then again I am listening to pop music.

    9. 宏実 75
    She was so busy this year! Her fourth album was released at the end of 2012 iirc, and this year she released another album and made a bunch of PVs. Hustle, girl.

    10. SILVA 67
    QUEEN SILVA IS BACK! Her new album is more mature but her voice hasn't changed. I especially appreciate the update of 'Virgin Killer'. Welcome back <3

    1. サカナクション – ミュージック 58
    2. サカナクション – なんてったって春 26
    3. サカナクション – 僕と花 24
    4. SOUL'd OUT – quarter 5 23
    5. サカナクション – Aoi 20
    5. スガシカオ –アイタイ 20
    5. Kiyoshi Sugo –I'm With You 20
    8. サカナクション –ドキュメント 19
    8. SOUL'd OUT – soooooooo_mania 19
  • Top listened artists + songs of 2012

    Gen 2 2013, 16:39

    This isn`t really a good measure of what I listed to this year. I was out of a computer for about three months, and where I live has a tenacious connection to the Internet at best so I can`t keep as up-to-date with music as I would like. But this is my annual tradition, so here we go.

    1. THE BAWDIES 230
    Solely based on their look, I didn`t think that I would like them. I was wrong. Roy`s English pronunciation from the debut to the present has massively improved (from `uhhh, this is English, right?` to `oh, these are cute lyrics!`). I prefer the CD recordings to their live performances because the CD version sounds more polished. I don`t know why, but when I saw them live, the tempo of their songs seemed slower and the lyrics were slurred together (They essentially admitted they were hungover though, so that is may be the answer).

    2. Frank Ocean 219
    Liked him before he came out, thanks for asking. Nostalgia/Ultra is simply amazing and `American Wedding` is a genius piece of storytelling. Channel Orange is not as `pop`, but with repeated listens it really sinks in and it`s charms come out (that is a recommendation). My English music love of this year.

    3. SOUL'd OUT 201
    Of all the fuck-ton of older Japanese bands that released an album in 2012, SOUL`d OUT`s album delights me the most. `so_mania` sounds like a natural continuation from `Attitude`, as if they never left us. Maybe this would be disappointing for some, but I already LOVED LOVED LOVED SOUL`d OUT, so this album was a present for me. I feel that they spent a lot of time on it, as they (presumably were forced to) go touring with their single `Superfeel` (A TOUR WHICH I WENT TO. IT WAS AMAZING AND FABULOUS (and TeddyLoid)).There is only one SOUL`d OUT and I like them because they are SOUL`d OUT NOT because they are trying to ape anything else. It`s clear to me that hip-hop isn`t so popular in Japan, so maybe this album didn`t sell very well but, for the fans, this was a great year for SOUL`d OUT.

    4. 倖田來未176 (#3 Last Year)
    `Japanesque` is an amazing album from an amazing woman who had an amazing year (Also, ARIA got some work from this album (ESCALATE), so thanks for helping out the struggling labelmates, Kuu-chan). I was lucky enough to see her live this year, and I feel greatful that I was able to see her perform.

    5. m-flo 162
    So...yeah, m-flo also resumed activities this year. It wasn`t as disatserous as Zwei`s reunion (from amazing rock duo to toothless anison duo - that hurts). And there are some good tracks. Essentially all the tracks without Minami are recommendable - no matter how good a friend she presumably is to Verbal, there`s a reason Iyse never took off and Cream never will - she`s a really basic vocalist. Taku`s production is as great as ever (thus making some of the tracks with Minami recommendable - `All I Want Is You` at least). But...well, the interludes on the album tell it all. m-flo`s interludes used to take place in the future, but on this album they take place in the present. They stopped looking ahead and they`re focusing on the now. I believe that they influenced the Japanese music scene a lot and I also believe that they are comfortable where they are. As they should be! But...I guess I was expecting more, as Astromantic, Beat Space Nine and Cosmicolor (pretty much) changed my life. Granted, I was younger, they were younger, and I didn`t have as much musical exposure as I do now, but goddamn that was a spectaular three album run.

