• Top 10s of 2014

    Gen 2 2015, 16:49

    1. Mr.Kitty [702]
    2. Dead When I Found Her [514]
    3. Lycia [489]
    4. 3 TEETH [308]
    5. Chelsea Wolfe [280]
    6. ∆AIMON [256]
    7. Architect [241]
    8. The .invalid [236]
    9. Cult of Luna [235]
    10. God Is An Astronaut [222]

    1. Dead When I Found Her – Rain Machine [124]
    2. Dead When I Found Her – Lesser Light [84]
    3. V▲LH▲LL – R34CH The 5KY [50]
    4. Solitary Experiments – Now or Never [46]
    5. Solitary Experiments – Trial And Error [43]
    6. Architect – Hummingbird [42]
    7. Necro Facility – Downstairs [39]
    7. Pretentious, Moi? – Overdoom [39]
    7. Shiv-R – Pharmaceutical Grade (Sam Remix) [39]
    10. Front Line Assembly – Shifting Though the Lens (Extended Version) [37]
  • Top 10s of 2013

    Gen 1 2014, 11:11

    1 ∆AIMON [607]
    2 CygnosiC [398]
    3 iVardensphere [340]
    4 Code [295]
    5 God Is An Astronaut [268]
    6 Ladytron [248]
    7 Enshine [247]
    8 xotox [230]
    9 :Wumpscut: [228]
    10 October Tide [201]

    1 Surgyn – Sharp As Stars [64]
    2 Dreams Divide – Puppet Love[54]
    3 ∆AIMON – current [50]
    4 Neuroticfish – Former Me [48]
    5 Enshine – Cinders [47]
    6 Totalselfhatred – Enlightment [42]
    6 Enshine – Refraction [42]
    8 October Tide – Watching the Drowners [40]
    9 Vibrasphere – Ensueño (Morning Mix) [34]
    9 Enshine – Brighter [34]
    9 Neuroticfish – Behaviour [34]
    9 Neuroticfish – Somebody [34]
  • Top 10s of 2012

    Gen 2 2013, 20:57

    1 Insomnium [532]
    2 Queen Adreena [477]
    3 Guillaume de Machaut [364]
    4 Florence + the Machine [337]
    5 Neurotech [321]
    6 Vildhjarta [290]
    7 Method Cell [283]
    8 Katatonia [280]
    9 Converge [267]
    10 Dead Can Dance [238]

    1 Method Cell – Blame Me (The Curse Pt 1) [95]
    2 Tatsuya Katou – Entry 31 [62]
    3 Andain – Turn Up the Sound (Xtigma Remix) [58]
    4 Queen Adreena – Pretty Like Drugs [57]
    5 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST – dew [53]
    6 菅野よう子 – Deadly Work [52]
    6 TesseracT – Eden [52]
    8 Lunar Aurora – Im Gartn [51]
    9 Vildhjarta – Dagger [48]
    10 Assemblage 23 – Collapse [47]
  • Setlist 17/12/11

    Feb 21 2012, 16:29

    Belated, again DJing for Nyogtha - For personal archives only

    Tryptikon - Thousand Lies
    Lurkur of Chalice - Piercing Where they Might
    Code - In the Privacy of Your Own Bones
    Esoteric - Abandonment
    Urfaust - Ein leeres Zauberspiel

    Farsot - Perdition
    Spektr - Revelations
    Thergothon - Everlasting
    Skepticism - Forge
    Dolorian - Numb Lava

    Katatonia - Murder
    Celtic Frost - Progeny
    The Axis of Perdition - Ordained
    Dahlia's Tear - 7th Sky, She Winnows...
    Koldbrann - Inkvisitor Renegat
  • Setlist 06/11/10

    Nov 7 2010, 10:19

    Another great nights DJing for Into Darkness this time at the launch of Nyogtha's début (which is brilliant).

    Worship: Whispering Gloom
    Skepticism: Farmakon Process
    Thergothon: The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste
    Aghast: Sacrifice
    Elysian Blaze: Sigh of Night
    Northaunt: Shadows over the Barren Land
    Koldbrann: Inkvisitor Renegat
    Urfaust: Geist ist Teufel
    Lifelover: Brand
    Forgotten Tomb: Nowhere
    Oubliette: Nadeza
    Mayhem: Deconsecrate
    Celtic Frost: Ground
    Gallhammer: Killed by the Queen
    Beyond the Asylum: Master of Decay
  • Setlist 26/02/10

    Feb 27 2010, 1:40

    A more serious set this time for the MZF, Cephelopod, Nyogtha gig at The Butler but a much better one IMO, actually had some requests which was nice.

    Bethlehem - Durch Befleckte Berührung Meiner Nemesis
    Deathspell Omega - Sola Fide I
    Blut Aus Nord - Axis
    The Axis of Perdition - Pendulum Prey: Reciprocating Horror
    Spektr - Astral Descent
    Trinacria - Breach
    The Ruins of Beverast - Euphoria When the Bombs Fell


    Dark Fortress - Baphomet
    Code - Posession is the Medicine
    Urfaust - Der Halbtoten Dichters Schein-Existenz
    Lifelover - Brand
    Mar de Grises - Recklessness
    Ulver - Hallways of Always
  • Setlist 25/02/10

    Feb 26 2010, 15:37

    My first shot at DJing, this is more for my personal archives than anything else.

