Old punk/rock music?


Dic 28 2010, 15:33

I don't kow why I thought to write a journal entry about this to be perfectly honest. I am just sitting listening to my "The clash" album by the band of the same name of course. And i cn't help but think that punk/rock isn't what it used to be?. Am I the only one who thinks this?. Ya know punk used to be all about the music, amazing performances and well of course brilliant lyrics, but it's just not the same anymore. Well to me it's not.
Don't get me wrong, I love modern rock or punk ( as some class themselves) as well. I mean I listen to a lot of modern day rock bands such as "bullet for my valentine", "all time low" and "My chemical romance". I love the styles that these bands have went for. But there are so many bands out there today who class themselves as "punk" yet they are just silly little boys, with a guitar for an image and singing quite poppy songs and classing them as "punk/rock"...Please god no!.
Some of these bands don't have the drive, motivation and raw passion that you used to see in bands such as " the clash", "the cure" and" the who" etc etc. Yes I know times go on and music will change as the years go on. New era's of certain genre's come and go and musicians go with whatever is in with the time. But still....dont class yourself as punk when you clearly are not.

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