    6. MAA 97 (#5 Last Year)
    Remember last year when I humble-bragged about meeting her? I couldn`t find the club so I was only able to see her perform the last half of `Ballerina Brain System` and all of `OKay`? `Oh well, there will be more chances to see her live!` I told myself. `And this time wasn`t so busy, so I was able to get her signature and a photo! GREAT!`. That time when I met her (in January 2012) is THE MOST RECENT EVENT LISTED ON HER SCHEDULE ON HER OFFICIAL SITE. Fuck.

    7. lecca 94 (#9 Last Year)
    Daaaamn, wifey was BUSY this year. TWO WHOLE ALBUMS, take a break (by the way, STEP ONE>ZOOLANDER)!! I was able to see her perform her own songs this year (at Countdown Japan), so I`m pretty happy. She seemed tired (because it was like 10PM), but she is so gorgeous and an inspirational human being. I could tell that she really loves her fans.

    8. Crystal Kay 90
    Kuri-chan is a `singles artist` for me. I don`t think I`ve ever LOVED a full album from her, at least not the way I adore every single she has ever released. She hasn`t ever released a bad single, has she? (checks wikipedia). NO, SHE NEVER HAS. I used not like `Koi ni Ochitara` so much, but it`s a modern classic now so I`ve heard it enough times to accept it. `ONE` isn`t so great either, but that was for a Pokemon movie, right? So maybe they wanted the tie-in more than a quality song. At least I can instantly recall all of the songs just from looking at the title. Anyway, my love for her singles and ambivalance towards her albums hasn`t changed with her move to Universal. So, yeah good job keeping up the quality, Kuri-chan! This is my way of saying I love you and please don`t ignore me if I randomly see you on the street again and proceed to freak out.

    9. SPYAIR 76
    There are some random rock-ish bands that I always like and they really don`t fit with the rest of my listening profile of J-pop and J-urban oriented tracks. But honestly, SPYAIR makes some really good pop-rock songs. I was able to go to their Budokan this year, and I saw some other foreign female fans. And it was mostly all female fans (including one who got escorted away by security because she was sitting in someone else`s seat, and that person showed up late). They are really handsome, so they can attract that kind of attention. But I like them because of their music. Yeah. Really. They are kind of cheesy, but I love Samurai heart so unironically it`s embarassing. Oh, I made it through this write-up wihtout humble bragging about how I met DJ ENZEL before he left, look at that...

    10. 72 (#8 Last Year)
    Karasu is pretty much the most consistant rock band. Maybe they are a bit too 'simple' for some, but when I think 'rock', I think Karasu. They are really the quintessential rock group. Their mini-album was a bit withdrawn for me, but their album this year, 'Tenshi to Akuma' was back to form. I especially like 'Hanabira'!

    2. Frank Ocean – Forrest Gump 38
    4. Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You 27
    5. m-flo – She's So (outta control) 23
    6. Crystal Kay – Superman 22
    6. Nicki MinajStupid Hoe 22
    10. Frank Ocean – Sweet Life 19
  • Top listened artists + songs of 2011

    Gen 1 2012, 7:56

    1. Ryohei 416 (#2 Last Year)
    No matter how many times I listen to him, he's not coming back is he?

    2. The Book of Mormon 222
    The musical, not the religious text. I'm not clear on the tagging rules for musicals (It's supposed to be under the composers, right?), and it seemed like a bad idea to put the songs under the singers' names when there was like ten singers on one song. So now it looks like I've been listening to the word of Joseph Smith. Oh well. Wicked funny musical.

    3. 倖田來未 217 (#3 Last Year)
    Busy year for Kuu-chan, so I listened to her a lot. V.I.P/Ko-So-Ko-So were my favourites. I must see her concert while I'm here in Japan before she has her baby.

    4. ★Star Guitar 191
    Fantastic solo album. No surprise if you check out this guy's wikipedia page and see all the great J-pop songs he's produced. The remix album was just OK, but the original album is absolutely amazing.

    5. MAA 174
    She's sooooo gooood. I wasn't 100% sold on her mini album, but the release of "Bubble Man Engine" solidified to me that she is a talented artist. I was lucky enough to meet her at a live she did! She was pretty quiet, but really gracious.

    6. Zane 171
    Using google-fu, I was able to find out that Zane from three NATION was recording independently, so of course I snapped up his album when I saw it for sale on bandcamp. Really, really good album for anyone who likes hip-hop. I wish I made more money so I could buy his monthly releases as well...