    -The Gathering - These Good People
    -Alcest - Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde
    -Paradise Lost - Faith Divides us, Death Unites us
    -:Wumpscut: - Remember one Thing
    -Velvet Acid Christ - Wound
    -Seabound – Transformer
    -Jääportit - Muuntuva Suoja
    -Pornorphans - Filthmaster
    -Novembre - The Promise

    Sadly things got cut short due to the landlady being lame but I think I did OK for a first shot.
  • 2007-2008

    Mar 11 2008, 20:00

    I posted this on Myspazz but felt like copying and pasting it here since I have a different mob of friends here.

    Top 10 of 2007:

    1: Lunar Aurora: Andacht
    - Lunar Aurora's final album proves to be their best. A living monument to the true art in modern Black Metal, Andacht shows you can have a new, unique and thoroughly modern sound without sacrificing any of the cold, dark core of true Black Metal.

    2: Sigh: Hangman's Hymn
    - Mirai Kawashima is a genius, beyond all doubt. Hangman's Hymn's unique fusion of 80's Black Metal, German Thrash and orchestration epitomises avant-garde metal like few others, flawlessly welding concept and substance in a manner rarely seen in the style over substance world of experimental extreme Metal.

    3: Mayhem: Ordo ad Chao
    - Just as Andacht showed that new bands with new sounds can still exist without loosing the true core of Black Metal, so Ordo Ad Chao shows that a classic band can simultaneously return to it's root while still creating something entirely new. A fantastic journey of despondency, dark psychedelia and sheer hatred from a still living legend.

    4: Farsot: IIII
    - A deep, emotive journey made of equal parts quirky experimentation and traditional Black Metal darkness IIII's clever song structures, flowing concept and fantastic riffs prove there is still life in the underground yet.

    5: Sear Bliss: The Arcane Odyssey
    - Yet another superb album form a band that has yet to ever put a foot wrong with their unique brand of cosmic Black Metal. From the epic opener Blood on the Milky Way to the folky rhythms and traditional instrumentation of Path to the Motherland, The Arcane Odyssey is a fantastic addition to Sear Bliss' already flawless discography.

    6: Gallhammer: Ill Innocence
    - Still brimming with the sprawling sounds of urban suffocation, delirious negativity and untainted spite, Gallhammer's second album does not disappoint in any way, and even builds upon the first through a greater variety in song writing and a flawless production job.

    7: Ulver: Shadows of the Sun
    - Through a delightful blend of delicate piano melodies, warm ambience and, of course, Garm's amazing vocals, Ulver have produced a perfect companion to those quiet evenings away from the waking world. As sublime as it is endearing, Shadows of the Sun is yet another unique addition to the gems of Ulver's discography.

    8: Shining: V:Halmsted
    - Niklas Kvarforth shows yet again that he is one of the best songwriters in extreme music today, bringing a multitude of non-metal instruments to the fold without ever sacrificing the overwhelming negativity of Shining's truely unique Suicide Black Metal style.

    9: Endless Dismal Moan: Ruin
    - One of the orient's best kept secrets, Ruin fuses the sprawling despair of Shining with the cold industrial madness of Aborym to produce a unique abomination of despondent and filthy Industrial Black Metal. Without a doubt the most abrasive and downright horrifying release this year, but absolutely one of the best.

    10: Primordial: To the Nameless Dead
    - It's tempting to just write "It's Primordial..."; at this stage Primordial seem nigh on unstoppable, armed as they are with a truely unique sound that defies all conventional Metal genres. Brimming with epic passion, nostagia and personal wisdom, To the Nameless Dead is yet another must own album from Ireland's proudest sons.

    10: Novembre: The Blue
    - A joint 10th this year and deservedly so. With The Blue, Novembre are finally showing what they're really capable of with their unique, serene take on Metal. Faster, heavier and more varied than 2006's Materia while retaining the beautiful marine atmosphere of it's predecessor (seriously, all the imagery evoked by this album involves reefs, lagoons and marshland). A stunning realisation of one of the most individual sounds in Metal today, love it or loath it.

    Minor Technical Awards 2007:

    Best song: Lunar Aurora: Das Ende
    (Honerable Mentions: Gallhammer: Ripper in the Gloom, Sear Bliss: A Deathly Illusion, Farsot: Thematik:Trauer, Sigh: In Devil's Arms)

    Best Lyrics: Gallhammer: Ripper in the Gloom
    (Honerable Mentions: Lunar Aurora: Das Ende, Sear Bliss: Blood on the Milky Way, Shining: Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra, Novembre: Zenith).

    Best Vocals: Atilla [Mayhem]
    (Honerable Mentions: Aran [Lunar Aurora], Kvarforth [Shining], Neige [Alcest], Garm [Ulver], Chaos9 [Endless Dismal Moan], Alan [Primordial])

    Best Cover Art: Sear Bliss: The Arcane Odyssey
    (Honorable Mentions: Ulver: Shadows of the Sun, Lunar Aurora: Andacht, Gallhammer: Ill Innocence, Alcest: Souvenirs d'un autre monde)

    Best Live act: Therion
    (Honorable Mentions: Sigh, Enslaved, Taake, Primordial, Anaal Nathrakh, Avulsed, 1349, Code, Gallhammer, Negura Bunget)

    10 albums for 2008:
    1: Enslaved: [New album]
    2: Trinacria: Travel Now Journey Infinitely
    3: Havoc Unit: h.IV+
    4: Code: [New album]
    5: Skepticism: [New album]
    6: Katatonia: [New album]
    7: Vinterriket: Gebirgshöhenstille
    8: Keep of Kalessin: [New album]
    9: 1349 [New album]
    10:Dismember: Dismember
    ...oh and of course Darkthrone: Dark Thrones and Black Flags... just because it's Darkthrone.