    7. 久保田利伸 157 (#6 Last Year)
    Happy twenty-fifth anniversary To Toshinobu Kubota! The new album had it's moments ("Jungle Love" is an ahmazing song, my karaoke standard lololol not joking) and the best album was really nice. I felt so young only being able to remember the release of the single's of the last three tracks...

    8. 153
    I didn't like the mini-album so much. It was way lighter than their previous efforts. The same thing kind of happened to last year's obsession Kiyoshi Ryujin. It seems like both Karasu and Kiyoshi Ryujin found girlfriends and shifted their lyrical focus from "holy fuck I'm depressed" to "holy fuck I got a girlfriend (who loves me for real and is totally not with me because I am a successful recording artist)". But uh, Ressha is a good track, even if it is super happy for a Karasu song. Also, I saw Karasu live as well and OH WOW ARE THEY AWKWARD AS FUCK DURING THEIR MC. They didn't say much, if anything, when adjusting their instruments. I can appreciate that since my Japanese is not the best...but they also didn't play my two favourite songs, Natsuiro or Sudachi, and they played so many songs since they barely fucking spoke. Oh well, I guess I should see them again then.... (they were very good live. I sound like I'm bitching, but it was a very good live).

    9. lecca 149
    The wifey is always good. Always solid. I saw her as a guest at Brown Sugar's live, and she's so pretty. I want to see her at Budokan, since I've followed her since I downloaded Rekka off WinMX and bought Dreamer off ebay...I need to go, don't I. IT'S BUDOKAN!!!

    10. Double 139 (#4 Last Year)
    First album in four years, hi lady! Her album was nice. I will be so sad if there is no remix album released in conjunction with Woman for real you guys...

    1. Chris WillisToo Much In Love (Original Valentin Radio Edit) 47
    2. Zane – So Good feat. HI-D 39
    3. Tyler, the CreatorYonkers 38
    4. MAA – F.B 34
    5. サカナクション『バッハの旋律を夜に聴いたせいです。』 33
    6. Ryohei – Love On Fire 31
    6. The Book of Mormon – Spooky Mormon Hell Dream 31
    6. lecca – Sound Boy Thriller 31
    9. MAA – King&Queen&Kiz 30
    10. 椎名林檎丸の内サディスティック 29
  • On Sowelu

    Ago 8 2011, 13:01

    IDK, just need to vent, and OH LOOK I FOUND SOMEWHERE TO TYPE

    Recently, one of my favourite singers from my early J-pop fan days, Sowelu, is attempting a comeback. I'd be super excited is any of my other favourite groups or singers from those days attempted a comeback (Heartsdales), but from the first PV Sowelu released under rhythmzone, something made me uncomfortable.

    The songs are great!! But I was just struck by how embarrassing the video was. Here is a veteran of the industry having to use sex so prominently - which is usually awesome (Koda Kumi), but with Sowelu is was just so...calculated.

    She's released two more music videos since. One for "men":

    and one for "women":

    For her new mini-album with "for men" and "for women" versions.

    So, I've been trying to put my finger on what exactly bothers me about her comeback. She's never had a clean image (see the PVs for Uh & Get Over), so I'm not morally outraged or anything. In fact, if she had gone from ultra-cutesy to super-sexy I'd probably be cheering her on.

    Sowelu's also never been an "artist" either, so I'm not objecting to any musical changes. She'll do any musical style - normally she sticks with urban-pop, but her third album 24 -twenty four- was inexplicably borderline folk-y, which made me lose interest in her for awhile back in the day. In fact, "I want U to..." is totally producer ☆Taku Takahashi's style, and really doesn't have the usual Sowelu urban-pop feel. More than other pop stars, I feel that Sowelu doesn't have much say over what she does, even though she has composed and written a few lyrics for herself here and there. But the amount of creative control pop stars have is something that's never bothered me.

    But with these two new PVs, I've finally figured it out what I dislike so much about Sowelu's comeback: it's too desperate. I feel that she wants to be famous so badly it doesn't matter what she has to do. She can market herself to women one way and men another, whatever, as long as she gets famous. I can understand different sides to artists - Koda Kumi's made a living off her erokawaii dual image. But Kumi's image isn't gender-segregated. Sowelu is trying really hard to get the 20-something female market (with famous female-oriented novelist LiLy writing many of her lyrics on her rhythmzone debut album) and the horny male market (with tits) at the same time with slightly different strategies.

    I think I would feel differently if she was new on the scene, but since I've known her so long, I'm just embarrassed for her. In fact, I can confidently say that if a new female singer debuted and her first video was rubbing ice cubes over a naked dude, she'd probably be my favourite new pop star. But with Sowelu, I feel like she's the attention-whore friend. I know so many pop stars are manufactured to hell, but with Sowelu it's so transparent I can't stand it. We get it; she can and will do anything to stay in the spotlight.

    For a strong and classy comeback, see Emi Hinouchi. She just kept plugging away with quality songs, and goddamn, I admire her tenacity. She is an "artist" though - her musical style has never really changed, and she does a lot of her own lyrics and compositions. I feel that she's always had a clear vision of what she wanted to accomplish, whereas I feel Sowelu just wants to accomplish fame.
  • Corrections to Vote For

    Giu 26 2011, 23:10

    I noticed recently that last.fm has merged some of the artists plays together on my chart. For example, I used to have my Yuna Ito plays split between "伊藤由奈" and "Yuna Ito", and now they're all under 伊藤由奈.

    I get excited when it seems like last.fm is actually making progress, so I'm going to list here some artists in my library that are still split. (You can see I am terrible at tagging!!)

    All you have to do is vote for the Japanese reading! It's already an option, so you don't have to hunt for it!

    Ai Maeda
    Ai Orikasa
    Anna Tsuchiya
    Arisawa Takanori
    Asakura Daisuke
    Asame Miyazaki

    Bubble Aota

    Cap to Bin
    Chinatsu Nakayama

    Douji Morita
    Doumoto Kouichi

    Eri Hiramatsu
    Eri Kawai
    Eri Kitamura
    Eri Nobuchika
    Eri Sugai
    Erina Nakashima

    Fukui Yukari

    Genki Rockets
    Gokujou Seitokai Shikkobu
    Gotou Saori

    Harada Chie
    Harenchi Punch
    Harumi Tsuyuzaki
    Haruna Ikeda
    Hashida Norihiko & Shuberts
    Hatakeyama Miyuki
    Hatsumi Morinaga
    Hideaki Matsuoka
    Hideki Saijo
    Hikaru Midorikawa
    Hikida Kaori
    Hirano Aya
    Hirofumi Sasaki
    Hirotani Junko

    Ikue Sakakibara
    Imokin Torio
    Inoue Kikuko
    Inoue Marina
    Itou Masumi
    Iyo Matsumoto

    Junko Yagami

    Kaori Kouzai
    Kikuko Inoue
    Kikyo Shiraishi
    Kinuko Ohmori
    Kisho Taniyama
    Kita Shuuhei
    Kiyoshi Yoshida
    Kobayashi Akiko
    Kobayashi Izumi
    Kobayashi Sanae
    Kousuke Atari
    Kubota Nami
    Kumiko Yamashita
    Kuroda Michihiro

    Luca Yumi

    Maho Tomita
    maki chang
    Maki Kamiya
    Maria Kawamura
    Masayuki Suzuki
    Matsuoka Hideaki
    Matsutouya Yumi
    Mawatari Matsuko
    Mayumi Iizuka
    Mayumi Sudou
    Megumi Toyoguchi
    Midori Karashima
    Mika Kamita
    Mikio Sakai
    Miki Dozan
    Miki douzan
    Minami Omi
    Mizumori Kaori

    Nagisa No All Stars
    Nakayama Mami
    Nami Uehara
    Naohito Fujiki
    Naomi Tanizaki
    Naozumi Takahashi
    nice hashimoto
    Noriyuki Asakura


    Ryoutarou Okiayu

    Sakai Kanako
    Sasaji Masanori
    Sayaka Yamamoto
    Sexy Otonajan
    shojo lolita 23ku
    Shonen Kamikaze
    Sweets Tankentai

    takahashi naozumi
    Takanashi Yasuharu
    Takano Hiroshi
    Takatori Hideaki
    Takayuki Miyauchi
    Takeharu Ishimoto
    Tanemura Arina
    Taniyama Kishou
    Tanizaki Naomi
    Tokitou Ami
    Tokyo Purin
    Tomoko Tane
    Toraji Haiji
    Toru Ohkawa
    Toshinori Yonekura
    Tsubakiya Quartette

    Uura Saeka

    Yamada Tamaru
    Yoko Takahashi
    Yonekura Toshinori
    Youki Kudoh
    Yu Asakawa
    Yui Ichikawa
    Yuki Kaida
    Yuki Otake
    Yuki Saito
    Yuki Uchida
    Yumi Matsuzawa
    Yumi Takigawa
    Yuri Chika
    Yurika Ohyama
  • Top listened artists + songs of 2010

    Gen 2 2011, 8:44

    1. 清竜人 301
    Absolutely my favourite new discovery of the year. Now that my Japanese language skills are a bit better (nowhere near "good", just better than they were when I wasn't taking classes due to an overloaded class schedule), Ryujin is totally my emo music, as opposed to Panic! At the Disco (I am very much looking forward to the new P!ATD album whenever they decide to shit it out).

    2. Ryohei 259
    I listened through his album "Rat the Wolf" once, and put it aside. My initial impression was that it was alright, but kind of samey. Six months later, I had the urge to listen to "Amsterdam" again one day, and then I didn't put the album aside for about 2 or 3 months straight. Soon I got a little tired of Amsterdam, but I had a week-long obsessions with about half songs on the album. Then I went back and listened to ReListen and his cover albums, even Ryohei Yamamoto stuff, and yeah. That's how this happened.

    3. 倖田來未 197 (#8 Last Year)
    Gossip Candy's first three tracks, Lollipop, Inside Fishbowl & Outside Fishbowl, were all delicious. What were the last two tracks? I don't even remember...seriously. That was where Gossip Candy started and stopped for me. Her ballad single wasn't total crap either, and the cover album was fantastic. The upcoming Pop Diva looks amazing, so...I think I'm stuck on the Ku-chan train for life...I didn't do one of these in 2008, but she was one of my most listened artists in 2007. And 2006. In 2005, I counted my favourite singles of the year, and listed none from her, but I only REALLY got hooked when she did her 12 singles thing. Which started in 2005 (THANKS WIKIPEDIA). 2005 had A LOT of good songs though, looking at my entry for it, so I wouldn't include any of the 12 singles on that list...I really think it's a mix of her music and image that attracts me. Simply put, I think she's cool.

    4. Double 185
    I had my money down that she was retiring this year, so I had many nights just listening to old DOUBLE stuff. She is truly the Queen of J-R&B. Her or AI. Don't make me choose...

    5. Kanye West 176
    Fuck you if you hopped on the Kanye bandwagon after you heard his new album was "SOOO EPIC AND AMAZING". Just...fuck you. Especially if you were bashing him after the MTV incident. *switch to reasonable mode* I can understand separating the artist and their work and liking one but not the other, but I hope you can also understand that I like both aspects of Kanye (his ego is his charm) and seeing him get ripped apart and then praised by the same people is frustrating.

    6. 久保田利伸 159
    I really got into his three English albums, despite them all being really, really old in pop music years. Love Rain ~Koi no Ame~ is a total classic (Yes, I realize it was made to pretty much be an update of LA LA LA LOVE SONG).

    7. Hanah 149
    Totally classy artist. Probably the classiest music I listen to. I hope she works again in 2011, because her sales are shit, at least in terms of physical CDs. I realized that she was featured on LiL' Ai's (REMEMBER LIL' AI? ANYONE?) CD back in the day (or at least someone named Hanah was - her contribution is minimal, so I couldn't really tell), so after working so long she deserves a solo career.

    8. Aria 144
    I didn't like Music and the City at all on the first run through because the ordering of the tracks is really, really bad. Whoever decided to put all the dance tracks in a row and then all the slow jams in a row needs to be fired (if ARIA herself chose this, then she really needs to let someone else decide on track order). Each individual track has it's shining moment, but in the CD order they get all jumbled together with the similar surrounding and lose their sparkle. For anyone first listening to the album, take the first half and insert whatever tracks from the last half in between them. Honestly, I listened to the album a lot on my iPod (it was one of three albums on a new iPod during a trip to Toronto), but last.fm iPod scrobbling is a joke, so it's not really reflected...

    9. 平井堅 143 (#6 Last Year)
    I love this man. All the singles this year were great and his cover of Unchained Melody is so gorgeous. I hope we can get a new original album in 2011 with minimal previously heard material (which was the problem with Fakin' Pop from 2008 - only four new tracks? And you went and released one of those as a re-cut single? That still hurts man, three years later.)

    **OFF-TOPIC** I read a rumor on a Japanese rumor website that in the wake of Ricky Martin that a Japanese artist "K" was planning to officially come out (my Japanese skills - going to good use). It's been awhile now so maybe he changed his mind, but I really hope that he does come out this year, because Japan totally needs a good gay role model, and why not Ken?

    10. MoNa a.k.a. Sad Girl 135
    All her music releases this year (available internationally on iTunes, smart move) show amazing growth from her first couple of albums. I hope she makes a come back in the future - maybe 2 or 3 years from now - and blows everyone who thinks she's a joke away, because musically she's on the right track. I'll be waiting for her~

    1. w-inds.Addicted To Love 48
    THIS IS THE BEST SONG OF THE YEAR. w-inds. have totally hit the mark for making the 14-year-old girls who loved them back in the day love them again as 22-year-old women.

    2. 清竜人 – 痛いよ 32
    So emo...I love it. Especially since I wasn't expecting anything when I started listening, I was completely blown away by the emotion in his delivery.

    3. Ryohei – Amsterdam 30
    A warm and romantic track. The perfect album closer (the actual last three tracks are bonus tracks).

    4. Kanye West – Runaway (feat. Pusha T) 23
    I don't listen to that much English music, and I'm sure that there's been a song thematically like this before, but personally I have never heard a song revel in douchebaggery quite like this. Since it's so blunt, it's a really moving song.

    5. 清竜人 – ヘルプミーヘルプミーヘルプミー 22
    Even more emo than Itai yo. This guy is so dramatic. But I really brings me back to my angsty teen years. Damn, I really feel like I understand this guy. This could be bad if I ever meet him somehow.

    6. Kanye West – Lost in the World (feat. Bon Iver) 21
    My favourite "album track" from the album (well, it's a single NOW, but I'm so used to the Japanese system of hearing all the intended singles before the album, so I'll call this an album track). It's a relief after an album of Kanye being all conflicted to hear such a hopeful and happy song.

    7. andymoriCity Lights 20
    My sort of regret of 2010 is when I saw andymori in Toronto I did not hit on the vocalist Sohei. His prettiness struck me and I couldn't even talk to him! I spoke with the drummer though, and...uh...he probably thinks I'm annoying. But a fun kind of annoying...yeah. Since the drummer quit, I am glad I chose to speak to him over Sohei. Because I spoke to a talented drummer and managed to appear semi-professional/not like an idiot fangirl. Anyway, THE SONG. When they performed it halfway through their set, the whole room exploded with energy. Definitely their best song. And the best drummer. Like, he was a monster. I've never seen such a drummer. It was really amazing.

    8. NellyHot In Herre 19
    I KNOW, THIS WAS POPULAR LIKE 10 YEARS AGO, WHY DO I FAIL? It was in the Chris Rock movie "Head of State" (since I was on a Chris Rock movie kick - and yes, I also failed watching that movie while it was relevant), and I couldn't get it out of my head...his new single Just a Dream is hot too. And he worked with Double for his Japanese "Best-of" album, so I was unexpectedly into Nelly last year.

    8. Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress 19
    The version without Rick Ross. Yeah.

    10. 山崎まさよし僕はここにいる 18
    I totally thought this was about a lost lover, and I was all like BAAAW, then I watched the PV and *spoiler alert* IT'S ABOUT HIS DOG. I love dogs too, but I feel like my Japanese skills fail on multiple levels...especially since I read an English translation for the lyrics too... AND YES THIS SONG IS REALLY OLD TOO BUT I WAS 10 IN 1998 AND IN CANADA WITH NO INTERNET AT THE TIME, SO WHATEVER. And I like this better than "One more time, one more chance", the obvious choice.

    10. 清竜人 – ワールド 18
    Heeey, my BFF is not being a total emo on this song! But it's still kinda emo. Probably. Like I said, I think songs about dogs are romantic love songs (ABOUT PEOPLE), so my grasp on Japanese language is not to be trusted.

    10. Kanye West – Who Will Survive in America 18
    Remember how I typed that Lost in the World was hopeful and happy? This outro right after it still feels hopeful despite the pessimistic spoken word, but it's not happy. It feels like a challenge, a call to remain hopeful. But I don't always like to listen to it right at the end of Lost in the World. And I certainly never listened to it on it's own, so that's why it's not right with Lost in the World.
  • Top listened artists + songs of 2009

    Gen 2 2010, 6:56

    1. Crystal Kay 234
    Kuri-chan released her best album of the decade. Kuri-chan was def. my favourite artist this year. I found it really interesting to go back and find some missed treasures from her early years (namely Candy, which I listened to a lot on my iPod, so it didn't really get scrobbled).
    Oh, and idgaf if Kuri-chan says "Kuri desu, Kuri-chan de wa arimasen" in her song "Private Dancers". Kuri-chan is Kuri-chan to me, even when she's an obaa-san.

    2. Coldfeet 221
    I mean, they released two albums this year (Well, "TEN" was released in December 2008, but I got my copy this year, so whatever) and both of which were fantastic. I'm still playing their MJ cover album, so expect that next year...

    3. 三浦大知 209
    I love you Daichi Miura. Please accept my facebook request (even if it's really a fake account, please accept me anyway).

    4. Angelina 180
    Yeah, I was about four years too late discovering Angelina. Sometimes, I really fail, because her album "Muse" is freaking amazing, and I love it more with each listen.

    5. スガシカオ 163
    Hajimari no Hi suuuuucked, but Party People was cool. How'd I listen to him so much this year?

    6. 平井堅 162
    Candy single was soooo freaking awesome, but "Boku wa trying to make money by releasing a ballad tied-in with a movie" wasn't really. Oh well, eternal love for Ken anyway...I found some old lives of his on my old computer, so I've got something to do before I head back to uni :)

    7. ravex 160
    FPMxTakuxMG. Even if they chose all unknown artists for the vocals, the result still would've been spectacular.

    8. 倖田來未 150
    I really didn't listen to "Trick" that much, or any of her other singles this year...I can't say why Ku-chan's so high...

    9.m-flo 144
    Kind of amazing, seeing as they only released ONE NEW SONG this year. But it was on their Best album (hopefully their last compilation for the next decade), so I'd listen to "Sound Boy Thriller" and keep going with all their old-school tracks. Damn, m-flo was really my first j-pop love...and I really hate saying that in past tense. I wish Taku and Verbal would stop fooling with side-projects and work on m-flo...!! I mean, I clearly love all their side-projects, but seriously, leaving us with only one new and amazing m-flo track?? So cruel T_T

    10. Boa 138
    Her English album was very even. (Unlike a certain...Utada, who had half amazing tracks, half "WHAT IS THIS, MAKE IT STOP PLZ" tracks) They were all over-produced dance tracks, which was fine. As established above, I love m-flo, so Bump Bump and IZM were totally cool tracks for me :)

    1. Rob ThomasHer Diamonds 33
    I hated this song, then I listened to it a lot, and then I loved it. His album over all wasn't as good as the first solo one though.

    2. ravex – 1 more night feat. MONKEY MAJIK 25
    This song totally grows on you. Love it.

    2. Anoop DesaiDim All the Lights 25
    ...Every year, from January until it ends, I get AMERICAN IDOL FEVER. I become completely debilitated and can't do fuck all except read about what the IDOLS are doing. This will hopefully be the last year this happens, as Simon is apparently leaving this year, and then the show will suuuuck.

    4. UtadaMerry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI 23
    Can we all agree this is the masterpiece of Utada's latest album? Good. Can we all agree Automatic Part II is the P.O.S. on Utada's latest album? Good.

    **OFF TOPIC: IDK about you, but I totally hate it when Utada sings sexual lyrics. Like, Koda Kumi could sing about having an all-night orgy, and I wouldn't bat an eyelash, but hearing Utada sing about not wearing panties and 69ing is like...ick. Leave that to Ku-chan and company, and you keep singing about your Kuma-chan.

    4. ravex – NEWエキセントリックガール feat. 千紗 (GIRL NEXT DOOR) 23
    Fav track of the ravex album, hands-down.

    4. Coldfeet – Another Ten 23
    The lyrics about Lori and Watusi's working relationship really puts a smile on my face. A nice track for those that've been following the band. And for those who haven't. but really more for the former group.

    7. Coldfeet – In the Middle of the Night (DJ KOMORI Remix) 21
    I actually supremely prefer this remix to the original. Good job DJ Komori!!

    8. Adam LambertFeeling Good 20
    This track (from AMERICAN IDOL!) was pretty nice recorded. His original album totally sucks. Come attack me, Glambertards.

    8. Diggy-MO'ToMiTaMi ToMiTaMo 20
    Soooo addictive. Both his singles were good his year, so I guess we're getting another solo album? I've kind of given up on S.O. reforming anytime soon.

    10. 三浦大知 –Flag 19
    Rediscovered this song off the single. The original is really good (only a remix was on the album :()

    10. ravex – Bangalicious feat. 土屋アンナ 19
    This one grew on me. ~ Jack your body, jack jack your body body! ~

    Sooooo....my taste is pretty constant huh? From the time I've started scrobbling, my taste has pretty much remained the same. And I'm pretty happy with it :)
  • So, I went to a concert...

    Mar 30 2009, 2:45

    Fri 27 Mar – Lady GaGa, The White Tie Affair, Chester French

    Chester French - No one gave two shits about them. It was kind of sad, so I over-compensated by turning my mild enthusiasm into over-enthusiasm. My friends all thought they were bad, but I didn't think they were so terrible that people should be sitting down after they stood-up. The first three songs or so were godawful, but after they did "She Loves Everybody" they really heated up and everything after that point was great. But they'd already lost the audience, and there was no getting them back.

    I think it has something to do with how terribly fugly the lead singer is, since everyone was excited for the equally crappy "White Tie Affair" with a good looking lead. If this guy dressed better, ie, not in a fucking pink sweater with an ice cream cone on it, then maybe someone would want him to "put his penis on their face", but as it stands, that's a vomit-inducing thought. (the lead sung that line, and I could feel the shivers in the room). Their version of Hella Good was the highlight though, everyone reluctantly stood up for that.

    The White Tie Affair - Typical pop-punk-emo-ish crap, but I really appreciated how they referenced Kanye during the show (Kanye fanatic). The lead singer made the mistake of lifting his shirt up during one of his songs, and after that point, the only thing he was good for was his chest. I was the only one of my friends standing up and watching at that point and I screamed down to them "HOLY SHIT HE HAS GOOD ABS!!" and they stood up too late (ahaha).

    When he came back in a leather jacket, which he unzipped quickly, everyone was very happy :)

    Lady Gaga - Amazing. Y'all've seen that video on Perez of Gaga choking up during the piano version of Poker Face...it was so moving being there! At first I kind of felt that all her MC moments were rehearsed, but at that moment I felt she was sincere and...just wow, what a moment. Lady can put on a show!! Even if she is a one-hit wonder (I hope she proves me wrong, but as it stands...) her concert is probably the best show I've ever seen. She sings live, she's full of energy, the costumes, the effects, the choreography--! The only silly thing was the 'Candy Warhol" story bits, but even those over dramatic parts fit in with the show as a whole.

    Everything was top-notch, and I think that she at least has a future doing lives, if nothing else. And oh yeah, I always listen to Space Cowboy remixes, so it was exciting he was there. Before he introduced himself I was like "Wow, what a handsome man!", but after I found out who he was I was like "Ohhh, so he's talented too". He sung the "Muh muh muh muh" parts during the Poker Face at the encore. Or at least lip-synched them. Ahaha.
  • Four Years and Fourteen Days = 50,000 Tracks...or not

    Apr 17 2008, 20:58

    Yay, I reached 50k. Or rather, holy crap, I reached 50k. Over 10k songs a year @_@. I am on the computer too much!

    Anyway, 50,000th Track was by 野本かりあ (NOMOTO karia) – Boombastic Hip House Band, the intro for her album "Dance Music". I liked the song "FMSB" more, since this is just an intro D:

    Oh well, here's to more years on last.fm!

    EDIT: last.fm just did a "played tracks" re-boot, and I am now 250 tracks under 50k. Let's see what my real 50,00th track is!! Now I wonder if my 40,00th track really was my 40,00th track??